They just continue their playful inquiry and intriguing questions. This entity knew of his heart condition and spewed out whatever it was and did the same thing to her because she was his twin with the same heart condition. It confirms at the end she is a spirit. What is your take on the door opening? That would make a lot of sense and that’s what I thought at first. Implying that she asked for the spiritual journey to Oman. who just seemed a bit creepy…! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. This makes the most sense because then she met her friend at the cafe and knew all the details of Ingo confessing as if she had spent time at the police station. I got a negative vibe in my senses that It was messing w/ her. In her delusional state she imagines the ghosts. Somehow, for me, the most fulfilling part of watching the movie was feeling those emotions. She thinks that the glass might not have been an accident. You have to watch to find out what it is. More on this later. Instead she walks pass and across the hotel entrance, 3. Maureen says she is a medium, and she is exactly that, without fanfare. He walks out, the camera follows him in a repeat of the previous scene, where he goes through the sliding doors. But she is none the wiser. Ok, but when she arrives in Oman her driver clearly acknowledges her, nodding to her when he drops her off at her boyfriends lodgings. People with heart conditions sometimes die from the pressurization and depressurization of flights. Hmm…this is interesting. The next time we see Maureen is when she meets her friend in the cafe. There is no scene without her in it. The rest of the film, the murder, the texts, they were macguffin. Notice how Lara doesn’t outright say he is a boyfriend, only a friend of a friend who she made a connection to after the death of her boyfriend. You get a medal just for that alone. I tried to reply to your right here but my reply went somewhere else so you cannot respond to it. C’est la vie. And when the expensive Cartier jewelry goes missing and Maureen finds the jewels in her apartment, Maureen immediately knows she has a massive massive problem on her hands. So no matter who opened and closed the door, heart attack ensued? She was the one holding the frosty beverage at the end of the movie, and then her brother jumped in and said I’m all good homeskillet . I am going to try something very daring. Also noticed as someone else did that the ghost who dropped the glass looked like Gary. I think the ghosts sightings (breaking glasses, opening doors, handling the elevator, knocking and so on) is some kind of focusing energy by extraordinary thinking it‘s real and bringing it to the real world like in the movie „Ghost“ with Patrick Swayze. I think she is being messed with because she’s looking for it. Won’t ever happen…because (unfortunately) guns and opioids would be the more likely things. Hey Skye, Yeah, I thought of that initially. Coming Soon. It’s a personalized version of heaven created by the Higher Self (see: “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams). Been thinking about it a lot, though, and one thing that I’m wondering is if there is a possibility that Maureen’s “spirit” has actually disassociated from her body? The ghost is saying, he is gone, he is not here. It couldn’t be explained otherwise the driver, the man opening the door to the house, the taxi at the airport. My take is Lewis was at peace when he passed and moved on. On the other hand, someone who takes lots of action but keeps thinking negatively is self-sabotaging because his thoughts and actions are not in alignment. Maureen hesitates when asked whether she is all cleared of the murder and lies. This is the same movie that PE reader Fahad watched. And this idea of ghosts visiting the twin before he died was mentioned. hahahahha. The beer she gets and not even opens. The boyfriend said he felt him, but maybe it was something else he felt. Then he pissed clean off.. and she went to chitchatin with her damn self not realizing her heart said “I don’t like this kitchen I’m attacking”. While checking out paintings at the arts district downtown, it was observed artists placed titles naming their paintings. If it would exist, this would be in fact a mindblowing discover and everyone would know about it and the question about the movie ending wouldn‘t be necessary ;). I do not see anyone in white pants and grey shirt in front of crown royale hotel. A job that she absolutely abhors. I don’t think Americans have the monopoly of enjoying scaring themselves. I think it is simply her having trouble dealing with the death of her brother, and the physical manifestation of stress. I think it’s superior to Clouds Of Sils Maria (which was excellent). Also, if you watch, the glass drops suddenly, as if Lewis is about to finally approach her and then suddenly realizes she is a spirit as well. American movies are more fantasy driven then realistically driven; by this, I do not mean fantasy as in fantasy-fantasy; I simply mean they are not very realistic. He’s seen leaving but never saying goodbye to the girlfriend. If some stranger got my number and started texting my phone, I would not be texting with them at all. Bow and Arrow Entertainment, August 2, 2017 Do you know the time stamp ? Yet, we keep wanting it. What will it take to snap her out of it? He says, YES. Being a businessman, my father was always on his mobile or laptop. If you noticed the cops were dressed in disguise in what I saw; not there nice uniform detective wardrobe. I think the injection of the abstract art in PERSONAL SHOPPER could be a visual tell; a deliberate echo of the movie itself. That being said, the boyfriend, the police interview, the over-the-top murder mystery seemed to lack the poetry of the rest of the film. She popped her old card from the tray and put it into her mouth. It would’ve been good to get a bit more of a “solution”, or at least more of a hint at one, rather than just a sudden cut. Movie ends. Remember, they hugged dramatically and the friend inferred she new what happened, etc. Maureen is a millennial with no rudder, no destination with only her mobile as her form of connection. You have ghosts, a stalker, a shocking murder from leftfield, with a whole lot of ennui in between that could be boring if not for Kristin Stewart’s acting. A figment of her imagination who communicates via Skype, just as her own split personality communicates with her via text message. I don’t want to give in any further on the different theories and I truly believe that a work of art can and maybe sometimes should be somewhat ambigous. Write it and shoot it. When she received the note under her door she was dead. What is the story? She never even went into room 329. Whether this is the ghost of Lewis, Kyra, or Maureen, it is not supported by anything that happened subsequent to that scene, or prior to it. Ingo gets the proof for motive – a picture of Maureen in Kyra’s dress. I L.O.V.E.D. I am waiting for something to happen, a clarity, epiphany, something, anything. Coming Soon. Maureen does change her sim card on her phone before going to the hotel. Other posters have offered interesting theories as well, and in combination, a strong theory comes to light about the characters and plot. Was it Maureen actually? Great post! So he asks if she told. And we are doing our stuff and getting distractions and not noticing or thinking that this could be a “ghost” in our mundane lives. I happen to enjoy both, depending on my mood. “Are you really here, or is it just me here in this room?” The nuance shifts when you enhance it. She books the room herself – and plays out her Kyra fantasy in the hotel by seducing Ingo (the forbidden love). Why would I watch a movie about a personal shopper for the love of all that’s good and holy? The entire scene with Erwin is fairly straight-forward. It must have made a real impression… :D As for Rogue One, I did like the robot. But you know what? I believe! It speaks of love, responsibility, courage, and strength. Maybe this is all predicated on her depression, maybe without the loss of her brother, she isn’t questioning her lot in life. who does a job that pays well but has no personal gratification. What do you say? And by introducing the idea that she (potentially) and her deceased twin brother (definitely) could communicate with the spirit world, an even closer connection with the unexplained is introduced. Having said that, the only reason I find we are having problems with the meaning of this movie is because of the phantom door opening scene in the hotel after the fade to black in room 329. That’s who I now think it was going into that room. Watching ‘Personal Shopper now,’ amazed how much it is capturing me because I am not moved by most movies now. She marvels at all the innovative communication devices which cracked me up because all those devices are obsolete today. To be honest, I don’t watch A LOT of movies. Maureen senses it, but she is stuck in her rut; she never really accepts the obvious because it would mean letting go of her brother. Personal Shopper is in a very different realm and fits no mold whatsoever. Maureen is continually commenting on how unhappy she is in her life — unsatisfied — but we see her passively task-oriented, even in her artwork, she is doing nothing to change her circumstance. :D, @Ari Thank you for your kind words! The international chorus that says American directors talk down to their audiences by over-telling a story because they are too afraid of the American audience not getting their vision or story, rings somewhat true; thus reading all the hyperbole here is mind-blowing to me. Remember the first ghost is very unhappy. I think her mind decides this as a way for her to cope with the trauma after she was killed. The conversation then re-inforces the idea that she is actually the ghost now. They appear throughout the film, particularly in the first scene when Maureen opens the house doors, again when she smokes with Ingo.

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