Season 3 General Information Laura C was the eventual winner of the challenge., Dani and Jack Fi, Laura A and Jack Fo, Georgia and Sam, Megan and Wes, Ellie B and Charlie B, and Kazimir and Josh D all remained together, whilst Alexandra coupled up with Alex G for the first time. Looking for some great streaming picks? As the islanders won the amount of required points, they were rewarded with a trip to the Beach club. On Day 43, newly single Islanders Georgia and Sam went on dates with the new Islanders Josh M and Paul and Laura C and Stephanie respectively. On Day 7, Dani and Jack Fi left the villa to go on a date. Channel As Kendall remained single, she was dumped from the island. It ran for 59 days with the finale airing on July 30, 2018. Ellie B chose Josh D for starters, Wes for main and Alex G for dessert, whilst Zara chose Alex G for starters, Eyal for main and Adam for dessert. United Kingdom On Day 50, Alex and Alexandra left the villa to go on a date. June 4, 2018 Single islander Adam was told he would steal one of the girls the following day. On Day 16, new Islanders Ellie B and Zara were asked to choose three other Islanders to take on dates, where each boy would prepare a different course. 59 On Day 40, the Islanders recoupled, with it being girls choice. On Day 31, the Islanders took part in "Babewatch", where they had to complete beach themed challenges such as eating ice cream, riding a surfboard and fighting off a shark. Love Island: Aftersun Series 4 - Episode 5 Laura Whitmore is joined by superfans Russell Kane, Ella Eyre and Jordan Banjo to dissect all the latest news and gossip from the Love Island villa. Plus, she talks to the latest Islander to be dumped from the show. Series Chronology This FAQ is empty. Laura Whitmore is joined by Russell Kane, Ella Eyre and Jordan Banjo to dissect all the news from the villa. On Day 22, the couples took part in a number of music festival themed games. On Day 10, the islanders re-coupled, with it being girls choice. If one decided to re-couple and the other did not, then they would be single but still remain on the island. The series featured four couples become official onscreen: Charlie and Ellie became official on Day 39. Presenter Year: ... She's joined by a celebrity panel of Love Island superfans to dissect all the news from the nation's favourite villa. This year, we're bringing you even more Love Island action in the shape of Love Island: Aftersun.

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