The two leading court painters, Adam Frans van der Meulen and Charles Le Brun, were also amongst the King's retinue; they were instructed to record the Sun King's deeds, as were various other artists.

With him, the Spanish line of the Habsburgs would die out. People of the American Civil War by state, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, François-Henri de Montmorency, duc de Luxembourg, The King drew some attention to himself, however, by constantly putting himself in personal danger; during sieges, for example, he visited the trenches at the front line, and spent many nights in bivouac shelters.

His pretext for this was the decision of a theological commission, that had declared itself against an alliance with the Protestant countries, England and the Netherlands.

Louis XI Thus the small number of available troops did not permit the establishment of a field army. Louis XIV instructed the Prince de Condé to undertake preparations for a winter campaign against the Franche-Comté. If both powers regarded the 1659 settlement as a welcome escape from twenty-five years of indecisive conflict, by the mid 1660s perceptions had hardened that France was the dominant military and political force in Europe, while the Spanish monarchy was locked into a spiral of instability, weakness, and diminishing resources. Corvisier, André. On 10 May 1667, Maréchal de Turenne had taken over the supreme command over the French forces. Louis XIV of France had married Marie Therese, daughter of Philip IV of Spain, whose dowry had not been paid.

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The War of Devolution thus led directly to the Franco-Dutch War of 1672–1678. These in turn served as starting points from which further French campaigns of conquest could be launched in later wars. [25] A secret added protocol, however, also provided that, if the French king extended his claims or were to continue his campaign of conquest, the alliance would use force to push France back to the borders of 1659.

In Spain, preparations to dispatch a military force to Flanders had already begun in June. DEVOLUTION, WAR OF (1667 – 1668). [1] Having been raised in a culture that expected young princes to seek "glory" on the battlefield, Louis was looking for an opportunity to go to Spain. It gives a brief definition of each concept and its relationships. ." However, Turenne bypassed Mons and took Ath on 16 June, which the Spanish troops left without putting up resistance, surprised by the unexpected French advance. After this, they offered to mediate in the war between France and Spain. As the Marquis de Castel-Rodrigo had not yet been informed of the fall of the city, he sent another army of 12,000 men under the Marquis de Marchin, to relieve Lille. Sonnino, Paul. On 31 August this army came upon the corps of the French Marquis de Créquy, which Maréchal de Turenne had meanwhile drawn up to cover the siege. King Louis had claimed territory from the Spanish Empire as his own, due to his marriage of Maria Theresa, starting the initial conflict between France and the Spanish Empire.

Yet shortly after this Louis XIV and his ministers agreed to the modest peace settlement of Aix-la-Chapelle (2 May1668). France gained some territory in Flanders, but nearly all of the Spanish Netherlands, as well as the Franche-Comté, was returned to Spain.
They were to present the campaign of the Sun King not as an invasion, but as an entry into lands that already rightfully belonged to him.

[2] Furthermore, it was agreed that with this marriage, Maria Theresa explicitly renounced all rights to her father's inheritance. The French extended the fortifications of this town as well. DEVOLUTION, WAR OF (1667–1668). The Spanish strengthened the fortresses of Mons and Namur.

London, 1999. The Netherlands, therefore, hurriedly ended their war, the Second Anglo-Dutch War(or Second Navigation War) with England. His reputation as a general was already tarnished after a number of defeats in the war against Portugal, and as he assessed the conditions in the Spanish Netherlands pessimistically, he delayed the departure for weeks and months.

After peace was declared, a great victory celebration took place in Versailles; various important figures of the time participated in arranging this, including Molière, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Louis Le Vau and Carlo Vigarani. The consequences of the War of Devolution were manifold. To this end, a second army of newly-raised troops was set up. He claimed the Duchy of Brabant in the Spanish Netherlands, and he argued that the Brabantine law allowed equal rights of female succession to property; he claimed that the duchy has devolved to his Habsburg-descended queen, Maria Theresa of Spain (who was also the elder sister of King Carlos II of Spain). In the 1667 to 1668 War of (the) Devolution, France occupied the Spanish-controlled provinces of Spanish Netherlands and Franche-Comté. War between France and Spain.

Apart from this, he only had militias at his disposal, which were however only available in the utmost emergency. [28] To this end, he planned to take the Spanish Franche-Comté before the summer campaign. In April, the parties involved met in Saint-Germain and negotiated a peace treaty by the 13th.

This became especially clear in 1643 after the sensational victory of the French over the Spanish in the battle of Rocroy. Louis XIV's gains before the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen): Cambrai, Aire and Saint-Omer as well as the Franche-Comté were returned, the other gains remained under Louis XIV's rule. Louis XIV was accompanied by, amongst others, the Queen, his two mistresses, (Louise de La Vallière and Madame de Montespan),[35] as well as all his ministers and generals who were not involved in the war.

In the years following the war (after 1671) the King was often praised as Louis le Grand or Ludovicus Magnus (Ludwig the Great), and on the suggestion of Colbert, the finance minister, even a triumphal arch was to be built in Paris; however, construction was abandoned in 1671. Because the Spanish had never paid Marie-Thérèse's dowry, it was claimed that her renunciation of rights to the Spanish inheritance was void, and that the private law of the Netherlands could thus be applied to territory coveted by the French king.

LOUIS XIV (FRANCE) (1638–1715; ruled 1643–1715), king of France. He suppressed baronial power, made peace with E…, King Of Sicily And Sardinia Victor Amadeus Ii, Victor Amadeus II The French offensive was overwhelming: more major cities and fortresses fell to the French in a single campaign than in the previous twenty-five years of war. Due to the perceived French expansionist drive, the League of the Rhine dissolved itself already in 1668, and other allies such as the Elector of Brandenburg also abandoned France. With Philip IV's death in 1665 and the minority of the young and sickly Charles II (ruled 1665–1700), the temptation for Louis XIV to exploit his once-powerful rival became overwhelming.

The war saw France make minor territorial acquisitions in the southern Spanish Netherlands after defeating its rivals in the first of King Louis XIV of France's wars. War Devolution, War Of The Devolution, War of the Devolution, War of the Queen's Rights. After the Treaty of the Pyrenees the French armed forces had been sharply reduced to save costs. The French foreign policy of the following years was therefore completely geared towards isolating the United Provinces, to attack them at a convenient opportunity. At this, the French king began preparations for a new campaign against Spain. War of Devolution, (1667–68), conflict between France and Spain over possession of the Spanish Netherlands (present-day Belgium and Luxembourg). Because of one law not many people knew about (called the Jus Devolutionis), Louis XIV claimed these provinces 'devolved' to him because of his marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain. London, 1976. DEVOLUTION, WAR OF (1667 – 1668). [19] In spring 1667 51,000 French soldiers, who had been raised in 4 days, deployed between Mézières and the sea. While the Orangists tended to be pro-English in their foreign policy orientation, the deWitt brothers and the States Party tended to be pro-French in their foreign policy. Although the Franco-Dutch negotiations had not led to tangible results, Louis XIV was still convinced of the benevolence of the United Provinces. On 24 May 1667 French forces crossed the border into the Spanish Netherlands.

112–131. [23] However, as France had become a formidable trading power in the world and a major competitor to United Provinces in world trade, the Dutch had become more and more worried about French intentions. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. -. The war began in 1667, with the Vicomte de Turenne leading the French Army into the southern Netherlands. Whilst Louis XIV rejected the English offer, De Witt was receptive. The French had also tried to win English support for their claims, but a new ministry in England turned instead to an alliance with the Dutch and with Sweden. Upon the death of Cardinal Mazarin in 1661, the 22-year-old Louis XIV, who had nominally been king since 1643, began to rule France in his own right.Having been raised in a culture that expected young princes to seek "glory" on the battlefield, Louis was looking for an opportunity to go to Spain.
The Queen could not renounce this natural right for her children as well.

For the young French king, the war against Spain was an opportunity to secure a great reputation for himself.

Despite this, he persisted with the campaign, as he hoped to conquer territories that would be a suitable bargaining counter in later negotiations.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Louis himself on his deathbed said, “I have loved war too much,” but his subjects, who often….

Leopold had little doubt that he would then inherit the entire Spanish Empire but did not believe that he could make good his rights against a powerful France that would be nervous about a reunited Habsburg Empire.

The War of Devolution (1667–68) saw Louis XIV's French armies overrun the Habsburg-controlled Spanish Netherlands and the Franche-Comté, but forced to give most of it back by a Triple Alliance of England, Sweden, and the Dutch Republic in the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.

Nonetheless, Louis bore a deep resentment against the Dutch, an ally, for joining the Triple Alliance.

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