By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Clearing all … Quickly rush just to the right of safe spot #1. Once out, continue on to the boss. Your email address will not be published. I didn’t use any weapons here either. Note the time of 0:00 on the Finite Thought buff in the screenshot below, Parcel of Stardust was a monster at close range! Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Mainly because you can get invisibility, melee refresh, and all your guns get reloaded. This buff has a :45 second timer, but will reset when you grab the next buff. The knights will disappear. I couldn’t find any guides for the current meta (May 2020) that catered to the average/slightly above average player as many of them still reference Whisper of the Worm white nail 999,999 damage, one-two punch shotgun/liar’s handshake, middle-tree void titan, well of radiance warlock, etc. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | About Us |. An enemy is going to spawn at one of the two red spots - watch for a radar ping and take it down. With max mobility you should be fine. As soon as you see Vorgeth’s white shield appear you should have a full invis-dodge so sprint and jump like crazy and use your invis-dodge to get back to safe spot #1. EDIT: Apparently this doesn't cause damage and I'm not very observant. My strategy is as follows: Get first wizard down to 1/3'rd with ruinous effigy/gnawing hunger/inaugural address once it spawns. I've been running and optimizing the solo for shattered throne, and I've came up with what I find to be the "best" setups and loadouts possible for running this at a decent pace while still being 100% safe at all times.

The psions spawn again and you are back to the knight Phase 1 except you will have to deal with taking out the giant crystal in order to damage the knights once they go invincible this time around. I finally soloed the Shattered Throne on PS4! I'm gonna go stuff my face with crayons now. Once the room is clear, run up the left staircase and run around the corner to face the ogres. I finally soloed the Shattered Throne on PS4! Primary: Talons of the Eagle – slowly pick off adds and handle snipers, Energy: Telesto – combined with smoke bombs and grenades, Telesto currently melts six Labyrinth Architects and the few random knights that jump out, Heavy: Steel Sybil – juke Ultras to get in close, get a few sword blows in, then invis-dodge to cover and repeat. Takes some practice but can be quite rewarding when you fly through it. Move into the left or right side alcove and use the alcove wall and the pillars to block Dul Incaru’s blasts and clear all the psions with Riskrunner spamming like mad and Arc Conductor should continue to hit the knights.
For this encounter, you are definitely going to want mountaintop, riskrunner and a falling guillotine. Be patient, take breaks, and try and get to one more checkpoint than the last time. This is merely my experience and how I did it - nothing more. I ended up completing it by one phasing her bu knowing that bit of info would have made it so much easier. Weapons have their synergies too. I’m not sure if anyone needs my review, but I’ll leave it anyway. Congrats, you made it to Eleusinia! If you have a well you'll do better on that front. I found it works best to kill all the small adds in the centre and on the left, then go around clockwise killing all the wizards and adds. Required fields are marked *. What character and loadout did you use?

Don't be afraid to use mountaintop to clear knights in this room, just keep at least 5-6 rounds by the time you hit the dark souls-y ogre section before the slowed thrall section.
This was a much tougher encounter than the Internet led me to believe. Upon entering, go make yourself a snack and let your super charge. I've been running and optimizing the solo for shattered throne, and I've came up with what I find to be the "best" setups and loadouts possible for running this at a decent pace while still being 100% safe at all times. I highly, highly, recommend starfire protocol for this fight. This thread is archived.

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