But, the Buddhist legends about his cruelty and about his killing of as many as 99 brothers do not seem to possess historical substance. when his grandfather Chandragupta was still ruling the empire. Legends lead us to understand that Asoka was the most intelligent among may sons of his father. The name of his eldest son is said to have been Sumana or Susima. With the help of his master Chanakya, Chandragupta resisted the attempt and made the army of Alexander retreat. Might be, Amitraghata destroyed some rebellious nobles or small rulers within the empire to strengthen his power and confirm his supremacy. Chanakya remained as the prime minister for Bindusara too. The King of Egypt, Ptolemy Philadelphos, also sent an ambassador to the Maurya Court named Dionysius. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about history. Share your views. Without doubt, Bindusara inherited a legend in the form of his father's image and did well before another great king could sprung from his empire. Due to the famous serial telecast on King Ashoka, people have garnered a new interest in the life of Samrat Bindusara, who seems to have a very complicated life just like other great kings. He further expanded the Mauryan dynasty as far as Mysore ( now located in Karnataka). Though Bindusara is not as famous as his father or his son, but he remains the crucial connection--after all, he had fathered Ashoka, the great king. Thus Bindusara was able to suppress revolts with the help of his son Ashoka. Her name was Vidisa Mahadevi Sakya Kumari. According to traditions, Bindusara had 16 wives, and as many as 101 sons. The name of his eldest son is said to have been Sumana or Susima. Bindusara was no exception as he took birth as a progeny of Chandragupta Maurya--the great warrior. The Ceylonese (Sinhalese) Chronicles describe of a fratricidal war which followed the death of Bindusara. It seems, he is at present, at the epicenter of all things called trouble. Privacy Policy3. Disclaimer Copyright, History Discussion - Discuss Anything About History, Shah Jahan’s Early Life and his Accession to the Throne, The Last Days of Asoka and his Successors, Biography of Ashoka: Early Life, Kalinga War and Reforms, Early Life and Difficulties Faced by Humayun and Babur Legacy, The Result of the Kalinga War during Asoka’s Period, Forts in India: 5 Magnificent Ancient Forts in India, Mosques in India: 15 Ancient Mosques in India. The substance of his life, in any case, has been ascertained from reliable sources and accepted as historically established. Among all the sons, Sushima and Ashoka were prominent. The Jain literature mentions that Durdhara fell in love with Chandragupta Maurya when he saved her from a prince, who was having perverted intention. In some of his inscriptions, which were erected long after his coronation, Asoka refers to his ‘brothers and sisters’ and other relatives for whose welfare he was most anxious.

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