Chandra is mine. However, the writers are projecting Dhana Nanda’s story on Mahapadma Nand. Magadha will be mine. Nandini : Hey I am sitting right here! The accuracy of this reporting I cannot guarantee. However, there remains his unexplored love story with Nandini, the daughter of his biggest enemy, who was out to seek vengeance. I am mitr-zoned and am very happy. Although this is true for all the literature on Indian history by foreign authors, the same stands void for Indian filmmakers and TV creative writers. However, the writers are projecting Dhana Nanda’s story on Mahapadma Nand. Chandra Nandini. For instance, Chandragupta Maurya fought Dhana Nanda not Mahapadma Nand. Interestingly, he wasn’t even alive during the era of the Mauryan Empire. Disclaimer: All Logos and Pictures of various Channels, Shows, Artistes, Media Houses, Companies, Brands etc. And planning our next strategy and plot line. Chanakya : Yes, I am enjoying the outdoors here. It could be,we can't say.. Might be they are not showing... Trideviyaan : Sab TV Serial Review,Trailer,Story&Timing, Top 10 Novels of Munshi premchand- Must Read, Rising Star 2018 voting app system, App name to download, register and vote, Rising Star 2018 First Episode Contestants names and their Performance Review. Could it be...oh khargoosh!!! The meeting was chaired by Nandini, who was recovering from knee reconstruction surgery. Nandini is hit on her calf by arrow,she thinks please help m god,give me strength to keep moving,Chandra fighting with maneaters,and fights them all and says this proves someone is being informed and is behind Nandini and doesn’t want her to complete the pooja but no one can be hurdle in her way as long … Chandra has self control and asks his guru to speak. However, the show focuses on his love story with a princess named Nandni. While, there has been lot of comments from both the sides to prove their point and highlight their side of the story, here we share whether the story is real or fake: Ideally, a historical fiction whether a book, TV serial, or a feature film comprises of narratives that took place in the past, and is characterized mainly by an imaginative plot by proper reconstruction of personages and historical events. However he did ask to be included via speaker phone. Nandini : Here you go Helena, your Khargoosh. Besides, Chandragupta Maurya married Helena much later when he was in his 40s unlike shown in the serial. Share. But when they got there, things turned out differently. Durdhara : I have done my best to follow Acharya's teachings. For all the latest scoop, and Nandini, there is a debate going on between folks in the comment section – Whether the story of, For instance, Chandragupta Maurya fought Dhana Nanda not. A drama about Chandragupta, the founder of the Maurya empire, a great warrior and ruler, known for uniting the Indian sub-continent. Tell Chandra I have the keys to his future. Chanakya declined the invitation and preferred to patrol the perimeter. I heard what Helena said! History will indeed be kind to you. :  Rajmata and Aapama, Malayaketu was mine. I hate you Chandra!!!!! I think I broke my left arm and my hip. Required fields are marked *. Updated November 11, 2016 Ekta Kapoor’s historical Saga Chandra Nandini, that is getting aired on Star Plus is seriously Deforming the real story of Chandragupta Maurya. to the viewer. This boy will go far, without you. Nandini :  oops, I mean... how was your day today Chandra? Interestingly, Helena is made as the main queen here – the one who married first to Chandragupta even before Durdhara. December 29, 2016 Wonderful. Lep please! have captured the mess in Magadh perfectly! However, many of the viewers do not realize the fact that while our motive is knowledge and history, their motive is entertainment, business and TRP which they will get only by mismatching history with masala potboilers and sure short ingredients that they know will work 100% with the audience.

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