, the big boys storms this year will be L storm throw W storm we will be up in arm pits with cat 2 and stronger storm so not too worry its coming AUG 20th and onwards, good morning all actually nhc nailed isaias.

National Radon Action Month 5.

Flooding, India, Jun-Jul, $1.0 billion, 1075 killed; and

The sea ice is particularly low along Russia’s Siberian coast, where the Northern Sea Route was open to ice-free navigation during the last half of July.

1. We’re almost midway through this hottest month of our year.

Just not here. By the late 1700s, during the reign of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, the fortress had become infamous for holding political prisoners. it was the models runs that ended up wrong. Have fun with these strange celebrations: July 3 brings the start of the hot and sultry Dog Days of Summer! This is the ramp up to peak, the calm before the storm.

Submitted by The Editors on July 17, 2014 - 6:52am, For the best days to stop smoking, please see our Best Days timetable. (The Australian wildfires span the boundary between 2019-2020 and may end up being classified as a 2019 disaster rather than a 2020 disaster.). Colombia: 42.6°C (108.7°F) at Jerusalen, February 19 (tie); May (10): Niger, Greece, Saba, Cyprus, Solomon Islands, Turkey, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Chile, Uzbekistan; Submitted by fmodonnell on July 26, 2014 - 7:32am. Whatever July and August do not boil,September can not fry. National Folic Acid Awareness Week (Jan. 7–13) 9. July August 2020 Calendar Printable in Editable & Printable format is provided here. Check out our tips on a speedy house sale. Only July 2019 was hotter, and only by a fraction of a degree.

We continue to publish our little yellow book, too! I’m concerned will have some of those multiple-posts-per-day scenarios like we saw in recent years.
Flooding, Japan, Jul 3-10, $5 billion, 82 killed; Lebanon: 45.4°C (113.7°F) at Houche Al Oumara, July 27. 4.

Today, the sooner the better. The July flooding brings the total damage between June 1 and August 13 from China’s monsoon flooding to $26 billion, with 219 deaths. Click on the image to open in a new browser tab. If so, calendar years 2014 through 2020 would be the seven warmest years on record. System Administrator Appreciation Day (last Friday of the month) World Hepatitis Day (July 28) National Ice Cream Month; August is National What Day?

37.4°C, July 16; The long, hot days of July are often referred as the 'dog days of summer'. Hornsund (Svalbard Islands, Norway) max. 43.0°C, July 30; July 2020 also marked the 427th-consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average Experts say this is a sure sign of human-caused climate change. July is National Watermelon Month—yum!

), Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, France.

The preliminary forecast by the Changjiang Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources, is for the inbound flow of water is to reach more than 50,000 cubic meters per second. Thyroid Awareness Month 8. 31.6°C, July 9;

6. These odds are based on statistical relationships rather than unfolding weather and climate events. Editor’s note: Updated on 8/16/20 to fix errors pointed out by Bobby Baum. At National Today, we love celebrating 75 July holidays. ), The satellite images’ comparison of Three Gorges Dam in 2009 and 2018. Caesar developed the precursor to the Gregorian calendar we use today. For the year-to-date, 2020 is now the second-warmest year on record, trailing only 2016. 51.8°C, July 28; Be the first to rate this post. Meme Of The Month: July 2020. %PDF-1.5

The Tweet below by Steve Bowen of Aon shows U.S. landfalling hurricane activity by phase of ENSO: For the August-September-October peak of the hurricane season, the odds of El Niño were put at just 1%, and the odds of a La Niña event at 57% (up from a 30% estimate issued three months ago).

It has often been stated that global warming is enhanced by an El Nino condition. The hardest-hit states included West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Gujrat, and Nagaland. Our popular annual reference guide is what keeps us going and keeps the Web site "free.". San Sebastian (Spain) max.

Highest minimum temperature ever recorded in March in the Northern Hemisphere: 32.0°C (89.6°F) at Yelimane, Mali, February 23; July is the 7th month of the year and is associated with Summer in the northern hemisphere. Your time could be much better spent with like-minded individuals, of which there are many.

(This is our first project! 37.9°C, July 31; and The full year is available in The Old Farmer's Almanac in our store! endobj 5.
endobj <>>> April (13): Paraguay, Niger, St. Barthelemey, Honduras, Guernsey, Haiti, Congo Brazzaville, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, China, Saba, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands; If you decide to use our calendars in your blog, you must link back to our site as per our terms of service.Copy + Paste this code. To the common people, who were suffering from a food shortage and the burden of high taxes, it also had become a symbol of the monarchy’s oppression. Been reading your publication for over 40 years I'm glad that ya'll went digital for easier reference. July 2020 Calendar. July 2020 Calendar. Built in the late 1300s, the Bastille was a fortress that protected Paris, France, from attack. The month tied with July 2016 as the second-warmest on record, just 0.01 degrees Celsius behind the record set in July 2019 and just 0.01 degrees Celsius ahead of July 2017. Important days in July 2020 include many formal events. The total death toll of 1,075 makes the India monsoon floods Earth’s deadliest weather disaster so far in 2020.

AP (Kuwait) max. Welcome July! Velikij Ustjug (Russia) max. Taimali Research Center (Taiwan) max. Vichy (France) max.

%���� 3.

"Last month was only 0.02 of a degree F shy of tying the record-hot July of 2019.". Looking for checkins from Patrap and Grothar. In the U.S., several states either set or tied their hottest month on record, including Virginia (tied), Maryland, Pennsylvania (tied), Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut (tied) and New Hampshire. High-quality rubies are a transparent, vibrant, purplish red; cloudier samples, or ones containing brown, orange, or pink tones, are less valuable. Kotlas (Russia) max. 21.9°C, July 25; Enjoy learning a little history—and raise a toast to freedom! Experts say this is a sure sign of human-caused climate change: "The trend of record heat continues – a trend which we’ve shown in past publications can only be explained by the warming impact of fossil fuel burning," said Penn State University meteorologist Michael Mann. All Rights Reserved. July 3 brings the start of the hot and sultry Dog Days of Summer! – Highest 2020 average temperature to date (Jan. 1-July 31) in the Southern Hemisphere: 29.8°C (85.6°F) at Surabaya Airport, Indonesia. Mayotte became a part of the French nation in 2011 and is a French department. 2. Free printable July 2020 calendar on demand.

Many rubies nowadays are heat-treated to improve color saturation and transparency. “Ruby” is derived from the Latin rubeus, which means “red.”.

See here the month calendar of Calendar July 2020 including week numbers. 11.

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