Explore our library and use wonderful books in your lessons! Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Conditions. What things are you scared of? How can we help to resolve arguments? Lines and paragraphs break automatically. How are they different? How are they similar to things today? This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Share this beautiful picture book (by Benji Davies) with the children in your class and use our accompanying teaching ideas and classroom activities. Have you made a great resource? Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. I live out of a suitcase. Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! What does your name mean? Look at mascots that there are for different people / countries / teams / events. The Suitcase Kid is an ideal novel for students in Year 5/6 or Year 7 – depending on ability. Be the first to ask a question about Activities Based On The Suitcase Kid By Jacqueline Wilson. What types of books did you like to read when you were younger? Andy says lots of mean things to Carrie. What kind of questions do you think she might like to ask other people at this point? Design a new cover for the book using different types of software. Where would your dream home be? How could you try to overcome this? Katie has a 'Watch with Mother' video that has a little clown puppet called Andy Pandy. When my parents split up they didn't know what to do with me... My family always lived at Mulberry Cottage. Can you find out about toys / TV shows from the past. Watch this preview of the theatre production and interview with the author. To see what your friends thought of this book, Activities Based On The Suitcase Kid By Jacqueline Wilson: Ks2/Scottish P4 7, Activities Based On The Suitcase Kid By Jacqueline Wilson. Katie is scared of going to sleep. Andy learns about haikus in her English lessons. Stay up to date and receive our free email newsletter! A board game with questions about Jaqueline Wilson’s The Suitcase Kid. Make a family tree to show the members of Andy's extended family. This resource provides a range of activities including: - Making Predictions (what might happen from details stated and implied) - Empathetic writing - Exploring characterisation - Wilson’s use of vocabulary What types of public transport are there in your area? Think of a list of possible names. Can you think of other questions that you would like to ask her? But all I want is to go home - back to Mulberry Cottage... Read this fantastic picture book from Jeanne Willis and try some of our related teaching ideas with your children! Need another excuse to treat yourself to a new book this week? Do you have any items / toys that are special to you? Andy would love to live at Mulberry Cottage again. Share it here! How do people feel when they argue? Teaching Ideas Ltd. Andy likes to hold her toy rabbit Radish when she is feeling funny. Three very different characters help each other out and become firm friends. To create our... Each book in this series provides teachers with everything they need to teach classic children's books. Special educational needs / Mental health, Special educational needs / Social skills, Special educational needs / Special-needs behaviour management, Special educational needs / Speech and language, Similes, Metaphors, Personification and Alliteration. One of the chapters includes lots of questions that Andy is asked. Allowed HTML tags: