Conspiracy theories are usually aimed at assassinations, UFOs, religion, Bill Clinton, Richard Gere, etc.  We’ve all heard the JFK assassination theories. Their moods are spoiled, however, when Penelope Park breaks the news that Caroline is in fact, not attending their party — something she takes great pleasure in, pretending that she thought the two knew. Penelope enters and asks if Josie needs an escort, and Josie makes a joke that she does, but only someone whose heart is not made of stone. For many people, Joan Crawford has become nothing more than the over-the-top parody of "No wire coat-hangers!" She states she was terrified to have her son go over to Joan’s house and play with her son Christopher, because that woman was insane. Jo is equally surprised at the situation, before Alaric reveals that the Gemini Coven used magic to plant the twins in Caroline. Princess Diana is also mentioned.

Embellished a bit, but true nonetheless. It is also a mashup of the words Mom and Zombie thus Mombie. (Indeed, despite making millions in her nightclub act and through her books, Minnelli basically supported Thompson for the last 20 years of her life — at least once the Plaza Hotel kicked her out, where, incredibly, she lived rent-free for many years because of her books publicizing the place.). Duchess Meghan Markle is mentioned. i think Mommie Dearest is such B.S. In his office, Josie and Lizzie are horrified and upset at what Jo wants them to do. Hope enlists MG and Penelope's help in searching for Josie, who they believed to be buried in the cemetery somewhere. The movie studio didn’t want people knowing this, so they created a made-up, much more user-friendly history, which was repeated, sometimes even until her death. I'm already dead. But he seems to have a particular affinity for Joan, and even opens the book with her very kind and detailed response to a fan letter he wrote to her when he was eleven years old. Again, Jo becomes unresponsive for a second and collapses to the ground. Geoff Shotz Jo asks Alaric to thank Caroline for being a good mother to her girls. Air date Oh, there’s a lot of fodder in this book! Hope realizes that Rafael is going through a hard time but tells him that he can't pretend to like Lizzie to make himself feel better as it is not healthy or fair on either of them. But have you heard the one about Mommie Dearest? Lizzie and Josie are getting dressed for their party. So we’ve all thought for decades now that Joan was a monster. Maybe some of the book was false memory… but then, we’ve been down that road many times now in recent years. I’m just saying… bitch a little crazy, OK? Or laugh manaically when innocent adults go to jail! Born into almost unimaginable poverty, she had only a fifth grade education and started working at that age. Her childhood, for one thing. "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" – Sleeping at Last It was the norm and not the exception for disobedient children to be spanked. He is eventually able to harness his vampiric hearing and finds Josie, much to Hopes surprise she is wearing the necklace given to her by Hope previously.

And for what it’s worth, Crawford always loved gay men. And perhaps most surprisingly and most interestingly, there’s a fair bit of evidence that Christina Crawford was exaggerating much of Mommie Dearest (and it goes without saying that the movie version of her book is almost complete fiction). It is also a pun on a title from the seventh season episode of The Vampire Diaries. The Necromancer is the first monster to claim death can't hold him and will appear in more than one episode as he'll appear in the midseason finale. Lizzie and Josie siphon the boundary spell and enter angry at Alaric, before finally realizing that the woman standing before them is in fact their biological mother. Even if you haven’t actually read the book (really? I used to watch you. She also witnessed several incidences where Joan was abusive towards Christina. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" – STRFKR Josie and Lizzie leave to get ready for their party, but tell Jo they will return later if she is still around — this upsets Jo, who is unaware of how much time she has back. She tells the girls that they are everything she wished for, but tells them to be good to each other and fight for one another.

“Nowadays, when children talk about physical or sexual abuse (sometimes the product of an overactive imagination), they are taken very seriously, with the result that some innocent people have been arrested for vile offenses that they never committed.”. The abusive and traumatic adoptive upbringing of Christina Crawford at the hands of her mother, screen queen Joan Crawford, is depicted. But then they really drive their points home in one of the last chapters, called “Serpent’s Tooth.” Here’s a lot of stuff you didn’t know! They were expected to be seen and not heard, to stay silent until addressed, to behave in front of visitors, and to keep their good clothes clean. Jo notices there is some tension between the sisters, but tells Josie that Caroline did a good job in raising them and whilst Lizzie takes after Caroline, Josie takes after herself. He’s also not saying she was a perfect person in other respects — "Wake Me Up (feat. Here’s hoping Possessed: The Life of Joan Crawford helps paint a somewhat clearer picture.

She questions if Alaric is sure that she cannot do magic, and Alaric admits that she couldn't before she died so probably cannot now. It is revealed to be Josette Laughlin, Alaric's ex-fiancé, which shocks him, causing him to end the call with Caroline. Lizzie tells Josie to hurry up and get dressed, before leaving the room. It’s now common practice for memoirists to write disclaimers saying conversations probably didn’t contain exactly the sentences written in the book. And we believe in the natural order of things. Emma has sealed Alaric's office with a boundary spell to keep Jo out of sight for the meantime. Like in a dream where everything is warm and happy. Most of Joan’s friends found the entire episode a little bit sad [oh, just a little bit!] And now I need you to help me make it right. Hope is unable to remove the spell despite being a powerful witch. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford (right) in Baby Jane. She had a very close, life-long friendship with Billy Haines, an up-and-coming leading man in 1930s who gave it all up when the studios insisted that he be closeted. We’ve heard about how the U.S. never really landed on the moon – it all took place on a sound stage! Hope reveals that the necklace is a talisman and its purpose is to make quiet things heard. Josie notices that Jo has suddenly slowed down walking, and when she turns around to look she finds Jo unresponsive and rigid on the ground. There are several Hollywood actors that backup Christina’s claims, such as Helen Hayes. Marguerite MacIntyre When she comes around, she seems to be possessed by an unknown force that demands the supernatural knife in return for Josie's location — the force warns that Josie only has a couple of hours before she runs out of air. Mommie Dearest (1981) Plot. Alaric, visibly upset, embraces his daughters who've began to cry. ), I’m sure all I have to say is “No more wire hangers,” and we’re suddenly on the same page. But Spoto points out that Crawford was an entirely self-made person, coming from nothing (including no training in acting whatsoever) and rising to become one of the most beloved (and, he’d argue, talented) actresses of the 20th century. What comes across most vividly is that Christina completely fails to understand or appreciate her mother… Her self-absorption is all over every page…”. But when it comes to Joan, some find themselves getting a little bit… territorial. Oh, so true, Quirk and Schoell. No, no, no – because she could hold her liquor, after all! And while her contemporaries like Norma Shearer and Myrna Loy were unable to adapt to changing times and career circumstances, Joan was a true survivor, shrewdly becoming exactly what the audience wanted of her —

She also happened to be Judy Garland’s best friend and the godmother of Liza Minnelli, who recreated Thompson’s nightclub act in her 2009 Broadway show Liza’s at the Palace. While it may have been true that Joan fortified herself with some vodka before taping her scenes, it was not true that she was obviously drunk on camera.”. Joan cut the two ungrateful ones out of her will with the words, “For reasons that are well known to them.”. Of course, Joan undeniably also enjoyed being in the spotlight again. See, back in the day, when people were really stupid, everyone hit their kids and washed their mouths out with soap. But like Crawford, Thompson was a diva through and through, and her infuriating diva-esque behavior undercut much of her own success. Based on the 1978 memoir by Joan's daughter, Christina Crawford-- a controversial best-seller -- … Hope is just about done helping Rafael with the set-up, when he questions how she knows how to plan a party. Crawford called Billy’s 40-plus-year relationship with his partner Jimmy Shields "the happiest married couple I ever knew" — and this was in the 1970s, long before same-sex marriage was even a glimmer in the rest of society’s eye. She shows Rafael the proper etiquette for descending the stairs, remarking that things will get rough as Lizzie has been planning for the night her entire life. Joan thought children should be seen and not heard. I can’t help but point out that Joan always referred to these two girls as “the twins” when in fact they were not biological sisters and were actually born a month or two apart. Mommie Dearest is a pack of dirty lies. Jo reveals that the last thing she remembers is being killed by her psycho brother, which Alaric reveals to have taken place sixteen years ago. the glamorous dancehall girl in the 1930s, the plucky Everywoman survivor (with a hint of glamor!) Hey…you can’t get a better eyewitness than a next door neighbor.

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