All are equal citizens in the diverse world of storytelling.

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'!>�>j% ��V��K�P�@l#[�:o�q�4��(��;h�u��d K~+��IH�WOb�n�'աf�4lO�)u�aO�3�tch4Cv4��J�GZ�3��+����C�.�A�5�C_��� �ܫ��my]k�b� 5ȧ������7M�Bg�`��F�)b[����?��W��o��F�*y���&U��'��\]5��I��yY�IJ���n�ի�p8_� ������ <> endobj Stellaluna and the baby birds learn a lot from each other. Dance, as a result, has evolved into a popular form of entertainment for the masses. Knowledge and experience in dance, as well as knowledge and experience in education are a must.The use of a tool requires proficiency. The listener becomes, therefore, a co-creator of the story as experienced. endobj

0000004610 00000 n These actions are the parts of spoken or manual language other than words.

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In particular, storytelling does not create an imaginary barrier between the speaker and the listeners. 0000007252 00000 n

Non-formal education may therefore take place both within and outside educational institutions, and cater to persons of all ages. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off.

Dance integrates mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of education. endobj Or is it the time to reconnect ourselves to our bodies and come back to dance as an integral part of our life? BOX OFFICE: 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[300.912 86.5415 381.568 94.5495]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> Dance shows such as these reach large audiences and even invite the public to weigh in and judge the dancers via a voting process.

Knowledge and experience in dance, as well as knowledge and experience in education are a must.The use of a tool requires proficiency. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310.746.4000. Yet, even as it blends imperceptibly into other arts, the essence of storytelling remains recognizable as the intersection of the five components included in the above definition. <<>> 0000009330 00000 n All Rights Reserved. endobj Art is an ever-changing mixture of the intellectual and the emotional, the physical and the spiritual, which makes a virtue of subjectivity.

M���ݵl,.�@ 37_�).N� endobj 252 0 obj Storytelling is ingrained in many cultures to pass on tradition, culture, history and beliefs of groups of people. Their connection from South to West Africa also become a point of navigation of meaning and narrating. 308 0 obj Storytelling uses actions such as vocalization, physical movement and/or gesture. 0000003656 00000 n @�������H��;��e?� This article offers a critical analysis/narrative of my own choreography (and the embodied process of making and doing); this is done as an act of one text (the Homeland Trilogy), written on the body with other bodies, being answered by another academic text of words and letters (also arguably embodied), responding to the constructions and play of knowledge and power.


endobj Depending on country contexts, it may cover educational programmes to impart adult literacy, basic education for out-of-school children, life-skills, work-skills, and general culture. endobj 5 0 obj There’s a reason children’s storybooks are mostly pictures, and that so many of the greatest stories ever told have been made into movies. This is part of what distinguishes storytelling from the forms of theatre that use an imaginary “fourth wall.”. 9390 N Santa Monica Blvd, ;�g�K9�3y���!�+T��[� =�TPJ�5H@�/����p�G�'�d�������ecy�ѧ�l�� ˰��DZS�c���8� �9̕!t`>� ��{���ri��F���@Bb�O�{� 6d��[ɻ����L��@Fv����.|�@ٻ���50zL��r2�� ����@Afo����>�~��W`�R핀. Dance education is a profession; the current situation, in which literally anyone can hire a studio and accept students, does not reflectwhatisinfactarigorousprofession. This article aims to interrogate and investigate the duel engagement with narrative and storytelling as a methodology towards collective and collaborative choreographic processes, and engages narrative as a theory of making meaning.

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