ah Go Ara, you go girl!!! In the end, it's her again who has to chase after him. I missed the funny scenes in last 10 episode, maybe! 6. He knocks out the thugs and points a gun at Yoo, and Dae-gu uses the moment to fight him for the gun. And ending it on that sweet note, that makes you smile and be glad you stuck with these characters till end. Can’t believe this drama is over. It seemed to be a big deal, just wondering. She is caught red handed as she tries to kiss him while he is asleep. "...You’re All Surrounded wins some points for consistency and heart, and for some truly endearing characters that I’ll probably remember long after the story’s been wiped from my brain." Honestly I don't care if they just sit on stakeouts and comb through cctv for all their cases, I could watch another 20 episodes of pan-seok and dae-gu's bickering budding bromance and stolen kisses at work. Ahhhh.. Soo Sun: [email protected]#$%^&*()(*&@#@(*&%. Whyyyyy? Finally, the two share a tender kiss, which Soo-sun concludes as “getting along well” in her letter. Care to join me? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I love that it was just one angle with nothing blocking the view. FB.init({ It’s too bad that the comedic flair we saw at the beginning of the series died down so early, because the drama started to feel repetitive with its pile of misery atop misfortune for our hero, even though he mostly took it like a champ, minus a few outbursts and a late bout of idiocy in risking his life to get a confession out of the baddie. SK and PS were pretty much dropped so I guess she forgot. They scramble down to the basement, where Dae-gu is already handcuffing Assemblyman Yoo. The team is floored when he walks into the precinct voluntarily for questioning. He hasn’t looked her in the eye all this time, but he does now, and a tear falls. Dae-gu deduces that the money the lawyer handed over to Hyung-chul was not for Dae-gu’s murder but for the content in the envelop. I love Chief Kang's character here, and the actor too. I think the solution would have been as easy as to cut all the scenes of Assemblyman Yoo and his daughter. Who's gonna almost mess up but then eventually solve crimes now? At his hearing, Pan-seok says his team was out of options, and that press conference was the only thing he could do to support them. Finally, it’s done. Seo Pan-Seok is the Chief Investigator for the #3 team. Please enter your username or email address. AND the way they kissed - no chaste kiss here! View all posts by Jess, childhood connection, crime drama, Happy Ending, happyending, Kdrama, korean drama, police drama, political drama, secret identity Drama. // Load the SDK asynchronously Gook also receives a video of Assemblyman Yoo pointing a gun at Dae-gu. Smooth, Gookie. Assemblyman Yoo needed the funds from his daughter so he forged the DNA test and tricked her into thinking so. A better balance of that home life onscreen would’ve been even better, but I do appreciate that the ending reflects that same feeling—Pan-seok will always be the leader who raised them, life will go on for them as cops and their days will be filled with mundane police work once again, and when they’re called into action they’ll take on every new case with just as much passion as they did on Day One, this time with an ounce of confidence under their belts. He’s prepared to lose his job, but asks that the journalists help the rest of his team investigate the case fairly, and fulfill their duty to report the truth along the way. }; Thanks for recapping this series. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; He shows Tae-il and Eung-do, and they race to get there faster. The show didn't do something extraordinary, didn't pull a rabbit out of a hat or didn't present anything novel,it just did what it does. It was actually all explained/shown in the previous episodes. Watching them grow up has been a fun ride, and their journey to becoming detectives remained worthwhile no matter what new plot turn came our way (or stalled on its way, as the case often was), because what we really cared about was the family that had formed at the Gangnam precinct. They then meet Seo Pan-Seok (Cha Seung-Won) for the first time. When I have time.). I can watch them even another 50 episode without even story :D. Totally agree with you, GF, on the point that the show felt fresh. Thanks for your review and totally concur! And Gook is dating—we watch him get a love note from one of the female officers. No more Daegu daegu! The ending sure is cute. Their chemistry is miracle. Dae-gu and Soo-sun are brought to some dark basement where Assemblyman Yoo awaits them. But Assemblyman Yoo just ignores all the questions and pokes at Dae-gu’s wounds repeatedly, cooing that he must be so sad that Chief Kang is dead. Elsewhere Ji-il calls Ae-yeon (I don’t know how she got home) to tell her that he has given away his stocks and transferred his ownership to the employees as well. *sob*. THIS is what 2 young, hot-blooded and very much in love couple would do! He gets a package in the mail, and finds a framed picture of everyone in the Gangnam precinct and a letter from Soo-sun catching him up on the latest news and assuring him that his kids are doing well. Pan-seok: “I wanted to lend them by back so that they could step on their despair and stand up. I've been a fan of hers since watching "Who are You? Lee Seung-gi injured on the set of You’re All Surrounded, Election preemptions for Wednesday dramas. I'm so glad that you recapped the show! But over all, I love this show, all characters and almost all actors. Thank you YAS for 20 entertaining hours of my drama life. I would have liked to see him become a detective following after Dae Gu. Of course we have two beautiful actress like Go-Ara and Oh-Yoon-ah but i can feel romance very little. All Soo-sun writes in her letter is that she and Dae-gu are getting along and doing well, but Pan-seok reads between the lines and chuckles, “You naughty pet rabbits!”, She promises that the team will take a day off soon to go visit him together, and signs off with, “Forever your kid, Uh Soo-sun.”. I clearly remember him in "nine" and his acting still the same. And as part of that plot, the bill for more police autonomy (or whatever) that Chief Kang ill-spent 27 years of her life on could get passed. Is he not going to retire? And finally feeling that sense of accomplishment when the baddies are locked up. She goes to confront Assemblyman Yoo for lying to her all these years and causing her to almost kill someone, while he counters that all he wanted was for her to get a divorce—she’s the one who went off the reservation. And it was sooooo well done. 2) Soo-sun The team gets back to their desks, and Eung-do sees that Pan-seok left his notebook behind. Pan-seok faces the room full of reporters and puts his job on the line to get the truth out there. LSG and CSW were the best, even when the ensemble had their slow or silly moments. They totally needed that to inject some romance in their relationship. I don't see how this show warranted 20 episodes (as opposed to the standard 16), but you're given an extra 4+ hours and you don't even bother to tie up some of the loose ends? That an actress kissing back is actually noteworthy is just... That actor is my least favorite in all of K drama land, sad to say but this isnt even his worst performance. The last scene of SK chasing after PS while he's busy chasing after a chicken thief can tell us the reason why she signed their divorce paper. I felt the anticipation building up to it and got really excited, but then the actual kiss itself I felt like the actors were just going through the motions, even if I was happy that the female actually participated in it. He names Assemblyman Yoo’s daughter as the recently caught culprit in the Masan murder case, and then plays the audio file that was in Chief Kang’s possession. One of my favorite things about the series was the way it didn’t glorify police work, and that a good deal of the cases were solved by poring over countless hours of CCTV footage, chasing after witnesses, and sitting in cars for days at a time. Good thing I didn't follow the drama..had all my expectations up since I wanted to see go ara after 1997 and the older lead..but seung gi annoy me from the beginning and since I never care for him in Gu family book, my girl friend is a nine tail fox and my 2 hearts(mostly my favorite cause of ha ji won) and alwaya playing a douce bag that becomes more human as the show continues did me in after the first episode.. It's a great ensemble cast; I wish the writer used them to better effect, but they all shined with their own charisma and talents. I don't see a hug as fitting PS and DG. I have also read others' review and questions, could I share mine too? Apparently it was a subtle clue for the team to take note of the envelop to begin with. Soo Sun: 99468591, Evidence Room Kiss "It’s too bad that the comedic flair we saw at the beginning of the series died down so early". The cast was exquisite all along and made me forget all the shortcomings in the story. Learning of her casting in YAS and her character’s initial description (as a strong-willed detective focused on paving the way for other female cops), I was looking forward to seeing her in this type of role with the added bonus of playing the love interest for Cha Seung-Won’s character.

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