Vettori, Vittor, Vettore, Vettorato, and Vittoria are its variants. You want your little princess to be hale and hearty. Surnames in Italy trace their origin back to the 1400s, when it became necessary to add a second name to distinguish between individuals with the same given name. This was a topographical surname for somebody living in the city of Messana in Italy. A popular Italian surname meaning ‘companion’, it was usually given to those who worked for a count. Italian last names have infiltrated our globe, screens, and brains throughout their long existence. Derived from the Italian word for brown, Bruno came under the category of surnames derived from nicknames and was given to people with brown hair. Italian surnames are often linked to ancient ways of calling people and to some common nicknames used to identify a particular family. This last name was popularly given to toolmakers. Parisi is a topographical surname that means ‘from Paris’. Rossi, which is the most common surname … This surname has been made famous by watchmaker Giordano. This is a biblical surname, as in it is based on the name of a character from the Bible. Carbone was a regular last name for coal miners, coal merchants or charcoal burners. From Galileo Galilei to Leonardo Da Vinci to Cristoforo Colombo (who is perhaps best known as the Americanized version of his name, Christopher Colombus), history is full of Italian pioneers with surnames … The Italian equivalent of the English surname Reynolds, Ronallo sources its origin from the words Ragin and Wald, meaning ‘counsel’ and ‘rule’.

All rights reserved. As an example, Cola (from Nicola) could become Colarossi or Colaneri (from the hair color of an ancestor? Popularized by the vast expanse of literature, TV shows, and films, Italian surnames are fast becoming popular choices for first names among the new age parents because of their lyrical ring. Gentile is a popular Italian surname that comes from the word Gentilis, which means ‘of the same stock’. Why not name him Pira or Piras? Please read our Disclaimer. It can be an unusual first name for your baby boy. Different versions like Rossa, Rosello, Roselli, and Russo also exist. Reality TV star Joey Greco and supermodel Viviana Greco are a few famous namesakes. The Italian surname comes from the Latin word Vicis, which means ‘change’ or ‘alternation’. The word means ‘from Rome’ and has been popularized by stand up comedian Ray Romano and actress Michelle Romano. -etti, -illo). Ahh, Italy…the land of rich history, great food, and surnames that roll off the tongue. Coming from the root word Sal, which means a ‘building’, this is a popular surname whose variations include Salas. For example, surnames ending in -o come from southern Italy, but names ending in -a or -i generally come from the north. ITALIAN SURNAMES DATABASE . Remember the acrobatic tiger Vitale from the Madagascar series? These alias surnames can often be found preceded by the word detto, vulgo, or dit. You can also go for variations like Fiorelli, Fiorone, Fiorani, and Floris. Choose this prominent surname, which means ‘apple’, as a nickname for your baby girl. The name Nicola is derived from the Greek word Nikolaos composing of nikan or ‘to win’ and laos or ‘people.’ This was particularly given to people who emerged victorious in some feat or event. The Italian word means a ‘club, hammer or mace’. Let us know in the comments. This Italian last name is the shortened form of Giuseppe, Italian for Joseph. [ Read: Romanian Baby Names With Meanings ]. In some areas of Italy, a second surname may have been adopted in order to distinguish between different branches of the same family, especially when the families remained in the same town for generations. Another version of the name is Conti. She teaches at the Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. Other versions are Zecca, Zuccaro, and Zucco. A variation of Bruno, it means the color ‘brown’. This popular Italian surname originating from Latin word Lullius means someone who is ‘youthful’. Other frequent variations include Devilla, de Villa, and Villas. A popular Italian surname coming from the Italian word for ‘lion’ (leone), it can be a nickname for your lion-hearted baby.

This is a geographical surname, probably given to people belonging to the region of Raffa in Sicily, Italy. You want your daughter to conquer the world? You can change the settings or obtain more information. Indigestion During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms And Relief Measures, 31 Fun And Exquisite Summer Baby Names For Girls And Boys, 80 Popular African American Baby Names With Meanings, 22 Fresh And Vibrant January Baby Names For New Year Babies, 80 Stylish Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings, Baby Names By Nakshatra Or Birth Star For Boys And Girls. The second meaning of Villa is ‘house or estate’. In ancient Greece no surnames were used, only a patronymic was added if necessary to identify the individual, as in Pelides Achilles (= son of Peleus). This surname is the Italian word for ‘confidant’, originating from Latin term Secretum, meaning ‘a hidden place’. You love eating pasta, pizzas, and olive oil. When meanings not found, it's because that last name was not investigated or was misspelled due to immigration issues into another countries. This last name is a modified version of the word Silva meaning ‘wood’.

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