He still cared for money and when Odoacer was killed in 493, he applied for a new settlement with the new ruler of Italy, the Ostrogoth Theodoric the Great. Many historians have noted the coincidence that the last western emperor bore the names of both Romulus, the legendary founder and first king of Rome, and Augustus, the first emperor. Rome had already lost its hegemony over the provinces, Germanic peoples dominated the Roman army, and Germanic generals like Odoacer had long been the real powers behind the throne. This prompted another rebellion in August 476, this time led by the German Odoacer. [citation needed], Odoacer advanced on Ravenna, capturing the city and the young emperor after the short and decisive Battle of Ravenna. The child ruler who 'controlled' what was left of the old Roman Imperial heartland from 475-476 before he was retired and sent off to a villa to live on a generous pension. She was a blowsy broad with a sawdust floor-level of humour. The Senate was unimpressed by this gassy name, and instead adopted the disparaging nickname Augustulus (Little Augustus), some just calling him Augie. “Romulus Augustus resigns the crown” The young emperor was nothing more than a figurehead for his father, and he was not even recognized by the Eastern emperors Zeno and Basiculus (who were busy in a civil war against each other). His reign was marked by never really paying the troops, a problem caused by inability to mint new coins on which his long, pompous name would fit. Orestes cited being 'insufficiently Roman' as an excuse to have his boy take his place in the line of fire. Zeno shrugged, as it seemed like a done deal already. Flavius Romulus Augustus (c. AD 460 – after 476, possibly still alive as late as 507), known derisively and historiographically as Romulus Augustulus, was Roman emperor of the West from 31 October 475 until 4 September 476. Little Romy was their precious only son,[2] and seemed more fit for a religious posting than an imperial one. [6][19] Jordanes and Marcellinus Comes say Odoacer exiled Romulus to Campania but do not mention any financial support from the Germanic king. Orestes promised the Roman army lots of gold and bribes, but failed to deliver. [12] Instead, he installed his son on the throne on 31 October 475. Romulus Augustulus was born in around 460, in and around Naples. Romulus Augustulus’ state included only Italy and part of Gallia Narbonensis. 23. Nepos maintained a claim to the position until he was murdered in 480. So with that final haggle, Romulus Augustulus disappears. Romulus's father Orestes was a Roman citizen, originally from Pannonia, who had served as a secretary and diplomat for Attila the Hun and later rose through the ranks of the Roman army. Instead, he elevated his 12-year old son, Romulus Augustulus, to the position on October 31, 475 AD. In fact, he was a usurper and puppet not recognized as a legitimate ruler by the Eastern emperor. After Orestes gained power, a coalition of Heruli, Scirian and Turcilingi mercenaries asked for the third of the land in Italy. [18][23], As the last Western Roman emperor before the traditionally agreed-upon end of the Western Roman Empire, Romulus has been portrayed several times in film and literature; the play Romulus the Great (1950), by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, focuses on the reign of "Romulus Augustus" and the end of the Roman Empire in the West. The historical record contains few details of Romulus's life. For the comics character, see. Romulus was moved to a small room above the kitchen. Romulus's thoroughly enjoyable retirement ended quickly when he ran through his pension money. Odoacer threw in a comfortable pension. Romulus Augustulus had never wanted to be an emperor and blamed his dad for the mess. Some historians regard Julius Nepos, who ruled in Dalmatia until he was murdered in 480, as the last lawful Western Roman Emperor. After seizing control of Ravenna, Odoacer sent the former emperor to live in the Castellum Lucullanum in Campania, after which he disappears from the historical record. [16], After the abdication of Romulus, the Roman Senate, on behalf of Odoacer, sent representatives to the Eastern Roman Emperor Zeno, whom it asked to formally reunite the two halves of the Empire, with Odoacer as the "protector of the state": "The West, they declared, no longer required an Emperor of its own: one monarch sufficed for the world..."[17] Zeno was asked to make Odoacer a patrician, and administrator of Italy in Zeno's name. The historical record contains few details of Romulus's life. He left the Huns when his boss died in bed trying to impress his latest wife. Although he, as all other emperors, adopted the name Augustus upon his accession, he is better remembered by his derisive nickname Augustulus. Emperor Zeno in Constantinople was more emphatic: Romulus was a fraud. Flavius Romulus Augustus (c. AD 460 – after 476, possibly still alive as late as 507), known derisively and historiographically as Romulus Augustulus, was Roman emperor of the West from 31 October 475 until 4 September 476. Romulus Augustulus is considered to be the 'Last Roman Emperor'. We do not know why the chief of the army did not take power into his own hands. A more recent film has Romulus Augustulus fleeing Rome and ending up in Britannia with a a few remaining Roman soldiers. Romulus hid in the lavatories at his imperial palace in Ravenna, but was found in September 476. Romulus was presented to the Roman Senate as their new figurehead, billed as Dominus Noster Romulus Augustus Pius Felix Augustus (Our Lord Romulus Augustus Pious Pussycat Augustus). West and East would be folded back together, administered by Odoacer (in Zeno's name, of course). “This Roman Imperial Line terminates here. [12] When Orestes refused, the tribes revolted under the leadership of the Scirian chieftain Odoacer. [22], Following Odoacer's coup, the Roman Senate sent a letter to Zeno that stated that "the majesty of a sole monarch is sufficient to pervade and protect, at the same time, both the East and the West". The Eastern Emperor Leo, who died in 474, had appointed the western emperors Anthemius and Julius Nepos, and Constantinople never recognized the new government. Please take all your slaves and whips when leaving this chariot.”. There he becomes Uther Pendragon, the British king who got Merlin to weave his magic so that Romulus/Uther could get his end away with Igraine of Cornwall and became father of Arthur, 'King of the Bwittans,' complete omni testicularum, as any Roman would say. Tiberius Julius Caesar was the second Roman Emperor of ancient Roman Empire, who ruled from 14 to 37 CE. When Julius Nepos became the official emperor in 475, Orestes became 'his best buddy' — and then betrayed him by leading a revolt. His original surname was Augustus, but It is not known if Orestes could play the lyre like his mythical namesake, but he was adept at charming the sandals off the right people. [18], The ultimate fate of Romulus is a mystery. This could have been a good career move, but Augustulus's father had another use for him. Then he brought his 12-year-old son to power, in practice exercising it personally. Retzius - Ryssland)", The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, "Romulus Augustus – The Last Roman Emperor", "Make Rome Great Again. This page was last edited on 12 September 2020, at 18:34. [11] Orestes, however, refused to become emperor, "from some secret motive", said historian Edward Gibbon. No mention of any other family members besides his parents. With the capital of Ravenna under his control, Orestes appointed his son Romulus to the throne despite the lack of support from the eastern court in Constantinople. Some sources suggest that Julius Nepos claimed to hold the title of emperor legally when Odoacer took power. His father Orestes had once worked for Attila the Hun when the latter was living in tents in Pannonia (modern day Hungary). Romulus's fate was to be sent to a retirement villa outside Naples. [8] The future emperor was named Romulus after his maternal grandfather, a nobleman from Poetovio in Noricum. up to 1850) also refers to him as, Last edited on 6 September 2020, at 16:54, History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, "805-806 (Nordisk familjebok/Uggleupplagan. His legitimacy and authority were disputed beyond Italy and Romulus was soon deposed by Odoacer, who had defeated and executed Orestes. Nepos fled to Dalmatia, where his uncle had ruled a semi-autonomous state in the 460s. A Revival Of Duerrenmatt's "Romulus The Great" In New York", "Romulus Augustulus (475–476 A.D.)—Two Views", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Romulus_Augustulus&oldid=977050143, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 September 2020, at 16:54. In the same year he was promoted to the rank of magister militum, but then led a military revolt that forced Nepos to flee into exile. In the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon notes that the disciples of Saint Severinus of Noricum were invited by a "Neapolitan lady" to bring his body to the villa in 488; Gibbon conjectures from this that Augustulus "was probably no more. For a famous example, cf. [6] Thomas Hodgkin, a translator of Cassiodorus' works, wrote in 1886 that it was "surely possible" the Romulus in the letter was the same person as the last western emperor. Gibbon, p. 405. [25], This article is about the Roman emperor. [9] This is not as coincidental as it may seem; all emperors bore the name Augustus as it was part of the imperial title. Romulus Augustulus, known to history as the last of the Western Roman emperors (475–476). [14] The Eastern Roman Empire treated its western counterpart as a client state. Nepos fled to Dalmatia but, in a surprise move, Orestes did not become emperor himself but instead promoted Romulus to the post. Theodoric agreed, but in around 507, he stopped the payments until Romulus did an effective bit of pleading to the hard-hearted Goth. His name recalled more than 1,000 years of Roman glory. Romulus Augustulus didn’t make any important decisions and haven’t created any monuments during his reign. https://uncyclopedia.ca/w/index.php?title=Romulus_Augustulus&oldid=6080410. [15] Italy would suffer far greater devastation in the next century when Emperor Justinian I reconquered it in the Gothic War. Odoacer, already the de facto ruler of Italy, now ostensibly ruled de jure in Zeno's name. The emperor was adopted by Augustus Caesar (adopted son of Julius Caesar), the first emperor.However, he didn’t follow his father’s ideas and projects, but … Romulus was the son of the Western empire’s master of soldiers Orestes. But Cassiodorus does not supply any details about his correspondent or the size and nature of his pension, and Jordanes, whose history of the period abridges an earlier work by Cassiodorus, makes no mention of a pension.

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