Display as a link instead, × Located at the well Urðarbrunnr beneath the Yggdrasil of Asgard, they spin threads of life, cut marks in the pole figures and measure people's destinies, which shows the fate of all human beings and gods. And finally, we have Vor, who is based on Vör. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Ursalink #KHDR pic.twitter.com/15HrnsoVtd. Along with Skuld, Urd is one of the three most important Norms in Norse Mythology. New characters were revealed through the game’s official Twitter … The characters' names are Urd, Hermod, Bragi, and Vor (interestingly, these names, along with Skuld from 'Union X[cross]', have a … As of today, however, the official Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter account has gone ahead and released translated versions for the international crowd unfamiliar with the language. This just left Verdandi, the Norn of the Present. How did the pair form such a strongly connected relationship? WakelessDream Vör also had the gift of Providence, and of preparing well for the future. I just can't believe it. The official Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Twitter shared images of these four new … The Destiny Island trio, Sora, Kairi, and Riku, have Japanese names, while the Wayfinder trio from Birth by Sleep, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua, have Latin names, and the friends Young Xehanort made in Dark Road have Nordic names. Four new characters revealed for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road; more information coming June 10th. Original KH13 content can be shared under the Creative Commons license, with attribution. "#KHDR pic.twitter.com/0ETJHXBJFd, 【KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD Character Introduction】Bragi"We get to go to the outside worlds. Moderator of r/KHDR. Each major Dark Road character has a profile to themself, including Xehanort and Eraqus. You can follow him on twitter @J_Broson for updates. and he also has the most knowledge of poems and songs.   You cannot paste images directly. Vor might have been read like the NSFW term, but it’s actually the feminine Old Norse form of Vár, who was the goddess of contracts between men and women. The official Twitter for the upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road revealed four characters early Tuesday morning that make up Young Xehanort’s crew along with Young Eraqus in Scala ad Caelum. For as long as his terrible memory can recall, Jametrious has had a love for the art of storytelling and its resulting creations. In addition to the artwork, the official Twitter also revealed names for these five new faces. + Bragi's name might be a God, but it calls my attention how close is his name of "Braig" (Xigbar). "#KHDR pic.twitter.com/VXF0YVSLiX, 【KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD Character Introduction】Eraqus"I'd run faster than I ever have before. Urd, Vor, Bragi, and Hermod will be the new additions to the long list of Kingdom Hearts characters. It looks like the game may want fans to uncover that information via playing, which makes sense. 【KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD Character Introduction】Xehanort"Your world can change in an instant. A young Master Eraqus who appears as Xehanort's companion! His profile claims that not much is known about him, but teases all of that will change with Dark Road's release. She specifically searched out things because she didn't like having secrets hidden from her. "#KHDR pic.twitter.com/hoSgIGG6MW, 【KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD Character Introduction】Hermod"Then the rules can be changed…"#KHDR pic.twitter.com/lz12EExD8e. card. Vor comes from Vor. Also for some reason Hermod reminds me of Ephemer, might just be the hairstyle that's got me though. As far as the meaning of each one: Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is currently delayed, but Square Enix is striving for a release window of spring 2020. You can check out these new artworks below. Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a mobile game that is planned to launch within the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app. He's known for braving Niflheim to plead for his brother's, Baldr's life. Paste as plain text instead, × Kingdom Hearts Dark Road launches on June 22, 2020, for iPhone, Android, and Amazon devices. The characters were revealed via a challenge posed to Twitter users where they reply to this tweet using the hashtag #KHDRNewCharacters, and each character was revealed to every user who replied with said hashtag. + Hermond is basically the Messenger of the Asgardian Gods, just like Hermes in Olympus. Not that I wasn't already interested, I was just originally in no rush for it to come out, especially since I thought it was going to be really short and only feature characters we already knew. Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road does not yet have a firm release date. The series hasn't had new faces since Kingdom Hearts Union Cross introduced Brain — one of the five new Foretellers — a few years ago. Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld are the three most important of the Norns. OrpheusJoshua 1. It … New character descriptions revealed for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. save. Makes me wonder if Eraqus and Xehanort's master will be named Odin. 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