Among beneficiaries there are children with special needs receiving the necessary specialised care. The support includes vocational training, micro-credit loans, tools to generate income, education in local marketing, as well as counselling and coaching. Get development's most important headlines in your inbox every day. Armenia cannot serve as an exact model for other countries that are admitting Syrian refugees — now totaling more than 5.1 million, according to … The Syrian Refugees Coming Home to Armenia A century ago, they fled to escape the genocide in the collapsing Ottoman Empire. The emergency response programme in Armenia, which began in 2014, currently provides: In-kind support including clothing, shoes, food, powdered milk and diapers. They take Zoom classes on a computer lent by a teacher, as their school in Yerevan was closed due to COVID-19. “I understand it is not enough to do training prior to opening the business. The integration of Syrian children into the local school system has also been a challenge. "Without this support, we would not be able to cope.". Restaurants offering delicious Arabic staples such as hummus and baba ganoush have sprouted up throughout the city. Correspondent for Devex. Many families in this small Caucasus country of 3 million people have welcomed refugees warmly and offered to host them in their homes. Syrian refugees in Armenia: A warm welcome Many of the estimated 100,000 Armenians in Syria sided with President Assad, and are often targeted as a … As a result of a concerted effort by the Armenian government, humanitarian aid organizations, and resilient individuals and families, successful economic integration has been a reality for many of the 22,000 Syrian Armenians who initially sought refuge in Armenia since the outset of the brutal and unending Syrian Civil War (GIZ, 2016). “When the war is over, I want to go back to Kessab [an Armenian village in Syria]. “Measuring Socioeconomic Status and Subjective Social Status.” American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, When aid funds a country — not its refugees, Opinion: The case for a Global Business Council for Refugees, Opinion: See the most vulnerable — see the human landscape, Individual Consultant: Social Safeguards and Gender Specialist, Number of UN women leaders grew under Guterres, with some caveats, Rohingya conference draws $600M in pledges, Opinion: COVAX and the case for multilateralism, Key insights from the 2020 UN World Data Forum, Experts call for 'deeper data' on women's realities at UN World Data Forum. If you think the right information can make a difference, we invite you to join us by making a small investment in Professional Membership. Thousands of Syrians – many of them third-generation refugees from a century-old conflict – have been able to find refuge in their ancestral homeland. Most of the refugees arrived with little and hoped to return home soon. That conflict, which erupted after the collapse of the Soviet Union, claimed an estimated 30,000 lives. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is providing humanitarian support in the form of cash assistance and other support to some of the most vulnerable. “There is the welcoming factor, and there are also very important, equally important people displaced from Syria who are bringing something to Armenia,” Bierwirth told Devex at the United Nations house in Yerevan. Most new arrivals settle with family, and look to UNHCR for support with their medical needs. YEREVAN, Armenia — Visiting Armenia was always a dream for Nanor Apelian, a 15-year-old high school student with a shy smile, who was born and raised in a tight-knit Armenian community in Aleppo, Syria. One day, I will build a big house like the one we had in Aleppo,” he said. They are ethnically Armenian, and bear a deep pride for the land many of their ancestors were driven out of just over a century ago, during the 1915 Armenian genocide. The thousands of Armenian refugees fleeing the conflict zone also settled in Armenia, before a ceasefire took hold in 1995, adding additional strain to the post-communist, post-war economy. “Without this support, we would not be able to cope with the challenges that accumulate day by day,” said George. She and her husband, mother, and three children escaped to Armenia after their house in Aleppo was destroyed in a bombing. “Most of the Syrian-Armenians point out understanding taxation and accounting regulations as one of the challenges they face,” he said in an e-mail. Many of the estimated 100,000 Armenians in Syria sided with President Assad, and are often targeted as a result. So far, the programme has offered a wide range of emergency assistance and integration projects and has reached more than 460 families and 800 children. To develop a survey, CRRC looks to the expanding field of study of SES research methodologies and approaches from international research. “We heard that they took care of people, that it would be easy,” said one Syrian woman, who asked not to be identified fearing reprisals against relatives back home. Life was so much better there [before the war], without all the difficulties that we have here,” said the Syrian woman. Support for economic sustainability, i.e. A native New Yorker, Amy received her master’s degree in politics and government from Columbia’s School of Journalism. SOS Armenia therefore seeks to support families, by offering crucial financial assistance to start businesses. “Syria was such a great country. US president ducks using “genocide” for third straight year as he honours 1.5m Armenians killed under Ottoman Empire. Following CRRC-Armenia’s previous GIZ-funded research on the economic needs of Syrian Armenians in the capital, a project is currently underway to learn more about the economic and social integration process as it is experienced outside of Yerevan. I was overjoyed. For many Syrians, Armenia represented a safe choice – not only as an ancient homeland and predominantly Christian, but also because its migration policies and repatriation programme made it easy for them to travel and settle. Furthermore, what if this community is striving to integrate within the economic context of a developing nation, and has varying and uneven experiences of integration? Armenia has struggled with high rates of poverty and is still recovering economically from the war with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh . I don’t even have a house to return to,” she told Al Jazeera. The entry into Armenian life — and the business world — is not without complications for Syrians, many of whom arrived to start microbusinesses with “one suitcase, traumatized” from their experiences in the war, Bierwirth explained. Nearly four million civilians  have left the country, making the Syrian people the largest refugee population in the world. High unemployment rates, lack of financial resources and bureaucratic hurdles to start a business remain big challenges. But Syrians also came to Armenia with translatable, vocational skills, says Bierwirth. A woman reports sexual harassment. Although dozens of aid organisations provide assistance ranging from micro-loans, to medical assistance, tutoring, legal advice, and temporary financial support, local resources are simply insufficient. The unexpected arrival of migrants has completely changed the fabric of Armenian urban life, infusing visible energy and human potential into the nation’s densely-packed capital, Yerevan.   |  Français In addition, UNHCR also advocates for the social and economic rights of Syrians and other displaced populations and promotes their inclusion in state programmes and development schemes on an equal basis with locals. Facsimile: … The people understood what we’d been through,” Agamyan said. Financial support for rents and utility costs in accordance with needs for four months and in exceptional cases up to eight months. “We didn’t want to go to any other country. “I don’t think the war will end in Syria, the problem will take a long time to resolve,” she said. Most are ethnic Armenians whose families originally fled the 1915-16 Armenian genocide in which more than 1 million Armenians were killed. A Syrian businessman who owns two shops that sell Arabic spices in Yerevan, told Al Jazeera his family brought nothing along when they left. !. “We welcome the support given by Armenians to displaced people, who have struggled along with many local people during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why my father is still there.”. Abilities and background in handicrafts and small businesses are in demand in the landlocked country, sandwiched between Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan, which only has one open, main road connecting it to Georgia. “ARMENIA ECONOMIC REPORT 2016- ANNUAL TOPIC: ECONOMIC INTEGRATION OF DISPLACED SYRIAN PERSONS IN ARMENIA.” Edited by ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH CENTER (EDRC), Http://, Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Nov. 2016, The business environment in Syria has a much more bazaar economy, and is very different to what what you have in Armenia.”. Our member used a reliable direct transfer system to get food and basic essentials to the refugees through the use of plastic charge cards from a supermarket chain. This is our city,” she said, referring to Yerevan, speaking alongside her younger sister and aunt in the capital. Many of the estimated 100,000 Armenians in Syria sided with President Assad, and are often targeted as a result. ACT policies, standards, policy guidance and strategies. An island built from coral: How Indonesia’s Bajau made a home, Trump or Biden, whoever wins has a deeply unequal economy to fix. Iraq - 1,088. “So I would place orders with people coming from Syria.”. One of the UNHCR initiatives helps new arrivals earn money. But life for many is difficult especially since the pandemic and it is estimated that some 500 families are in dire need of help with sustainable housing. We started from scratch … but we were reaching some progress… but now the COVID-19 lockdown pushed us backwards, and that has been so painful.”. The influx of such a large number of people into the country of only three million is noticeable on the streets of its capital, Yerevan. “The assistance we receive is life-saving for us,” said Ani, adding that they needed to juggle rent, food and paying for electricity. US scientists find country’s first ‘murder hornet’ nest, ‘Ignition of new war:’ Sudan political parties reject Israel deal, NASA probe leaking asteroid samples due to jammed door, New Borat film shows Rudy Giuliani with hand in his pants, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. Those “special means” included regulations authorising consular offices in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to issue citizenship and passports, exemptions on state duties , and accelerated asylum procedures. Azerbaijan - 1,319. The goal of the response was to assist 942 Syrian refugee families in Armenia. Her coverage has appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Slate, and the Los Angeles Times. “[They] began asking me for other Syrian goods and spices,” said the man, who also requested anonymity to protect family back home. SOS Children’s Villages Armenia embarks on the fourth year of its emergency relief programme (ERP) aimed at supporting the integration of Syrian families and children. More than 11,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Armenia. Now these ethnically Armenian Syrians are trying to … As of September 2014, more than 16,000 people of ethnic Armenian background had sought protection in Armenia, of whom some 12,000 are estimated to have remained, according to  UNHCR .

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