Suicide is not uncommon in South Korea. But the impact of celebrity suicides could ruin these efforts. There is no shortcut for preventing people from taking their lives, but continual efforts will never be in vain. RESULTS: News reports were more numerous and they contained more positive definitions about the entertainer's suicide. to learn how you can update your cookie settings. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has had thoughts of harming themselves or taking their own life, get help. The suicide rate for men was 2.6 times higher than the rate for women. Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images; Han Myung-Gu/WireImage. Imitative suicide risk was investigated by applying a Poisson time series autoregression model with suicide mortality data from the National Statistics Office for 1.5 years before and 1.5 years after each celebrity's suicide. An extremely high suicide rate among the elderly is a major contributing factor to South Korea's overall suicide rate.

[47] Following actress Lee Eun-ju's death in 2005, more people used the same method of hanging.[47]. [46] The degree of media coverage of celebrity suicides impacts the degree of increase of suicide rates. The term comes from "The Sorrow of Young Werther" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Before 2005, South Korean students went to school every day from Monday to Saturday. 6 (2013): 598-610. [17] Ulsan, Gangwon, and Incheon have the highest suicide rate for people above age 65. [46] The study has found three out of eleven cases of celebrity suicide resulted in a higher suicide rate of the population. {{numberArticlesLeft}} free article{{numberArticlesLeft-plural}}. [60] The gatekeeper education primarily consists of knowledge of suicide and dealing with suicidal individuals, and this education is provided to teachers, social workers, volunteers and youth leaders. 2014, Vol. [48] However, the correlational nature of the study makes it difficult to determine the causal direction of this relationship. Posted by Loren Coleman at 11:38 AM. [4][5] As a result, people living in rural areas tend to have higher suicide rates. In South Korea, it has been the traditional duty of children to take care of their parents.

Currently, South Korea and other countries that have implemented this initiative are in the process of evaluating how much influence this initiative has on the suicide rate. As mentioned above in the methods, the government has reduced access to poisoning agents, monoxide from charcoal, and finally train platforms. All of these methods strive to increase public awareness and governmental support for suicide prevention. Currently, only Korean-language services are available. "They are lonely and cannot seek help from anyone. According to the Werther effect, some people commit suicide as reaction to another suicide.This applies also for South Korea. "While there are a complexity of factors, economic circumstances affecting employment status and business conditions for the self-employed can be associated with the suicide rate," Yonsei University professor Sung Tae-yoon said. Cha's death was unexpected as he was appearing in the MBC drama "People with Flaws" as the second brother of the main character Joo Seo-yeon (played by Oh Yeon-seo). [8], However, proactive government efforts to decrease the rate have shown effectiveness in 2014, when there were 27.3 suicides per 100,000 people, a 4.1% decline from the previous year (28.5 people) and the lowest in 6 years since 2008's 26.0 people.[9][10]. held to extremely high beauty standards, forced to follow strict gym and rehearsal schedules, and forbidden to date. Refugees live under harsh conditions amid COVID-19, Not wearing a mask is not an option (Part 4), Deadly wildfires worsen across California, Rookie actor Cha In-ha's suicide raises concern of 'Werther effect'.

Local college refuses refund for 52 Uzbek students' denied visas, From eateries to restrooms: denied necessities amid widening digital divide, Different messages from gov't, doctors intensify confusion over flu shots, New virus cases fall below 100 amid infection clusters, Biden says will meet North Korean 'thug' if he agrees to reduce nuclear capacity, BOK hints at removing engraving of Hirobumi Ito's writing, Korea seeks to ease concerns over US bypassing Korea, Korean War veterans call for peace treaty, FDA approves first COVID-19 drug: antiviral remdesivir, K-pop's global appeal creates Hangeul craze, [INTERVIEW] Filmmaker explores pressure of Korea's rigid beauty standards, Red Velvet's Irene apologizes over bullying scandal, [INTERVIEW] 'Star Trek' writer shares his obsession with King Sejong, Korean alphabet, Red Velvet's Irene still in hot seat after apologizing over bullying scandal. 'Hell Joseon' Is More Like It As Economy Flounders", "International Journal of Mental Health Systems. Celebrities have other reasons for suicide. [50] Moreover, according to Durkheim, economic downfall disturbs the social standing of an individual, meaning that the individual's demands and expectations can no longer be met. The suicide rate is seen to have grown during periods of economic crisis, including when Korea was hit by the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s, and the time of the global financial crisis in 2009.

DOI: 10.1186/1752-4458-8-17. Most South Korean test scores are also graded on a curve, leading to more competition. states that a major reason for the general upward trend in the South Korean suicide rate from 2000 to 2011 was the increase in suicides by hanging. [12] One study has translated this to the fact that women attempt to commit suicide more as a demonstration, while men commit suicide with a determined purpose. We examined the increased suicide risk following the suicides of an entertainer and a politician, and identified the relative suicide risks.

[45] According to a study, South Korea experiences a surge of suicides after deaths of celebrities. More than 1,000 people killed themselves after her. The exact cause of death is not yet known.

Looking for smart ways to get more from life? The relative suicide risk was significant for almost all ages and both genders during that of both individuals. "A Study on Regional Differentials in Death Caused by Suicide in South Korea." Jung-Mo Nam Cha, whose real name is Lee Jae-ho, was 27. [16] The economic hardship factor is noted as the most frequently referred cause for elderly suicides. Jeon, Hong Jin, Jun-Young Lee, Young Moon Lee, Jin Pyo Hong, Seung-Hee Won, Seong-Jin Cho, Jin-Yeong Kim, Sung Man Chang, Hae Woo Lee, and Maeng Je Cho.

International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 82, no. According to the OECD, its suicide rate per 100,000 people is 24.6. [60], Another method that South Korea has implemented is educating gatekeepers. Lines are available 24/7 for free and offer confidential support for people in suicidal crisis or distress. This helps to decrease the impulsive suicidal behavior. They are constantly subjected to online abuse. Education in South Korea is extremely competitive, making it difficult to get into an esteemed university. [15] All these factors together lead to an increase in suicidal ideation and completion. They attend after school programs called hagwons and there are over 100,000 of them throughout South Korea, making them a 20 billion dollar industry. Over 90% of suicide victims could be diagnosed with a mental disorder, but only 15% of them received proper treatment. 3 (2008): 365-71.

Many impoverished elderly people kill themselves as to not be a burden on their families, since the South Korean welfare system is poorly funded[4] and the tradition of children caring for their parents in old age has largely disappeared in the 21st century. ", A post shared by 차인하 (@chainha_715) on Dec 2, 2019 at 2:10am PSTDec 2, 2019 at 2:10am PST. When news broke that the defendant had threatened to release an explicit video of her, the internet was inundated with requests for the footage. "Suicide Methods Used by Women in Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and the United States." As 71.4% of the elderly population is uneducated and 37.1% of them live in rural areas, they are more likely to face economic hardship, which can lead to health problems and family conflicts. PLoS ONE. DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0084876, Publisher: Public Library of Science (PLoS), LCC Subject Category: Extensive media exposure of celebrity suicide may induce imitative suicide, a phenomenon called the Werther effect. Eun-Cheol Park

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