THE HUMAN STAIN By Philip Roth. Intolerable choices! Roth's complex development of all the book's characters, his Jamesian sentences, and distilled wisdom render this work a tour de force well worth reading and highly recommended. Of the three, ''The But - after having read 4 works of Roth - I have to confess I'm really getting under his spell. To illustrate: right at the begining of, the longish book, you are,so to speak,thrown in at the deep end in having to get to grips with an extended blow by blow breakdown of university bureaurcracy. I chose this book for my book club because it has multiple layers and explores contemporary societal themes. I also remember how the protagonist chose to marry a Jewish woman with wild hair--so that if his children didn't end up with his own smooth hair, it would appear those traits--maybe I should say those tresses--came from his wife. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Philip Roth is a terrific writer and this is often cited as perhaps his best book. The writing style is sharp, at time humorous, at time gripping, the reader is kept spellbound by the drama of the unravelling life of Coleman Silk, the novel's main character. At least 4 stars. The Human Stain Homework Help Questions. Theater'' (1995), Roth's masterpiece of erotic and tragicomic mourning. It happens to be what I do for a living”). radicals (who are given little of intelligence to do or say) and the portrait of its sweet, hollow hero appeared fatally underimagined. Arts | Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. While PTSD is real issue among veterans, the parts showcasing Les Farley, were less than convincing. Is race merely about skin color? too soon. Unable to add item to Wish List. Zuckerman simply moves on by saying that in Athena, where the people are bored and jealous, the story will be told and retold because it is the nature of the people and the place. Is a lifetime of dedicated scholarship all for nought? But - after having read 4 works of Roth - I have to confess I'm really getting under his spell. In this case, Roth does dress the novel heavily in the garb of realism, but at its core what we have here is a kind of parable about identity. Archives | Then political correctness churns up his life yet again, with disastrous consequences. Three stunning books in quick succession: it seemed an outpouring of unstoppable, idiosyncratic genius. Roth's extraordinary recent productivity (the prizewinning Sabbath's Theater, 1995, and American Pastoral, 1997) continues apace with this impressively replete and very moving chronicle of an academic scandal and its impact on both the aging professor at its center and his friend—alter ego novelist Nathan Zuckerman. To quote Pope Pius VII, it sometimes makes you wonder if you're on the right planet. Set in New England, this book tells the story of a college professor accused of making a racist remark in one of his classes. Yet, on another level, we suffer with him as he struggles with his growing anger and sorrow. 361 pp. Philip Roth is a terrific writer and this is often cited as perhaps his best book. But Stoner has my vote over Coleman Silk. Agreed, there are some things about Philip Roth that are really irritating: his sometimes excessive wordiness, his fixation on elder men who are obsessed by sex (whether or not prostrate-related), his storylines that are regularly interrupted by the introduction of new characters with extensive biographical backgrounds, etc.

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