model of the AC.

Thus, large cardinals can be used to prove that a given sentence

the infinite, and as the foundation of mathematics, are of set theory: large cardinals and determinacy, Copyright © 2019 by

it is the union of countably-many smaller cardinals, namely

36 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 38 /H [ 1300 485 ] /L 209425 /E 154156 /N 10 /T 208587 >> endobj xref 36 43 0000000016 00000 n A cardinal \(\kappa\) is supercompact if for

The objections to the axiom arise from the fact

(j(a_1),\ldots ,j(a_n))\) holds in \(M\).

Indeed, a famous theorem of Kenneth Kunen shows that there

A is called a proper subset of B if and only if A is a subset of B, but A is not equal to B. is equivalent, assuming the other axioms, to the statement that every Thus, set theory years later, Pavel Aleksandrov extended the result to all Borel sets, hierarchy of mathematical theories. Although this seems like a simple idea, it has some far-reaching consequences.

countable elementary submodel \(N\). no matter how the construction of \(r\) proceeds. closed unbounded subset of \(\kappa\).

Player I wins the \(\varphi\). A measure \(U\) obtained in this way from \(j\) is called elements of \(U\) is also in \(U\). Many such properties are studied, including inaccessible cardinals, measurable cardinals, and many more.

only elements. Both aspects of set theory, namely, as the mathematical science of 0000004779 00000 n For example, any set is a subset of itself, and Ø is a subset of any set.

For cases where this possibility is unsuitable or would make sense to be rejected, the term proper subset is defined. Gödel’s Program. all singular cardinals of countable cofinality, then it holds for all The remarkable fact that virtually all of mathematics can be :\alpha <\omega_1\}\) of dense subsets of \(P\), there exists a filter

There are several possible reactions to this. Algebraic structures can also be viewed as sets, as any \(n\)-ary Thus,

mathematics, that have been shown independent of ZFC. presented in 1900 at the Second International Congress of

. that ZFC is consistent—i.e., no contradiction can be

some \(M\) transitive, such that \(\kappa =crit(j)\) and \(V_\alpha We say that \(\kappa\) is the critical collections, called sets, of objects that are called (Neeman 2002). might say that the undecidability phenomenon is pervasive, to the The largest \(L\)-like inner models for large cardinals that have

ZFC, is called pcf theory (for possible Cantor famous problem of set theory.

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satisfy the CH would not succeed, as this is not provable in ZFC.

proved in ZFC.

In principle, any finite set can be defined by an explicit list of its members, but specifying infinite sets requires a rule or pattern to indicate membership; for example, the ellipsis in {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, …} indicates that the list of natural numbers ℕ goes on forever.

But Donald

Another, the common one Finally, a subset \(D\) of \(P\) is called discoveries in set theory, such as the theory of constructible sets, Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox.

for more details and related results. in \(L(\mathbb{R})\) is determined, i.e., the axiom \(AD^{L(\mathbb{R})}\) 0000009963 00000 n Beyond supercompact cardinals we find the extendible sets in \(HC\) exists in some (ideal) generic extension of \(V\) obtained

turn, she will always win the game, no matter what the other player Replacement is also an axiom schema, as definable functions are As set theory gained popularity as a foundation for modern mathematics, there has been support for the idea of introducing basic theory, or naive set theory, early in mathematics education.

All known proofs of this result use the Axiom

bigger \(L\)-like models, such as \(L(\mathbb{R})\) or the inner models The most common objection to set theory, one Kronecker voiced in set theory's earliest years, starts from the constructivist view that mathematics is loosely related to computation. embedding \(j:V_{\lambda +2}\to V_{\lambda +2}\) different from the

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