The battle was brutal and resulted in every Wrecker except Rodimus meeting the fate of most Wreckers across the multiverse at the hands of the Decepticons. Thanks to his efforts the Autobots escaped without further losses, and Optimus was so impressed that he offered Rodimus leadership of the Seekers, which the former Wrecker accepted. Prowl refused, saying that the Wreckers needed to be applied strategically, he just didn't know where. They were later joined by Broadside, Sandstorm, and Springer (who became the team's leader after Impactor's death). The Wreckers are a special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. Using mass displacement, Tarantulas grew to massive size, while shrinking the Tor itself down to pocket size so that he could safely transport the facility out of the collapsing Noisemaze. As such many scavengers roamed the wilderness of the planet for resources to gather often assaulting travelling civilians.

They then proceeded to take Bludgeon's team apart without breaking a sweat. They approved of Optimus's campaign of conquest, but initially preferred to remain autonomous. Backing Tarantulas up were Mayhem, whose leader Carnivac felt Springer should be with them. Allies It became one of their most famous deployments, but also one of their most costly. Later, the team and Ultra Magnus were misled into trying to kill Optimus Prime upon his return to Cybertron. Before they had chance to fully take in the devastation their ship was promptly blown out of the sky by Megatron. ". They are usually composed of the best and strongest Transformers who takes any risk to finish the job on any covert combat missions they're assigned to even the most dangerous ones during the war. Autobots A non-interference pact made with the Povans made the capture illegal and a potential political nightmare, so Prowl ordered Impactor to release the Decepticons. They were dispatched to Scotland, to collect a Predacon fossil from the Decepticons. Animals, Decades later, the Wreckers were assigned to Varas Centralus after the Decepticon infiltration unit on that planet went to Phase Six.

However, before they could make any specific plans their meeting was interrupted by a call from Megatron who informed them that he had given Kup Scraplets. The two teams made their way to Galvatron's unguarded base and were able to walk straight in.

Con Job During Wheeljack's travels, he found his comrade Seaspray but he was killed by Dreadwing's bombs, which almost killed him too. The Wreckers leader sounded the retreat and Carnivac reluctantly ordered his Mayhems to do the same. The battle over, they mourned their lost comrades and went their separate ways in a new, peacetime Cybertron. While the humans, secured the bridge, they killed most of the Vehicons inside.

Natural Selection, Part One After returning to Cybertron, Natural Selection, Part Five the Wreckers acted as a security force for Hot Rod. Though shaken by recent events Springer managed to escape the cell taking Impactor with him. When Dreadwing made his way to Earth, Wheeljack followed to get his revenge. Destiny, Part Three, When Bludgeon launched an all out attack on Cybertron, Kup tried to convince Prowl to let the Wreckers take the front lines. Upon successfully recruiting the humans, the Wreckers return through the space bridge they arrived in, taking the humans to Nebulos, where they dispatched a rampaging Fortress Maximus, who had been possessed by the corrupted Matrix entity. The AllSpark Almanac II, The Wreckers were Council Guardians.

Both teams have three members but with the Dreads acting more like Autobots, having simple, unassuming vehicle modes and using stealth as opposed to brute force, and the Wreckers acting like Decepticons, having obvious weaponized vehicle modes and using excessive force and violence as opposed to caution. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. As the Autobots held off the monsters, Perceptor came to the horrifying revelation that the Shadow-leeches were actually Cybertron's missing inhabitants, having been transformed by the Matrix's dark energy. Stormbringer #3 Thunderwing was slightly more challenging, but the Wreckers suffered no apparent casualties. Last Stand of the Wreckers #3, Topspin willingly sacrificed himself to activate Aequitas, simultaneously killing Twin Twist due to their branched spark. BotCon 2008 Rodimus profile card. After Optimus Prime returned to Earth, Autobase in Kalis was rocked by a huge explosion caused by the venting of an active nuclear reactor. Dark of the Moon, After the Battle of Chicago, Harold Attinger formed a secret faction of the CIA known as "Cemetery Wind" to hunt down all Transformers regardless of faction.

He was responsible for founding and leading the Wreckers' opposite number, Squadron X. The resulting argument quickly escalated when Scattershot shot Roadbuster, blowing his head clean off. Derailment. As the new Prime soundly defeated Bludgeon and disabled the ship, Kup, along with his fellow Wreckers and Rodimus fled the ship as it was destroyed. Many Autobots in the fleet subscribed to Fisitron's datalogs. If the Autobot team was separated, with no where to go they would meet there and find the rest of the team. Ils se transforment tous les trois en véhicules de NASCAR et se distinguent des autres Autobots grâce à leur armement très sofistiqué (lance-roquettes, mitrailleuses,...). You can help Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Instead he was caught in the act by Roadbuster and kicked out of the Wreckers. 65 Bonus Edition Vol. Except for when they do. However, after Roadbuster confessed to Springer what the other Wreckers felt about what Impactor did, and called Springer their best leader, the comatose Autobot began showing signs of life. They were interrupted by Scourge and Ravage, who had also allied themselves to Galvatron. Stormbringer #2, The Wreckers arrived just in time to save Nosecone and Afterburner. Miko eventually gave up and thought Wheeljack would never come, but Bulkhead knew Wheeljack would show up. The Wreckers are an Autobot combat unit that operates outside the normal Autobot chain of command, or once did during the Great War. [1], The Wreckers were a combat unit that operated outside the normal chain of command. Overlord effortlessly defeated most of the remaining Wreckers, but was eventually taken down thanks to Ironfist's connection to Aequitas. Interiors, The Wreckers' exploits have been lionized in the eyes of the rank and file by their unofficial biographer, "Fisitron", and his Wreckers: Declassified datalogs. At the sound of Springer's voice crackling over Impactor's comm, Tarantulas realized that Ostaros was not dead, but was now Springer. They're associated with Autobots like the Deluxe Vehicles and Jumpstarters, but when times get really desperate, they'll grab anyone: newly modified Autobots, Predacons, squishy humans, and even former Decepticons or the dying. The Wreckers: Finale Part 1 While the two leaders threw down, the rest of the Wreckers fought Cyclonus, Chro, and the Sharkticons.

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