But mostly, I just wish they had done something different then "top student that's like a saint with a dark past that no one knows about". They are both kind of funny and fun to watch. You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss. I watched the 1st week and its terrible. i also think the lead gal is ok but her character is the last in class bcoz she is focusing on other stuff nt studying like she wants to go to a university so that she can date her crush?seriously?i hope she gets better motivation in her future with good character growth One night, the best friends party at Sabrina’s pool house. Its not like School 2013 is awesome but this show is surely making school 2013 look like above average show. Case by case, they learn about the killer’s hidden agenda. “Zodiac” is a captivating crime thriller series based on the novel series “Hazak El Youm” by the late renowned Egyptian author, Dr. Ahmed Khalid Tawfiq, well-known as the pioneer of Arabic science fiction. I've watched some (not all) of the School shows and I'm happy with how this one is going. The acting didn't really impress me (it was okay, but nothing to write home about), I didn't get the sense I was future great stars, but being a springboard for talent was always a great part of the School franchise. She literally will need to start from scratch. Then Dae-hwi the perfect class president who is smart but poor and has mother issues.

I am enjoying the drama. I’m no artist, but I think anyone who has ever lost a story, an essay, or a letter to a computer glitch, can attest to how devastating it can be.

Alas, I do not. Sure this is different from the past franchise but i like how light and comically fun the story goes. Tonton Episode 1; Bagikan. At least we're sure some of the characters will have their own story unvail in the next episode with Daehwi quite intriguing enough and his beef with Taewoon, i hope we get a past friendship gone wrong with these two like the two male lead from School 2013. On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV "School 2017", Eun-ho and Tae-woon were given disciplinary action. I loved the part where Eunho was puppy-eyeing Sarang ? In May 2017, KBS offered the leading role to Kim Yoo-jung as a follow-up project to her popular series Love in the Moonlight (2016). appId : '127538621120543',

coincidence, somewhat a destiny. The first episode was not so convincing, but it shows what money can do with personal values - if you're rich there is no need for good behaviour. This is just a typical, unrealistic school drama. I'll read the recaps a little while longer, but at the moment this is off my watch-list.

Teacher Shim?! And who leaves a bike on the middle of the road somewhere, not even locking it up? Still, I’m a little disappointed that School 2017 seems to be following in the footsteps of Who Are You–School 2015 in terms of its dramatic plot instead of its predecessors’ tendencies toward a more introspective, slice-of-life storyline. I wouldn't know...) are out and don't you dare saying anything negative. The plot is certainly intriguing, if a bit unrealistic and unrelatable at times—so while I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to stay invested without more heartfelt characters and relationships, I’ll certainly be sticking around to see who this hooded figure is. Reno missing her mom more and wish his family will be whole again. I'm not even going to pretend to be objective about this drama. Eunji's character there, was also last place, not a good student etc but even from ep 1 she was written in a way that makes you understand her and feel her pain. For downloading this video, please login first.

And when the two boys, Go and Park, about 8-episode- tension-packed-arc is sort of resolved we go back to is it episode 12 or so where the pace is dreary and the youthful teachers Kang and Jung's 5 minute sililoquy often felt like space fillers and not how in real life where a caring teacher just cares and that's the end. He gives Dae-hwi tips on breathing exercises and even some money for a taxi. When they reach the cafeteria, however, a teacher informs them that the order of admittance will be based on their school rankings. The moment the clock strikes 9 A.M., however, a loud screeching takes over the PA system before erupting in exciting dance music.

But do we have to have a love line? Eun-ho rides through the city with a huge smile on her face when suddenly an aggressive couple of motorcyclists rip by, chasing after a third. Memory then brings Langit back to another moment that changes his next course of life. School 4 (KBS2 / 2001-2002)

School 3 (KBS2 / 2000-2001) Like, he has a girlfriend because somehow that benefits his status at the school (how could the perfect, handsome top student not have a girlfriend?) Maybe they are making them too often, because of their past success.

It's true that I find some scenes cringe-inducing (especially those interactions with Min-Hyuk and the fight that follows) and some acting OTT but overall they do not mar my enjoyment of the story. The following School 2017 Episode 1 English SUB has been released. Now, send all the downvotes my way.

Connect with Facebook And: oh my goodness, other than Eun-ho being a total airhead (I don't mean her being at the bottom of the scoreboard, I mean her drawing in the middle of lessons as if she didn't know any better?

Officer Han gets to work, asking what kind of pranks exactly have occurred in the past. When the students erupt in complaints about the unfair pressure they’re putting on them with these exams, Teacher Shim finally agrees to try and bring it up with the school board. In real life high schools also there's grade discrimination and different treatment if your parents are rich and powerful but eating in order of class rank is just too unrealistic.


Actually being lazy and disrespectful isn't enough to throw me off her character completely, but the fact that she has a total victim mentally about the repricusions of her actions and her lack of effort. I haven't watched any of the previous School dramas so I had no preconceived notions about the series. (Haven't tried The King Loves yet.). To be honest, I was a bit surprised that despite her apparent talent she apparently can only come up with super-cliché stories – I mean, if that's really her one talent and passion, I would have expected her to also be more imaginative and creative on the storytelling side also. Despite their frustrations, they find out how to make their own way in this world that seems to be a stagnant cycle of school and home. Futhermore, I know that if her character experiences a lot of growth during this drama I could end up really liking her. When his father dies abruptly, Jo Don's culinary career in France is cut short as he has to inherit his father's business. Which brings me to yet another point: You can't measure hard-work by academics alone, and it's clear Eun Ho works her butt off when it comes to her true passion, art, so how can you call her lazy? The only cringeworthy moments with her were when she did aegyo(spelling? He does a sick wheelie to get away from his pursuers before racing away. Fisya meets Alif (played by Miller Khan), the handsome but aloof new substitute teacher on campus. help me guys, it wasnt the best but it was ok...i hope this story wont focus on love triangle and explore more school problems and issues that student deal with as teenagers A coming-of-age story about the lives of 18-year-old high school students who are valued according to their ranking in school. As Eun-ho hurries away to her appointment, Dae-hwi looks up at Sa-rang with a sweet smile. Yey for Tae-swoon all the way, even if this ship sinks. That's not fair. Just because her story ideas aren’t any good, doesn’t mean she’s not working hard to come up with them. So Teacher Shim obediently hangs up the poster, sighing at being unable to protect his students from the school’s unrealistic expectations.

I found daewhi boring at first but he's got me interested in the second half of the episode.

Watch School 2017 Ep 1 Eng Sub (2017) Korean Drama. And last-place student heroine's don't have to be written like that, look at Sassy Go Go. -Seo ji-hoon(the guitar guy) going completely unnoticed (purposely ignored?) Of course, fate has other plans in store for our couple.

Our two male leads are doing good too imo. I was also pleasantly surprised by the acting, especially by Kim Se-jeong.

Um, I have no idea what’s happening, but okay.

Then it was a comedy.

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