The color of BTS Jungkook's new mic is a hot topic! How old are Shotaro and Sungchan? Introducing the triangular relationship between Yuta and Jung Woo around Mark! Jungwoo is always spoiled by a gentle Yuta! Sometimes, Kim Chungha wondered if the world hated her. Shotaro's dance break is amazing! Yuta, who chose Mark as a dear member, seemed to be jealous of Jungwoo . NCT127 MARK who acts cute to YUTA is too cute !! ? ! NCT127 mark with 95 lines!
It was a habit he got from his dad. He joined SM through their weekly audition. "NCT 2020 Year Party" has been released! Introducing the charm of NCT127 charismatic leader! Cute emojis of fox and otter !! Jungwoo Facts: – He was born in Sanbon-dong, Gunpo, South Korea. Sometimes they can be so different that it takes one huge effort to master the luck, which is granted by fate. Yuta’s smartphone case is cute !! NCT U Renjun and Shotaro’s good friend photo! The question now wasn’t if he could sleep with him, it was whether or not Mark deemed him worthy enough, and Johnny so badly wanted that privilege.

BTS V and Jung Kook bought a car! – He was introduced as a new S.M. Propose from BTS to ARMY! Introducing members in Japanese !! Sungchan's special skill is to imitate the barking of dogs!? The triangular relationship between Yuta, Jungwoo and Mark is also a highlight! ! Fans are jealous of the lovely YUMARK! July 1st is NCT127 Taeyong’s birthday! The privilege to let Mark turn his whole world upside down. Yep. ? NCT127 MARK who screams Yuta is too cute!

Not only the face but also the personality!? Introducing NCT127 Taeyong’s birthday advertisement! NCT127’s good friend duo, Jungwoo and Yuta. What did Mina speak to Momo who hates watermelons? The next animal to replace such a lion is Tiger. Jungwoo is always spoiled by a gentle Yuta! TWICE Mina's cute prank! Stray Kids come back on September 14th with "IN生" !! EXO-SC Sehun's solo song "On Me" released on MV! There are two people with various episodes, but recently Lion is famous. NCT127's ❮ Late Night Punch Punch Show ❯ Episode 2 has been released! Introducing the profiles of NCT2020 Sungchan and Shotaro! In September 2018, Jungwoo was introduced as the tenth and the latest member. NCT U "From Home" MV released! Joungwoo said, “Taiga~”Yuta said “Gau” and answered. Jungwoo was someone new, in a new environment with new choreography, new songs and haters, new insecurities and demons he didn’t know he had. The lion was good, too, but yuta who became a tiger is pretty, too. NCT DREAM won the first place of "Ridin' in the Music Bank. NCT127 and TXT have been selected as No.1 candidates at Music Bank! Propose from BTS to ARMY! Yuta turns black hair! And she ain’t one of ‘em. NCT DREAM Chenle, Renjun and SEVENTEEN Jun, THE8’s group photo is a topic !! Cute emojis of fox and otter !! However, these pieces themselves should not be identical to each other. ! When Joungwoo says “lion” to Yuta, Yuta replies, “Gao”. ! MarkLee is scared of Sungchan !? Focus on the blue and purple galaxy design mic !!

NCT U Yutae's cute photo! an attempted robbery, running marathon, cone of mint ice cream and a cute guy I vaugely recognize from the campus that also thinks I'm cute? After that, Yuta, who chose Mark as a dear member, seemed to be jealous of Jungwoo . I want to see a lot of people who are good friends from now on. EXO Suho enlist in the military ! What car type and price? According to the questioned Mark, Jungwoo was a friend and Yuta was like Oppa. Yuta were in trouble with the persistent Jungwoo. EXO Baekhyun "CANDY" won the 1st place in Music Bank! NCT127 Yuta made Okonomiyaki at V-live with Jaehyun!

NCT U Yutae’s cute photo! Mark takes the task of response upon himself.

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