Now that you've got all the information you need to know how to breed, here's how to put what you now know into breeding your desired Pokémon. You will want the parent Pokémon of the Pokémon you're breeding to have the IVs you would like to breed onto the offspring so you can give it the Destiny Knot, and the IVs will be able to be passed down. The IV checker is now accessed by going to the PC, hovering over the Pokémon whose IVs you want to check, and selecting "Judge". If the two parent Pokémon are of different species (for example, Turtwig and Bulbasaur) and have different Trainer IDs, the chance of an Egg being found in the Nursery after 256 steps is 50% (increased to 80% with possession of the Oval Charm). - As stated on serebii, they have to be exact same species, and evolutions don't count. r/pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. Now, I just need to pass down one (or more) of my other Ditto's perfect IVs. When you encounter Ditto, make sure you switch out your Pokémon for Munchlax so Ditto can transform into it. In Sun and Moon, Pokémon can be bred at the Pokémon Nursery at Paniola Ranch on Akala Island. If the female rate wasn't so low for Squirtle, I could do it pretty easily. Alternatively, it can also be obtained via the Pickup ability; however, the odds of finding a Destiny Knot through this method are low, and it can take hours just to find one. So if you want to pass 3 egg moves, leave 3 empty moveslots. Passing Egg Moves: There is a new mechanic in Sword & Shield, however. - They can be any gender, even genderless. I have a Male Greedent with only 3 moves and a female skwovet with belly drum, but it's not passing the move over. That's just about all you need to know about breeding Pokémon in Sun and Moon. The Destiny Knot can be bought from the Battle Royal Dome for 48 BP. The Hidden Power NPC is found at Paniola Ranch inside the Nursery. IVs. I will then hatch Eggs until I receive a Trapinch with an IV spread of x / 31 / x / x / 31 / 31 or better. The Everstone is an immensely important item for breeding, as it allows you to effortlessly pass down the nature of the holder to the offspring. Note: in Generation 5 (BW/BW2) or earlier, only the male can pass down the egg move. Process The Nursery lady will tell you "They seem to get along all right." In sword, they introduced a feature to pass egg moves to parents. If a Pikachu or a Raichu breeds while holding a Light Ball, the offspring Pichu will know the move Volt Tackle regardless of whether the parents know the move. Introduced this generation, Hyper Training is a unique feature that allows you to modify Pokémon as if they had 31 IVs. If you have one, we recommend putting a Pokémon with the Synchronize ability and the nature you want the Pokémon you're breeding to have in the front of your party. You will also need one or more high-leveled Pokémon with False Swipe and a strong damaging move with a lot of PP. Giving one parent the Destiny Knot and one a Power Item gives you a 1 / 10 chance of receiving a 5-IV offspring. I did a Snorlax with Curse followed by a Squirtle and the just finallu finished my Wish Vaporeon. Once you reach a chain of 30 Ditto, you may catch the incoming 31st Ditto or any Ditto after that to have a much better chance of catching a Ditto with 4 or more perfect (31 in the respective stat) IVs. This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading cards, you name it! It has to be the exact same species, not even evolines work if I am not mistaken, You are correct but they dont have to be diffrent genders, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Hmm I think you oughta trade me one of those to test, for sure! if this is the case. But if you never take the parents out of the daycare (even if their moves get overriden), the babies will still have the egg moves. A Ditto with these IVs may be obtained here (courtesy of Most) or by chaining using SOS encounters for some time. In the event that both parents combined have more than four Egg moves, there is a priority bracket put in place to determine the order of the moves inherited. if this is the case. If I breed any Pokémon that are objectively better than the parent I have just put in the Nursery, I will swap them as well. If you have a Ditto, then that would be the ideal parent Pokémon to breed with the Pokémon you're going to breed, as Ditto is able to breed with any Pokémon capable of breeding. If not, you will need to catch a Pokémon with the desired nature in the wild. Previously, to hatch Eggs faster, you would ride your Bicycle, but that is replaced with Tauros using the Ride Pager. Incredibly handy! This is really good. This will effect the cell composition of the fetus and, thus, the resemblance of the child to the parents. After you've done this, use an Adrenaline Orb. It's a real bitch when you get 15 males in a row. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, if needed, catch a different parent Pokémon that shares at least one Egg Group with the Pokémon you are breeding. After, switch out Munchlax for Hypno and use Switcheroo so the Ditto will have Recycle and a Leppa Berry. For example, you can now get Drain Punch + Pyscho Cut on Medicham. I want to see if I can get it onto Larvitar. The Everstone can be found in Hau'Oli City as a gift from Ilima after battling him. if this is the case. I'm going insane! if this is the case. This meant that you couldn't pass egg moves into a species from more than one other species (e.g. If not, you will need to chain down the IVs onto the Pokémon you will wind up giving the Destiny Knot to. I dunno if this will help you or not, but I believe the Move Relearner can not teach a pokemon any egg moves that it knew. The chances of a female are only 12.5% first of all, and since I keep swapping out the parents so much, they keep forgetting the egg moves by overriding them with level-up moves whenever they got Lv15+. If the two parent Pokémon are of different species and have the same Trainer ID, the chance of an egg being found in the Nursery after 256 steps is 20% (increased to 40% with possession of the Oval Charm). Breeding Pokémon Eggs has been a very important part of Pokémon games since its introduction in Generation 2, and in this guide, we will assist you in breeding Pokémon to the best of your abilities. What am I doing wrong? I'm a real fan of the new passing. A Ditto with 4 IVs or more can be obtained in the wild by doing the following. The Nursery lady will tell you "They don't seem to like each other very much, though." After hatching a few Eggs, I hatch the Trapinch with the x / 31 / x / x / 31 / 31 IV spread that I wanted. An easy Pokémon with Flame Body to catch would be Fletchinder, which can be found on Route 8 on Akala Island. Or would you have to heart scale them to make them remember the egg moves and then put them back in. This meant that you couldn't pass egg moves into a species from more than one other species (e.g. Prior to Sun and Moon, it was difficult and tedious to breed a Pokémon with a specific Hidden Power as well as with the desired IVs, but with the advent of Hyper Training, it's been made a bit easier. Munchlax and Trubbish are two Pokémon capable of learning Recycle that can easily be found in-game. Before you can use Hyper Training, you must be Champion of Alola first. breeding in 5 moves with 1 being overwritten in daycare but able to be remembered), but I don't have the time to check that at the moment :). Snorlax can only learn Recycle as a Munchlax, meaning the Full Incense is required for a Snorlax to learn Recycle). These items are an alternative to Destiny Knot. Give a Leppa Berry to the Pokémon that knows Trick or Switcheroo. I have a Male Greedent with only 3 moves and a female skwovet with belly drum, but it's not passing the move over. I want to breed a Jolly Trapinch that is flawless in all stats except Special Attack, and I have a Trapinch with an IV spread of x / 31 / x / x / 31 / x, a Jolly Ditto with an IV spread of 31 / x / x / x / 31 / 31, and a non-Jolly Ditto with an IV spread of 31 / 31 / 31 / x / x / x. Oh, jeez, and I just finished breeding my perfect Stealth Rock Ferrothorn and training it up to level 50 -- Now you tell me it could have had spikes too?! Abra and Hypno are two options that can also easily be found in-game. r/pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. You can hold B to sprint with Tauros. All guides and strategy information are © 2004-2019 and its. In humans and other animals, traits are passed on from parents to their offspring through DNA. you couldn't previously teach a larvitar egg moves through breeding with a cranidos and tyrunt because the second breeding needed a female larvitar which wouldn't pass it's move on). So obviously when you are breeding pokemon for IVs that are learning egg moves and you are switching in parents for level 1s with better IV's, what happens if you put old parents back that used to know egg moves that are now level 30 or so. Press J to jump to the feed. Secondly, acquire a Pokémon capable of learning Trick or Switcheroo. Repeat this process in the same manner until you are satisfied with the Ditto you have captured. To begin, I will put my Trapinch in the Nursery with a Destiny Knot and my Jolly Ditto in the Nursery with an Everstone. Do you happen to have any left overs of said squirtle with said moves? She gives you the Hidden Power TM and will tell you what type the Hidden Power for each Pokémon will be, which is based on IVs. if this is the case. yeah...yeah.. that's the ticket! Egg Moves are moves most passed down from a Pokémon breeding pair to their offspring. Also, some Pokémon can only learn certain moves via their baby stage (e.g. If the Pokémon has the nature you would like for it, then you are all set. We wish you luck on your breeding endeavors and hope you are able to take some valuable information from this guide and breed your desired Pokémon! Alternatively, if you already have a Grookey with the egg move it can breed with Ditto. It can also be found on wild Roggenrola, Boldore, Gigalith, Geodude, Graveler, and Golem or bought for 16 BP at the Battle Royal Dome. The Nursery lady will tell you "They don't seem to like playing together, though." Sorry if this is confusing. If both Pokémon are of the exact same species (evolutions do not count) and are in the day care centre, and if one of the parents has an egg move, it can be passed. But how good is that feeling when the IV checker finally tells you that your Poke has the 5 Ivs you want, right? You can also continuously use False Swipe, but this will use up the PP of the move. The Pokémon Nursery does not level up Pokémon anymore (results in a 500 Poké Dollar fee).

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