Bosworth "Shirwan Shah, Sharwan Shah. Bianquis , C.E. From the Safavid era onwards, the Turkification of the region accelerated, where the bulk of the population adopted Turkic languages and the population was eventually fused into the modern Azerbaijani people[14], The bulk of the population consisted of Turkic speakers with an admixture of Arabs and Persians.[15].

When the Qajars had succeeded in restoring the unity of Persia, the sons of the Khan were no more able to maintain their independence than the other Caucasian chiefs and had to choose between Russia and Persia[1]. In 1886 they numbered more than 120,000 in Azerbaijan and 3,600 in Daghestan. …Azerbaijan, is centred on the Shirvan Plain. 1833. Russian Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, published in 1890-1907, stated that the most numerous people in Baku governorate were “Azerbaijani Tatars, who are incorrectly called Persians.

es:Shirvan Iranian penetration started since the Achaemenid era and continued in the Parthia era. The Shirvan Plain lies along the left bank of the Kura River at elevations of 16–100 m; about half its area is below sea level. Shirvan (Template:Lang-az; Template:Lang-fa), also spelled as Shirwan and Šervān, is a historical region in the eastern Caucasus, known by this name in both Islamic and modern times[1]. Edited by: P. Bearman , Th. Minorsky, Vladimir.

Such names as Sharvan, Layzan, Baylaqan, etc., suggest that the Iranian immigration proceeded chiefly from Gilan and other regions on the southern coast of the Caspian[8]. Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition. Al Mas'udi, Kitab al-Tanbih wa-l-Ishraf, De Goeje, M.J. Semi-desert plants in the Shirvan plain zone (southern plain of Shamakhi and Agsu regions) reach up to 200 meters altitude. The Upper Shirvan Canal carries water from the Mingechaur Reservoir for irrigation. Up to the nineteenth century, there was still a large number of Tat population (who claim to be descendants of Sassanid era Persian settlers), however due to similar culture and religion with Turkic speaking Azerbaijanis, this population was partly assimilated[12].

Shirvan (from Persian: شروان‎, romanized: Shirvān; Azerbaijani: Şirvan; Tat: Şirvan), also spelled as Sharvān, Shirwan, Shervan, Sherwan and Šervān, is a historical Iranian region in the eastern Caucasus, known by this name in both pre Islamic Sasanian and Islamic times.

", Tadeusz Swietochowski, Russia and Azerbaijan: A Borderland in Transition (New York: Columbia University Press, 1995. pg 10, 16.

V. Minorsky, A History of Sharvan and Darband in the 10th-11th Centuries, Cambridge, 1958. "Encyclopaedia of Islam.

"Turks". Nevertheless, Mustafa continued to have secret dealings with Persia. It was there that the Persian poet Khaqani (Khaghani) was born. Shirvan Plain (also Shirvan Steppe), part of the plainlike area of the Kura-Araks Lowland in the Azerbaijan SSR. The bulk of the population today are Turkic-speaking Azerbaijanis, although there are also smaller Caucasian speaking and Iranian speaking minorities. Книга воспоминаний. Russian Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, published in 1890, states[19]: az:Şirvan Otto Harrasowitz, 1992). Today, the region is an industrially and agriculturally developed part of the Azerbaijan Republic that stretches between the western shores of the Caspian Sea and the Kura River and is centered on the Shirvan Plain. lt:Širvanas

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