It has 7,231 followers and has an average rating of 9.3 by 365 reviewers (with 10 as the highest rating). Your take is about the same as mine. He seemed to be evil for the sake of being evil. ;-), The various artworks were treats to the eye. If you're referring to Ep. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access I'm so speechless watching that scene. Actuaciones excelentes. There's overlap between SAIMDANG, in which King Jungjong's former wife appears as an old lady, and 7DQ, which will depict her in her youth. I feel the same way about Hwarang. I got my whole year's quota of makjang, thankyouverymuch. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page One of the issues I had was with the concept of reincarnations. The drama is solid, well acted, with great villains and great heroes that you definitely can root for. Oh Hae Young Again was my last crack drama. I was expecting some real martial arts stuff. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Rather, she said sorry for not loving him as a man. It tries so hard to do so many things, but some of the characters were not well developed. Lee Gyeom's home and art gallery/academy was another artistic gift, along with gorgeous seasonal landscapes. They just want to suffer us with stupid things in the show ! Sometime later, Saimdang’s husband takes a concubine, and though her husband knows that she never loved him, she refuses to get divorced. I'm just gland I'm not born in joseon era and doesn't have pretty face to be picked as a king's wife. I think this drama could do better if the storyline was all in the past, and the episode is much lesser. And I think I made the right choice after reading your review on this drama. This series isnt good at the first episods I like sageuks and star-crossed lover thing - even first loves. ", Lee Won-su: (tears start falling and then remembers his question to Saimdang in Ep. didnt even finish ep1. Just think of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” starring young stars Park Bo-geum and Kim Yoo-jung. Suffice to say that I personally love this drama, and do not regret the 30+28 hours x multiple versions of subs spent watching it. I mean, I don't really mind them tackling about sageuk but I would still prefer SSH appearing in the present time, REALLY PREFER tho. They want to make it tragic and dramatic all, they can smear the historical figure face, but if they want to keep the historical figure face clean, the romance becomes flat and the viewers like me can't invest our emotion. i hope they can be reunited in the modern era, but when i know the character LYA played is already married and have 1 child, i think it is impossible to make them to be together. I dropped it a couple episodes in after doing a little research and learning that her husband was actually fairly open-minded by Joseon standards, which left a pretty sour taste in my mouth, considering. I tried to start Saimdang but it didn't have enough "oomph", somehow. 2. However, cutting out nearly half of the story obviously creates some major pacing and narrative issues, and resulted in a last-minute two-episode cutdown. "Now it makes me wonder what the international version is like -- but not enough to actually sit through it again". I watched the first four episodes but decided to drop for unknown reasons, maybe because it's too draggy and some tragic stories. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Gyeom mostly wanted to do the opposite, so she would half-jokingly/half-seriously threaten to kill herself, to his exasperation. To better enjoy watching this drama, please read the spoiler-free synopsis by episode of this drama; search Google for Campus Connection blog synopsis Saimdang Light's Diary. Ji-yoon gets help from another one of Professor Min’s former students, HAN SANG-HYUN (Yang Se-jong), in translating the diary, which chronicles Saimdang’s life and the storyline of the past. Once was enough, and there are other dramas that I really want to see. I first watched this live, but stopped at ep. Besides SLD, the article cites as examples "Ms. Many drama couples have no logical reason to like each other. 2. 1. They expressed their love for each other through their art and poetry and that was lovely. 13). Many sageuks are pretty loose with history, but this was supposedly based on an actual person's real life, which is fairly well documented. (I think another reason SBS chose this marketing strategy is because Song Seung-heon is largely absent from the present storyline, so it made sense to promote him equally, but more on that later.) Sounds like this drama ending up being like a 25 hr long version of the last 70 pages of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. 2. I'm so speechless watching that scene. Yeonsangun is regarded as one the most ruthless tyrants in Korean history, which fans of the concurrently aired drama Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, will be familiar with, and though Yeonsangun himself isn’t in Saimdang, Light’s Diary, his life and mistakes do contextualize this drama. Ep 7 - 168,217 views (450 likes, 42 dislikes; 45 comments) Lee Young Ae is a treat. It’s sad because the show had the opportunity to update Shin Saimdang’s legacy to the public (which I think would be the only reason to tackle this story at all, especially since where women and marriage are concerned, the values of that era are otherwise obsolete), but it wasn’t self-aware enough to do that. js.src = "//"; I watched it all the way through. Heeding the warning, Saimdang secures an escape ship for Gyeom and the two separate. Don't judge this drama on the basis of the SBS version that you have watched. I love your writing. Ep 12 - 210,364 views (884 likes, 42 dislikes; 319 comments) She was horrible, and even beat up her grandson. This edited version has come to be known as the original or international version. The parallels were as clear as day, from Saimdang’s rival Wheimdang, to the focus on the lives of common people, and the king’s interference in the main love line.

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