You will be fiercely assailed by adulation, by flattery, that worst poison of the true heart, and by the selfish interests of individuals. What makes life worth living for a slave of Rome? luxuria industria, comitate adrogantia, malis bonisque artibus mixtus: nimiae voluptates, cum vacaret; quotiens expedierat, magnae virtutes: palam laudares, secreta male audiebant: sed apud subiectos, apud proximos, apud collegas variis inlecebris potens, et cui expeditius fuerit tradere imperium quam obtinere. Africa and its legions, now that Clodius Macer was dead, were disposed to be content with any emperor, after having experienced the rule of a smaller tyrant. 16.

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non sane crebrior tota civitate sermo per illos mensis fuerat, primum licentia ac libidine talia loquendi, dein fessa iam aetate Galbae. He had in fact sent his son Titus to acknowledge his authority and bespeak his favour, as in its proper place I shall relate. The Online Books Page. It was his own profligacy, his own brutality, and that, though there had been before no precedent of an emperor condemned by his own people. The book—Woodman approvingly quotes Syme’s judgment that it is “the best that Tacitus ever wrote” —tells the story of the years 23 to 28 CE, when the reign of the enigmatic emperor Tiberius took a sharp turn for the worse, and it is thus an especially attractive subject for study. "Si immensum imperii corpus stare ac librari sine rectore posset, dignus eram a quo res publica inciperet: nunc eo necessitatis iam pridem ventum est ut nec mea senectus conferre plus populo Romano possit quam bonum successorem, nec tua plus iuventa quam bonum principem. est tibi frater pari nobilitate, natu maior, dignus hac fortuna nisi tu potior esses. Now that the family of the Julii and the Claudii has come to an end, adoption will discover the worthiest successor. Piso delivered a graceful oration and was supported by the feeling of the Senate. duae Mauretaniae, Raetia, Noricum, Thraecia et quae aliae procuratoribus cohibentur, ut cuique exercitui vicinae, ita in favorem aut odium contactu valentiorum agebantur. It was thought best to go to the camp. It is uncertain whether he acted on his own free choice, or, as believed by some, under the influence of Laco, who through Rubellius Plautus had cultivated the friendship of Piso. Nero a pessimo quoque semper desiderabitur: mihi ac tibi providendum est ne etiam a bonis desideretur. credo et rei publicae curam subisse, frustra a Nerone translatae si apud Othonem relinqueretur. The Annals & The Histories (Modern Library Classics), The Annals: The Reigns of Tiberius, Claudius, and Nero (Oxford World's Classics), Agricola and Germany (Oxford World's Classics), Study Guide: Agricola by Tacitus (SuperSummary), Russian History: A Captivating Guide to the History of Russia, Including Events Such as the Mongol Invasion, the Napoleonic Invasion, Reforms of Peter the Great, the Fall of the Soviet Union, and More.

For Otho's had been a neglected boyhood and a riotous youth, and he had made himself agreeable to Nero by emulating his profligacy. It is not here, as it is among nations despotically ruled, that there is a distinct governing family, while all the rest are slaves. Inde apud senatum non comptior Galbae, non longior quam apud militem sermo: Pisonis comis oratio. namque Otho pueritiam incuriose, adulescentiam petulanter egerat, gratus Neroni aemulatione luxus. Many who wished him well, spoke with enthusiasm; those who had opposed him, in moderate terms; the majority met him with an officious homage, having aims of their own and no thought for the state. 18. Pisonem ferunt statim intuentibus et mox coniectis in eum omnium oculis nullum turbati aut exultantis animi motum prodidisse. fidem, libertatem, amicitiam, praecipua humani animi bona, tu quidem eadem constantia retinebis, sed alii per obsequium imminuent: inrumpet adulatio, blanditiae [et] pessimum veri adfectus venenum, sua cuique utilitas. These men, being at variance, and in smaller matters pursuing their own aims, were divided in the affair of choosing a successor, into two opposing factions. Africa ac legiones in ea interfecto Clodio Macro contenta qualicumque principe post experimentum domini minoris. Quartum idus Ianuarias, foedum imbribus diem, tonitrua et fulgura et caelestes minae ultra solitum turbaverunt. The real power of the Empire was divided between T. Vinius, the consul, and Cornelius Laco, prefect of the Praetorian Guard. His resources soon failed, and his position became precarious, and as he also suspected that Claudius had taken some offence, he withdrew into a retired part of Asia, and was as like an exile, as he was afterwards like an emperor.
Piso, who was the son of M. Crassus and Scribonia, and thus of noble descent on both sides, was in look and manner a man of the old type. 12. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. To this speech he added no word of flattery, no hint of a bribe. Igitur Galba, adprehensa Pisonis manu, in hunc modum locutus fertur: "si te privatus lege curiata apud pontifices, ut moris est, adoptarem, et mihi egregium erat Cn. Otho ruled the province with mildness, and, as he was the first to join Galba's party, was not without energy, and, while the war lasted, was the most conspicuous of the Emperor's followers, he was led to cherish more and more passionately every day those hopes of adoption which he had entertained from the first. Icelus, a freedman of Galba, was in equal favour; he had been presented with the rings of knighthood, and bore the Equestrian name of Martianus.

ac ne dissimulata seditio in maius crederetur, ultro adseverat quartam et duoetvicensimam legiones, paucis seditionis auctoribus, non ultra verba ac voces errasse et brevi in officio fore. Rightly judged, he seemed a stern man, morose to those who estimated him less favourably. regebat tum Tiberius Alexander, eiusdem nationis. It is certain that their feelings might have been conciliated by the very smallest liberality on the part of the parsimonious old man. Such was the state of the Roman world, when Servius Galba, consul for the second time, with T. Vinius for his colleague, entered upon a year, which was to be the last of their lives, and which well nigh brought the commonwealth to an end. There's a problem loading this menu right now. circumsteterat interim Palatium publica expectatio, magni secreti impatiens; et male coercitam famam supprimentes augebant. 19. He was a man who would find it easier to transfer the imperial power to another, than to hold it for himself.

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