Speaking to the stars of CBC’s Heartland, London’s Amber Marshall (the first ever winner of Canada’s Screen Star award who now lives on a horse ranch in Alberta) and hunky Graham Wardle (who was born in Mission B.C. Oh, we got married in season 8, so season 9 was all about being married. Working with that eagle … I can’t remember which episode. In the year 2013, Graham found multiple ways to contribute and give back to others. All Rights Reserved. That was really cool. Still wanting to do more, Graham co-founded 'Cruise With A Cause' with his friend Don McLeod. Graham auditioned and was selected for a toy commercial. Graham gives his time freely to fund raisers and charitable endeavors. So reading, travelling and learning and meeting people, just challenging myself in my own ways, to get outside of my comfort zone so that when I come back to work, I have more insights and I would hope more depth, so that when I tell those stories, people will be like, “Oh, he’s grown … it’s not just different scenarios with different names kind of thing.”. Thank you to CBC for really bringing together Canada and focusing on different cultures and different areas within Canada, and showing it all on one network. Graham worte a book that is filled of his personal writings and photographs called Find Your Truth. But I know, some actors – like Chris Potter, he has these cowboy boots that once he gets off the plane he puts those on and he’s Tim. Why People Have A Crush On Graham Wardle That’s not how I operate. He continues to add to his acting credits with recent appearances in Mon Ami, Supernatural and Grave Halloween, an original movie made for Syfy Channel as part of its 2013 31 days of Halloween. Graham Wardle’s wife Allison Wardle. He went on to appear in a variety of TV shows, including The New Addams Family, Life as We Know It, and Supernatural. I never paid that much attention to animals before working on Heartland. GW: Yeah! Copyright © 2017 Brief Take. That allows people to open up, even subconsciously, and then take in that scenery and that beauty. GW: Amen to that. I found it really hard to get into that state. He finds support in the family of three, Grandpa Jack Bartlett, his granddaughter Lou Fleming and her sister, Amy Fleming. Whether it’s sitting in a field with horses and cows or sitting in my chicken coop, either one is right for me at the end of the day. The plot line of this year’s show features the story of Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) and Ty Borden (Graham Wardle). We try to find areas that make it exciting and new for them so they want to be on set. We’re bringing people to Canada through the world of Heartland. So then we had to do that scene, so … it’s not a typical day, but it’s a day, and it’s part of the challenge of being an actor is memorizing a lot of stuff really quickly, and telling those stories out of sequence and to the best of your ability, so that when they’re all put together they make sense. When you sit out in nature and get outside, it really gives you perspective. The troubled youth turns his life around and is a great role model. Athletic Body: Graham Wardle is Shirtless in "Heartland" 2x08 4 years ago (April 19, 2016, 2pm) Graham Wardle Shirtless 2016 April 19 20. You don’t know what they’re going to do. It was focusing on family values showing people growing up, learning lessons, and people being people and changing.”. When out doors, he rides bikes, both bicycles and motorcycles. The Heartland world became a structure that allowed him to mature and develop himself, and make something of his life as opposed to going from crime to crime or troubled situation to troubled situation, which is where the character kind of came from. Animals have always kept me grounded and have continued to do so. Charles is a writer, a tutor and a believer in the phrase that Content is King (or Queen). The fanbase reaches far and wide around the world. Earlier this year I had the chance to visit the set of CBC’s Heartland and chat with Graham Wardle, who has been playing Ty Borden for the past 10 years. Graham plays Sam Ross, a character that is abducted by aliens. Graham Wardle was born in Mission, British Columbia. I think that combined with all the heart and love that everyone brings.. Amber Marshall: …there’s a real passion. Graham Wardle Shirtless 2016 April 12 20. I went to bed last night, prepared my scenes for today and then I get a text message at 5:20 saying everything’s changed, bye. There are certain Travel Alberta commercials that are played, and every time I see them, I stop whatever I’m doing and I just watch and go “wow, it’s beautiful!”. Amber, she was obviously startled, and then everyone else was like quiet. BT: What have you learned from working with each other? I like to read. Horse Canada is Canada’s favourite all-breed, multi-discipline website with emphasis on equine health, horse care, and rural living. I’ll tell you a story, one scene, I think it was two years ago, Ty goes to see Wade – his step-dad – and he finds out that his mom’s been drinking again and he’s really upset.

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