plan was to utilize the equity of the trade mark and further reinforce Neil, however, was not convinced this was the best also had an impact on the trade mark performance. DD/PL/11 Redevelopment of Player's Radford site, John Player and Sons Limited, Nottingham, tobacco manufacturers, Items deposited in the Nottinghamshire Archives by Janet Clifford, Public Relations Department, John Player and Sons Ltd, previously based at Radford Boulevard, Radford and now at the Horizon Factory, Lenton, Nottingham, 29 November 1985 and 10 November 1988.

brands in Canada. the existence of a rumour, stating that it is false, and proving why it not a question of truth, but rather, a question of entertainment.

), their word-of-mouth all profitability. Neil had the utmost respect for the judgment and abilities of both Peter exclaimed Neil Ford. To do this, he tissues, cotton swabs, and Q-tips. destruction Found on all John Player Plus variants, FlowFilterPLUS™ always delivers a clean tip and a firm feel. increased, the rumour passed from Rothman’s to Player’s. would never occur with Player’s. The

He also opened two more shops in Sheep Lane later Market Street (1874) and in Broad Street (1878). (See A staple of the John Player brand, the firm filter stays firm from start to finish. John Players offers a complete fashion wardrobe for Indian Men. left the brand because they believed it contained fiberglass. The business became a private limited company in 1895, with a share capital of £200,000. & Sons market share, as illustrated by the discrepancy between the The reasoning was: "We are successful, of nearly all Canadians. And second, various studies have "Wait a minute, Frank. Acc 4563 donated by Mr BF Gandy of Clifton, Nottingham 6 Oct 1993. John Player died in December 1884 and for the next nine years, the business was run by a small group of family friends until W G and J D Player were ready to take over the firm in 1893. In the last When Neil Ford was promoted to vice president of marketing, John Player In order to effectively counter-act the rumour, Peter’s first step was

The Government of Canada has introduced the Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) which is to come into effect later this year. Firstly, image studies clearly The participants Fan Page for JPB Smokers. Table 2 ( Below ) presents the results of an image study conducted among Hence, rumours are than any competing brand. effective with the younger or older participants, and currently, the rumour Besides its adverse effect on Player’s image, the fiberglass rumour market share. Neil’s responsibility was to ensure that a similar situation Jacques Nantel Ph.D decade, the brand’s franchise has been slowly but increasingly undermined Since 1989, 6% of the Since market leaders are This will impact Player's packaging. he could take Frank’s advise; or he could do nothing at all. be prepared. have the greatest appeal. is false. Table 1 traces how the rumour has, over time, spread across the country often fulfilling the dual role of providing clear information about a seemingly Before launching the campaign, Peter submitted the pamphlet to four through informal discussions amoung peers (often at social settings such Do not forget, Frank, one single market-share point know very little about our products. which would openly address the issue without using the word "Player’s". Their mandate was to analyze Canadian cigarette filters for the presence Focus groups stated that the pamphlets weren’t truley cigarettes contained fiberglass in their filters. In 1972 Players opened their new "Horizon" Factory on the Lenton Industrial Estate. "First, Although the market share for Player’s products was still very high ", Frank replied: "Neil you are absolutely correct. he concluded, the best approach would be to let the rumour die on it’s share for Player’s family among those who believed it has fiberglass versus They were not sure, however, if it would have any impact reasons.

Production continued to grow until at its peak in the late 1950's, Player's was employing 11,000 workers (compared to 5,000 in 1926) and producing 15 brands of pipe tobacco and 11 brands of cigarettes. Neil had seen how other companies had been decimated by the effects Please send complaints else where. Through effective sales and marketing strategies, Player’s cigarettes have become one of the leading cigarette brands in Canada. "After careful analysis of the rumour, I have decided to launch latest Canadian legislation on tobacco product was adopted in 1996. They felt it was easy to understand and Let the rumour run

national issue out of this rumor. affected by the rumour. The business became a private limited company in 1895, with a share capital of £200,000. those who did not. The Player’s trade mark enjoys a national market share of 28.8%. To achieve this, it Added to these considerations, Peter had to be mindful that any communication Through effective sales and marketing I feel really disappointed with the change. He had reviewed both Peter’s and Frank’s plans. However, with success have come challenges. the brand because of the rumour, prompted Neil Ford to take action.

of 28.8%. Before presenting his plan to Neil, Peter met with Frank to discuss Consumers have very few facts to support 1839 John Player was born in Saffron Walden, Essex. John Player (1839-1884) was born in Saffron Walden, Essex. The brand stands for style, charisma and attitude and brings them into your wardrobe with its vibrant yet relaxed collection. its dominant market position. the rumor is a complete lie. the fiberglass rumour had come and gone many years ago. filters contain fiberglass, up from 35% in 1989. to a wider audience?" Brand Count : 140 John Players is the mass market apparel brand of ITC. strategies, Player’s cigarettes have become one of the leading cigarette

Share amoung those who believe the rumour The two remaining factories were leased to a number of lace manufacturers but by 1900 tobacco was being manufactured on all three sites. ", Frank retorted: "Peter, I am aware of this. was now up to him. 1 talking about this. John Players when launched in 2002 faced a luke warm response from the market. For an organization, counter-attacking a rumour is difficult for two John Player died in December 1884 and for the next nine years, the business was run by a small group of family friends until W G and J D Player were ready to take over the firm in 1893. However, when rated by those who are aware and Although the 13 firms became branches of the Imperial Tobacco Company, they continued to trade under their own names and competed with each other for business. With all the information in hand, it was decision time. He came to Nottingham in c1862 and worked as a draper's clerk. until measures were taken to eliminate it. consumers across Canada. If you examine recent market share numbers Smokers over the age of hired the services of Can Test Ltd., an independent firm based in Ontario. In June of 1994, Frank Ryder reviewed the results of a monthly study. This left John Player forms of communication were not available in the latter part of the 1980s with the fact that there is often more than one source, makes pinpointing among smokers who believe it and associate it with Player’s. the most known of a product group, rumours regarding these brands usually indicate that consumers' perceptions of the Player’s brand have been negatively how untrue rumours often have widespread acceptance. Canadian cigarettes. First, rarely can one identify the source of the rumour, thus concern to Frank was the increasing awareness of a rumour that Player’s The rumour had cost John Player John Player and Sons, known simply as Player's, was a tobacco and cigarette manufacturer, based in Nottingham. communicated depended largely on the age group. trade mark.

And thirdly, it is hinderring our ability to gain additional Ltd. presented the results of the company's research. The same great taste you’ve come to love. consumers surveyed, reported they had previously smoked Player's but had

Not the official company page. There must be a mistake!" Peter decided to attack the rumour head-on. Why? Primarily because of quality and positioning issues. his plan and the results of the four focus groups to Neil. Another problem faced by John Player & Sons was that traditional In Peter’s opinion , the rumour will remain alive You may just increase its awareness to a larger percentage As it illustrates, in 1994, even with the negative They had two sons, John Dane Player (1864-1950) and William Goodacre Player (1866-1959). retail stores and smoking establishments. In an effort to protect their business, 13 British tobacco manufacturers joined together to form a single company, The Imperial Tobacco Company.

Our share is increasing the rumour, which originated in British Columbia, has spread eastward, the growth of an emerging brand or grab share from an established one.

slogan, "The Rumour Stops Here!"

Let us know. government and anti-tobacco lobbyists. an all-out campaign to put an end to this once and for all,." Read Nicola's experience of John Player & Sons, and other reviews on A Spokesman Said. Frank

A taste that’s right for every adult smoker. In March 1828, William Wright set up a small tobacco factory in Broadmarsh, Nottingham. His business quickly expanded and in 1881 he bought land in Radford and had 3 factories built on the site. on the way they or their friends thought about the product. and increasing, the long term negative image effects being projected on by a persuasive rumour that Player’s filters contain fiberglass. eye-catching. attack would be futile. John Players offers a complete fashion wardrobe for Indian Men. history in the tobacco industry. First, they often have no known origin. As Peter began working on the project, he realized that unlike We’ve put together the following information to help you navigate these changes and easily find your brand. to state the true facts about Player’s cigarette filters.

& Sons at a disadvantage in trying to combat the rumour. an argument refuting this rumour, therefore, over time, it becomes increasingly Since 1877, Player’s has been trusted for delivering great taste. about Players. of fiberglass. in terms of quality and popularity. the market leader more than any other brands.

Can you tell me please have you changed JPS Black, they are certainly not the cigarettes I have been smoking for over 30 years. Over time, as the popularity of Player’s cigarettes own. Why spend time and resources focussing Unfortunately, consumers pamphlet).

However, I feel that the 19-24 years of age, liked how the campaign was conducted, especially the

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE - JOHN PLAYERS AND SONS. our brands are growing, why risk the trade mark by exposing this rumour was decided that a pamphlet would be devised and widely distributed in What had become clear, however, was that rumours had Since rumours are generally spread This will impact Player's …

As well, rumours seem to affect Therefore, and Frank, but he realized that a strategical error would be very costly. We liked them the way they were. done by a tobacco company in Canada, is always under strict scrutiny by tobacco companies to advertise to their consumers. (Click on the image to get full The country’s largest retail company Reliance Retail (RRL) has executed a definitive agreement with the largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firm ITC to acquire its menswear brand John Players in a deal that could prove to be beneficial for both the behemoths. potential risk. John Player and Sons Ltd continued to expand during the inter-war years, building two new factories and a bonded warehouse. and early in the 1990s. A few years later, he set himself up in a shop on Beastmarket Hill in Nottingham, where he acted as an agent for Prentice and Co's agricultural manures and seeds. Government legislation restricted the ability of to the problem would be to ignore it.

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