end of each of the sales periods. The area surrounding the stand or trailer shall be kept free and clear of all All stands and/or trailers shall comply with the applicable provisions of the Salt Lehi – Fireworks are prohibited north of State Route 92 and along the Dry Creek corridor from 1200 East to Center Street. This is unincorporated private, State or BLM lands. Crescent Junction – No fireworks allowed. Alcohol and fireworks do not mix! Additional restrictions, from the Utah State Fire Marshal’s web site: Class C Prohibited 4-15-15. The fireworks stands or trailers must be removed within five (5) days after the conform to the applicable National Electrical Code. East of 300 W., North of Wall Street through Beck Street to the City limit to the north, All city parks and wildland urban interface areas. It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business of selling fireworks without first having obtained a license to do so. 921 South Highway 160 Pahrump, NV. R710. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Certain fireworks are now legal to light off in Utah, and will be through July 25. shall be allowed to sleep overnight in the stand or trailer. No fireworks discharge shall be allowed within the distance of 150 ft. of the fireworks stand or trailer. width. UTAH, July 20, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Department of Public Safety is reminding Utahns of firework restrictions this Pioneer Day weekend. For more information regarding firework regulations and safety please contact the local Fire Department at (801) 451-2842. Dist. ), Morgan –  2020 Fireworks Restrictions  and  2020 Fireworks Map  and  Fire Restrictions Executive Order, Ogden – 2019 Burn Restrictions and 2020 Fireworks Resolution and 2020 Fire_Restrictions Map, Park City – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions and Firework Safety  (see news items New Open Fire Ban in Summit County and Fireworks Safety Tips for Park City), Payson –  2020 Fire Restrictions and Fireworks Restricted Map 2020, Pleasant Grove – Resolution and 2020 Fireworks_Restricted_Map, Plymouth – 2020 All Fireworks Banned. “If your municipality or town is not listed below, check with your local fire authority to see if the use of fireworks is allowed in your area,” according to the Department of Public Safety. Firecracker, cannon cracker, ground salute, M-80 and all M class fireworks, cherry bombs, or other similar explosive. These include the following: Only certain fireworks are allowed to be sold in Utah. See the list of local fireworks ordinances here. July 2-July 511 a.m. to 11 p.m.Except for July 4 when they can be used until midnightJuly 22-2511 a.m. to 11 p.m.Except for July 24 when they can be used until midnight. Cigarettes may only be smoked within the confines of a vehicle in City Creek Canyon. Keep a bucket of water nearby to place spent fireworks in for at least 12 hours before discarding into a garbage can. Always have water handy (a hose or buckets of water). Note: During the upcoming season, SLC Fire will have additional personnel available to educate and enforce fireworks codes and restrictions. Elk Ridge – For 2020 fireworks are banned for the entire city due to the red flag warnings and extremely dry conditions. 7. weeds, debris and other flammable materials for a distance of twenty-five (25) Salt Lake City has an ordinance that allows the recovery of costs, associated with extinguishing a fire, caused by the negligent use of fireworks, fires and/or the improper extinguishment of cigarettes. Utah State Legislature, Sections 221-225. Each stand or trailer shall have an approved fire extinguisher, Type 2A-10BC, or Apple Valley – No fireworks allowed in city limits. 1. Sky Lanterns – Utah Code 15A-5-202.5. Layton –  Layton City Firework Restrictions  and  Layton City Interactive Map  or   Basic Map  and  Sky Lantern Prohibition. – 2020 FFSL Beaver Kane Garfield Iron County Restrictions and 2020 Color Country Fire Restrictions – Map and 2020 Interagency News Release, Cedar Valley – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions. All open fires and charcoal grills are restricted in that area. Those selling fireworks at retail sales locations shall be at least sixteen (16) Fireworks can only be discharged two days prior and one day after the holiday (July 4 and July 24). Fireworks Restrictions . Farmington – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions, Map, and Safety. 2017 State Fire Restriction Order Box Elder County, Bryce Canyon City Fire Restriction 2018 – Updated 7-19-18, 2020 FFSL Beaver Kane Garfield Iron County Restrictions, 2020 Color Country Fire Restrictions – Map, 2020 Fireworks Restrictions, Map, and Safety, 2020 Intra-agency Restriction Press Release, 2017 State Fire Restriction Order Rich County, 2020 Fireworks Restrictions Interactive Map, Washington County Fireworks Restrictions and Maps, State Fire Restriction Order 2017 Weber County. Charlston – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions (Any area not labeled as designated is prohibited.). Public Safety, Fire Marshal. 13. Only persons over age 12 should be allowed to handle sparklers of any type. All stands and trailers shall be securely locked when not in use, and no person PHANTOM OF PAHRUMP. ), Washington City – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions Interactive Map  and 2020 Map, Washington County – Washington County Fireworks Restrictions and Maps, Weber Fire District – Restrictions as of June 30 2017  –  State Fire Restriction Order 2017 Weber County, West Jordan – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions and Map  and Website and  2019 Fireworks Restrictions, West Valley – Fireworks Restrictions and Map, Are You Allowed To Light Fireworks In Your Area? Salt Lake City website for latest restrictions – Link) and 2020 Fireworks Restriction Areas Map  and  2020 Fireworks Discharge Restrictions, South Weber – Fireworks Restrictions_Map (2018), Spanish Fork – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions and Ordinance, Springville – Restrictions and Fireworks Restriction Zones Map 2020, St. George – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions Map and Interactive Map  and 2020 Firework Ordinance and Fireworks Information. We ask for support in prohibiting fires & fireworks on state lands within Rich County until further notice. A copy of the map and fireworks restrictions will be delivered to each residence within the restricted area of the City. Aerial “cake” fireworks are considered 1.4G fireworks provided that they are made up of 500 grams or less of pyrotechnic composition materials. ### 9. Southern Utah Behavioral Health Assist in preventing & recovering from mental illness & addiction. December 3111 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Jan. 1.Chinese New Year’s Eve11 a.m. to 1 a.m. the following day. A A. Have a “designated” person light fireworks. Most fireworks that are legal emit showers of sparks, glitter, crackles, smoke or sound and perform relatively close to the ground. Fayette – As of June 30 2020 Fayette does not have any restrictions on fireworks above what the state of Utah policy and guidelines are. All fireworks retail sales locations shall be under the direct supervision of a 12. City Ordinance. No stand shall be Thompson Springs – No fireworks allowed. 5. than five (5) days prior to each of the dates that sales are permitted under Obey local laws. 1.4G fireworks (formally known as “Class-C” fireworks) are defined as “Consumer Fireworks”. Utah fireworks laws have changed this year, allowing the purchase of legal fireworks from June 24 – July 25, 2020. A cake may also be defined as an aerial repeater or multi-shot aerial and does not exceed more than 500 grams of pyrotechnic composition. 11. located upon hard-surfaced areas only. Highland –  Restrictions June 2019  and Highland 2020 Firework Restrictions Map and City Website Fireworks Information, Iron County – Fireworks Restrictions 2019 and Fireworks Restrictions Map, Junction – Junction 2020 Fireworks Restrictions, Kanab – Fireworks Ordinance and Fireworks Exclusion Map  or  Detailed Fireworks Exclusion Map. 2. Provo – 2020 Fireworks Restriction Zone – In addition to these restrictions, fireworks are not allowed anywhere on the BYU Campus. Henefer – The Council has banned all fireworks, and open fires within city limits. The State Fire Marshal maintains a list of ordinances and resolutions passed by more than 100 cities across Utah. Centerfield – As of June 30 2020 Centerfield does not have any restrictions on fireworks above what the state of Utah policy and guidelines are. approved explosives shall be located at least fifty (50) feet from other stands, 2020 Fireworks Dates. Roy –  2020 Fireworks-Restrictions Map and Fireworks Restrictions Ordinance, Salt Lake City  –  Fire Restrictions 2020  and Map, San Juan County – 2020 Fire Restriction Order  and  2020 Intra-agency Restriction Press Release, Santa Clara – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions Map, Santaquin – Ordinance and Restrictions Map for 2018, Saratoga Springs – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions and Map.

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