Trespassers – alternately known as Hell Is Where The Home Is – is the latest entry into a very crowded genre, the home invasion thriller. And that’s when the murderous trouble really starts. There are some nice gore-spattered kills littered throughout, and isn’t that after all what we’re here for?
I hate the genre, can’t stand those genre tropes, and can barely forgive them even when they work. Without going into spoilers, it’s nothing of substance. Colin gathers 4 friends and leaves for Mexico but is surprised that nor his brother nor his brother's friends are there. 718, This story has been shared 686 times. Very soon another couple, Victor and Estelle, arrive at the house; the new arrivals also appear to be looking to regain some domestic bliss. Keeping an eye on all the latest mainstream films and television. Your email address will not be published. 5,040, This story has been shared 4,771 times.

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Colin travels from Los Angeles to the spot in his old car with his girlfriend Ashley, her slut friend Rose and his friends Javier and the goof Lucky. Sarah’s messing around in their dark room might be a clue as to why they were targeted by masked, gold-toothed, machete-and-pistol-packing Latinos.

But it delivers such a visceral, pulse-pounding and predictably far-fetched finale that my hate was gone with the wind -- almost. Are a pair of cops (Carlo Rota and Sebastian Sozzi) good guys, bad guys, or incompetent? With Franck Assi, Frank Emmanuel, Abdoulie Mboob, Helen Mwangi.

It has a very accomplished stylised look, the beautiful house (and protagonists) highlighted at times using moody, stark red and blue tones. The great poster and memorable opening score harken back to classic Italian horror, but despite carrying this vibe in the early moments, this style is quickly eschewed for a bog standard, home-invasion slasher, devoid of originality and purpose.

And no amount of sex in the hot tub or stabbings in the eye can hide that. 5,524, This story has been shared 5,040 times.

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