These meetings aren’t to tamper or alter the script, but rather to understand it and grow company excitement. Agents say that A24 ultimately hopes to self-finance four to six new series annually. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ‘Trollhunter’ 10 Years On. Drinking champagne at nine in the morning. My journey into horror seriously began with The Witch. Check out this link on your browser to get started:, Be sure to check out the MovieBabble Patreon page: In an unusual move by Hollywood standards, the studio introduced its own podcast this week. The whole thing was really intense. What a fucking ride that movie was. It’s exciting. It’s exciting. And then there was another one where he’s deep-throating the gun, and we replaced it with a gold statue. I like to think of The Witch as the modern response to The Exorcist — another movie where a young girl’s coming-of-age is transformed into a demonic experience. Here's how a small distribution studio called A24 became the coolest brand in Hollywood, featuring movies, merch, and a Satanic goat Twitter account. But I remember vividly that they had chosen some specific movies, one of which was Under the Skin. The fact that we were able to sign any movies out of that office is absurd. And finally, is it really so easy to become human? Alex Garland (director, ‘Ex Machina’): They make things work that according to standard procedures really shouldn’t work. Katz: That was a good learning experience for us. Franco: I actually did win some awards. They first hit it big with seven nominations in 2016 from films like Room, Ex Machina, and Amy, leading towards greater success the following year. Garland: I would say that if Ex Machina had been distributed by a big studio—this isn’t actually a criticism of studios; it’s actually just a statement of fact—the film would not have been remotely as well received or successful as it was. “Everything about A24 is just fresh as a new daisy,” said Barry Diller, the former Hollywood mogul who runs IAC/InterActive Corporation and has invested in several A24 projects. Whoa!” Because they’d made a curated, awesome, crafted film. It was, like, every time another person walked out, I was like, “Oh, there goes another one!”, Sacco: All my friends and family, they kept asking about this new company. But even those in Hollywood who believe A24 is overhyped — and there are plenty, perhaps nudged along by envy — concede that the studio has done an astounding job at building a brand. Like Under the Skin, Locke, Enemy. Fenkel: But it was like, “You’re not going to be 20 minutes late for Scott Rudin.” So you ran. The Best TV Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in September 2020, The Best TV Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in July 2020, ‘Prop Culture’ is a Delightfully Nerdy Treasure Hunt Through Disney Movie History, A24 is Auctioning Off Film Props, Including the Bejeweled Furby From ‘Uncut Gems,’ for Coronavirus Charities. For most theatrical releases, A24 would spend roughly 95 percent of its marketing money online, using data and analytics to stitch films into the social media firmament in ways that prompts movie lovers to feel a sense of discovery and pass the message on organically — persuading fans to persuade one another. I’ve always described A24 as giving a cinematic voice to those who often go unheard. Probably the best place to screen-test the movie. Heavey: People were, like, crying. Jenkins: What they’re doing is so fluid and free-form that two years from now, it could be quite different than it was two years ago. And it does so brilliantly. Its trio of founders—Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges, who’d known each other through years of work in New York’s indie movie circuit—rarely granted interviews. And when you’re a loser, you think for a split second, Maybe they got it wrong. That’s completely nuts. The studio doesn’t just attract talent, they keep it. raised the Oscar at them. There is no guarantee that A24’s guerrilla marketing strategies will support more mainstream movies, as the studio aims to start adding to its slate. Even so, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. But Under the Skin is obviously much more than that. And I think that’s the main thing, I’d say. But in general distribution is like plumbing: unseen, unnoticed, and notable only when it malfunctions. Zoe Beyer (marketing, A24): Spring Breakers had a whole Oscar campaign. The next day it was like, “Anything’s possible.”. David Fenkel and I have had some great conversations about film - the whole A24 team have a great and deep love for cinema. But then when we started to screen the film at Sundance and saw the audience reactions, it was clear that there was a much larger audience for this movie than any of us thought. “Enthusiasm. A24’s first major horror release falls smack dab in the middle of the “Is it horror?” debate (although you could argue that Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers is its own kind of horror movie). There are more glamorous things to be, in Hollywood, than an independent distribution company. It’s something that pierces you to your core — and a feeling that future A24 movies would perfect. (Its other Oscar nominations include best director, for Ms. Gerwig, and best actress, for Saoirse Ronan.) Ad Choices. A24 went on a spending spree and released 11 movies in their second year of operation. Losing a movie—I wanted to jump off a bridge.

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