Follow the path along, dodging all of the low level Pokemon until you reach a slightly wider area you couldn't access previously. At the very start of Route 5, you'll come across a duo battle with Reporter Gillian and Cameraman Cam. This is Frank, the same guy you have to deliver the Old Letter to. Now you can take on the two trainers stood throwing balls in the air. You'll stumble upon two people stood by an umbrella, but they don't want to battle. They're not cheap, but it's worth having a browse to see if any are applicable for your party. Head left and along the long stretch of tall grass then take a sharp turn downwards to find a Power Herb. Talk to him and the four of you will have a Dynamaxed Torkoal to take on. She's also kind of a pushover thanks to her relatively low levelled Pokemon! Go inside the Vault with him and he'll give you his league card. After the cutscene, you'll be back up at Hop's house, where you can pick from Grookey, the Grass-type; Scorbunny, the Fire-type; or Sobble, the Water-type. After beating her, head down the path and in the tall patch of grass on your left you can grab a Max Potion. Speak to the girl by the two pillars first however, as she'll tell you about some buried treasure. Welcome to the first core Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch! It's up to you to stop them. With Oleana's team, make sure you've got a good Poison-type counter like a Ground or Psychic-type Pokemon, and a Fire-type or two would be handy to see off Tsareena and Froslass. Just before your battle with Leon, you will be able to access the door in Hammerlocke stadium leading to the underground power plant. Hop starts with Dubwool who isn't much help, but then moves on to Corviknight who is much better suited for this battle. Get ready, because this is where you'll need to battle it, but don't worry because you can't catch the legendary in this fight. Head down the stairs opposite the seafood restaurant and you'll find a woman looking for a Minccino, offering a Cottonee in return. Use the hands to get some air and help you along. If you've got a couple of high level Grass and Electric-type Pokemon you'll be absolutely fine, but as is the trend with every gym leader's final Pokemon, she will Gigantamax Drednaw. The Oval Charm is useful for one thing; increasing the chance of finding an egg at the nursery, so it's an essential item for those of you who just love breeding Pokemon and hunting for shinies. First up, after Leon fails to catch it with a Poke Ball, you need to defeat in a normal battle. Leave the platform at the top but only go one space. Go up the stairs and who'd-a-thunk it, Bede's there. Go inside and you'll meet Sonia for the first time, then after the cutscene, head back outside to meet Hop who will introduce you to the Pokemon Center. Speak to each of the three suspects to get their statements, then a Skwovet will come scurrying out from behind the bed. There's also seven different types of feather you can find randomly along the bridge across to Hulbury: Clever, Genius, Health, Muscle, Pretty, Resist, Swift. From then, you need to find the standing stone that reads the type Grass is strong against, followed by the stone which has the type weak against the second type. She's a huge fan of Dark-type Pokemon, which are weak to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-types so prep your party accordingly. We've covered this specifically in our guide on how to get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but to cut a long story short, once you've done everything, you should visit Hop's house. The middle one of the three is the one you need to climb to reach Stow-on-Side, so unless you're making a beeline for the next town, we'll use the other two ladders first. Here are all of the trainers you'll face along the way: After you've beaten Leah, head up the stairs to face off against Milo, the Grass-type gym leader. Gigalith and Flygon are up first and they're pretty different in terms of what they're weak to. Taking down Goldeen and Arrokuda isn't too difficult, but Drednaw is when Nessa will Dynamax. Zacian is a Fairy/Steel-type, so your absolute best counter will be a strong Fire-type or Ground-type Pokemon. 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Candy L, Nugget x5, Fourth house on the western road with a Swirlix inside | Big Nugget x2, Stall in the market with a green and white striped roof | Lucky Egg. First up is Motostoke Gym, where you'll find Kabu waiting in the lobby. This is where you can challenge high level opponents and earn battle points to spend in the BP shop, rent out different battle teams, and more. Gordie or Melony has a Dynamaxed Gigalith or Froslass causing them issues, so again on your own, use a strong type to see it off. Motostoke Gym is the Fire-type gym, and the challenge here is a simple one; simply earn five points before your competitors. That's the one I mentioned earlier, so head down the left-hand side road and enter the restaurant to begin a cutscene with Sonia and Hop. Afterwards, you'll be given TM79 Retaliate, and Hop will meet you outside, saying next stop is back to Motostoke to take on the Fire-type gym. Everything you need to know about camping, currys, and keeping your Pokemon fed and happy, all in one place. Take a left and you'll find Cook Derek, hiding in the bushes. Cycle north to the smaller beach and take on Black Belt Carter. It's up to you whether you want to give up the Toxel you were given earlier or not, but the option is there since both Pokemon are rare to come across. In a heroic way though, not like Team Rocket. Turn around and cycle past the wild Grapploct in the corner on the right-hand side of the screen. After the credits roll, you'll be back in your house. Leon will interrupt and give you an item dependent on which starter you picked, but then you can head up the lift and into Motostoke Stadium. Kick proceedings off in Circhester by healing up your party at the Pokemon Center on your left, then leave and enter the first house on the left down the road going north. After a Short Chat, head inside the stadium, where you’ll get instructed by Rose to find the Vault in Hammerlocke. Rose will interrupt your pre-match banter with Leon to let you know he's bringing about the Darkest Day. This is essentially the Day Care from previous games and you can leave two Pokemon with the woman standing outside. "Best" has a subjective definition but in this case, we've taken a look at the top 10 strongest Pokemon in the game. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Some doctors fighting the pandemic now have another thing to worry about, Fast-food giants like Chipotle and Dunkin' are doubling down on TikTok. In the second stage of the fight, you won't be able to deal any damage to it whatsoever. Lass Rei is first up. Head down the left-hand side road and you'll find the all too familiar Battle Cafe, with Cafe Master Richard up for a fight. After beating Team Yell, Hop will head further into the cave looking for the Fire-type gym leader. After you've beaten her, turn the yellow valve behind her, then run to the opposite side and use the red one. Head through the enormous archway and congratulations, you've made it to Hulbury! He's not a particularly tough fight as you'd expect, so take down his singular Skwovet then carry on down Route 2. Make sure you also get a Type: Null! She tells you that Rose will be waiting for you in the local seafood restaurant but first, you need to defeat Gym Leader Nessa in the Water-type gym. Here's all of the Pokemon Sword and Shield curry recipes in the game; yep, we've cooked 'em all and completed our currydex with all 151 recipes. After you take down Bede, watch the ensuing cutscene then head east towards Ballonlea through Glimwood Tangle. Now you've got three ladders you can climb up along the bottom ridge of this cliff face. Your next goal is to visit Professor Sonia in her lab in Wedgehurst, where you'll learn more about this strange duo. Speak with her and she'll return to the gym so you can take on the challenge. A full runthrough of all the Galarian Gym Leaders, their type focus, and the Pokemon they'll be packing in their party, as well as a quick guide on what their Gym Mission consists of. Up the next ladder and down the one on the other side will lead you to a slightly larger section; walk around the top and hop down the ledge, then go up the slope below it to find three Luxury Balls. Take her down and Mr. There's also a bloke with a camp at the top, and Cook Stuart to fight wandering around. Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Postwick and Route 1 Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Wedgehurst and Route 2 Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Wild Area and Motostoke Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Route 3, Galar Mine, and Route 4 Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Turffield, Turffield Gym, and Route 5 Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Hulbury and Hulbury Gym Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Galar Mine No.2 and Motostoke Gym Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Hammerlocke and Route 6 Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Stow-on-Side and Stow-on-Side Gym Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Glimwood Tangle Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Ballonlea and Ballonlea Gym Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Route 7 and Route 8 Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Circhester and Circhester Gym Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Route 9 Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Spikemuth Gym Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Hammerlocke Gym Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Route 10 and Wyndon Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Wyndon Gym and Rose Tower Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Wyndon Gym Finals and Slumbering Weald Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Energy Plant and Champion Battle Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Zacian and Zamazenta Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough: Post-game activities.

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