? "It's just me falling in love with elephants and learning about the poaching crisis and trying to help.". The movie follows the story of a woman whose life suddenly derails. It was tough to find a good filming location, she said, because they needed to make sure the elephants were trained correctly. It includes a two-hour guided tour to see animals in their care, including King Cheetahs, rhinos, and orphaned elephants. What Holiday in the Wild lacks in holly jolly figgy pudding jokes and snow-kissed New England inns, it makes up for in elephants. She said she loves where they ultimately filmed because Zambia’s elephant orphanage released them into the wild and is a lot like her orphanage in Kenya. One of the locations filmed was Lilayi Elephant Nursery, which you can learn more about later in this article. Holiday in the Wild is out on Netflix now, Available for everyone, funded by readers. GRI was incredibly excited to host Hollywood celebrities @roblowe and his son @johnnylowe at the Lilayi Elephant Nursery as they filmed scenes for the @netflix movie ‘Holiday in the Wild’. Hoedspruit and Drakensberg serve as the places to focus on the wilderness part, while the on-set locations in Cape Town were also employed. ​As you can see, many of the locations in Holiday in the Wild can be visited in person, if you want to relive the experience yourself.

However, rarely is any of film as concerned about the well-being of animals as the crew of this Netflix film was. Other wildlife scenes were shot at Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate, and of course, Lilayi Elephant Nursery was featured prominently throughout. Holiday in the Wild premieres Nov. 1 on Netflix.

Learn more and see behind-the-scenes pics. Or maybe it’s the bit where the film ends, and you realise that it only had the thinnest possible veneer of festivity, almost as if the producers didn’t want it to be a Christmas film at all, but then they realised that it wasn’t very good so they slung some tinsel in it as a cynical attempt to get it greenlit as a Christmas movie because they really wanted to spend a few months hanging out with Lowe in Zambia. In fact, one of the rescued elephants, Mkaliva, has a story very similar to the one that we see in the film. Special care was taken to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals, above all, and even doubles were used, at times. Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos that were shared on Instagram. Game Rangers International cared for some elephants in this movie. All rights reserved. She became a Patron to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and has been avidly advocating elephant and wildlife conservation for many years. Filmed at real elephant orphanages in Africa, the rom-com centers on Kristin Davis (Kate), a well-mannered New York City woman who put her career as a vet on hold while she supported her husband's dreams and raised their son (played by Rob Lowe's 24-year-old offspring, John), only to be dumped the moment her kid leaves for college. The Conners Season 3 Episode 2: When And Where to Watch Online. Where Was Netflix’s ‘Holiday in the Wild’ Filmed? ⁣ And now it really, really wants you to spend your Christmas watching the fourth one from Sex and the City petting a baby elephant, because it has made Holiday in the Wild. Holiday in the Wild is a family favourite, combining a fun and feel-good factor in a new and exciting environment, with all the hard-hitting realities of real-life elephant conservation. Here you can explore our directory of hotels and book your stay securely online. The streaming service shared a poster and first look photo Tuesday on Twitter of Davis and Lowe in the new romantic comedy. While it's complete with enough fromage to delight any Hallmark fan, a Christmas Prince it is not, which in a way, makes Holiday in the Wild the perfect warm up. It’s hard to pinpoint what the silliest moment of the film is, given that you’re basically sprayed in the face with them from the outset. "We didn’t use show-business elephants. While Zambia serves as the official location of the story, the crew had to accommodate other places in their schedule to feature the elephants from other places, especially the big ones. ​As you can see, many of the locations in. Watch this space!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Mkaliva was rescued by GRI and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in August 2017. However, two weeks before the departure, he tells her that their marriage is over and she has to come to the African country all by herself.

Sure, there's some seasonal cheer and cookie cutters are deployed, but at its heart, the Kristen Davis and Rob Lowe-led flick, is a valentine to elephant conservation. Kristin Davis, the actress known for playing Charlotte in ‘Sex and the City’, has worked in elephant rehabilitation for about a decade now. Davis herself scoured through potential locations where they could set the story while spreading the cause, and eventually, Zambia was decided upon.

Adam Sandler says he got yelled at for 'Uncut Gems' ending, Matthew McConaughey immediately knew wife Camila was 'something special', Ariana Grande releases new song 'Positions', Julia Louis-Dreyfus says 'Seinfeld' fundraiser was formed 'last minute', 'Jurassic World: Dominion' back in production, original stars take selfie. This touching story was inspired by the real-life events of the film’s lead actress Kristin Davis who developed a deep connection to elephants over 12 years ago when she helped rescue an orphaned elephant in Kenya. ⁣ Once we feel the elephants are sufficiently rehabilitated, they are introduced to the Jabulani herd that has a commendable history of accepting orphaned elephants.”. ⁣ While the orphanage in Zambia gave access to filming with the young calves, most of the full-grown beasts were captured in their majestic form in South African locale. Last modified on Fri 1 Nov 2019 07.18 GMT. And while competition is tighter than ever this year – coming in the form of The Knight Before Christmas, animated movie Klaus and yet another Christmas Prince installment – you’d be a maniac to bet against Holiday in the Wild.

In order to do so, the filming took place in the wilderness of African jungles where the elephants feel safe and at home. Also it uses the song Send Me On My Way by Rusted Rocket to soundtrack a pivotal montage of gradual African acceptance, because of course it does. Jabulani guests can observe elephants’ mid-day swim. Name another film where Rob Lowe plays a berserk cross between Indiana Jones and Michael Caine’s character from Jaws 4 who appears to have been preserved in a giant vat of Créme de la Mer. Rob and John were actively engaged in the process of caring for the elephants, and learnt how to prepare the specialised milk formula that provides the nutritional key to the orphans’ recovery from point of rescue. An added benefit at Zandspruit is the fabulous weather that is experienced all year round which affords you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living at any time of the year.”. It’s been through a lot.”. That’s why we offer a clean, consistent, and comfortable stay at more than 2,700 locations around the world. On the first day of filming, she said the crew had to stay in land cruisers and whisper, because that was all the elephants were used to (based on visiting tourists and what they did. In order to do so, the filming took place in the wilderness of African jungles where the elephants feel safe and at home. It’s near and dear to my heart.”, The big elephants that they filmed were in Jabulani, near Kruger. Davis is known for playing Charlotte York on Sex and the City, while Lowe portrayed Sam Seaborn on The West Wing. Because Holiday in the Wild is a colossally, unstoppably silly film. It wanted an Oscar, so it made Roma. All images property of their respective owners. Name another film where Kristin Davis travels to Zambia and falls in love with Rob Lowe. Holiday in the Wild is a nice, pretty, easy, undemanding film, which is ultimately what people want from their Christmas output. Powered by. You might also meet African wild dogs, vultures, lions, leopards, southern ground hornbills, blue crans, serval cats, and other animals. In the movie, Davis plays a New Yorker who goes to an African safari for Christmas, where she meets Rob Lowe, who is playing the role of a pilot in the region.

There are the scenes involving Jabulani, another elephant who was rescued just in time, that are filmed in Camp Jabulani, named after the animal. Zambia We hope that through its production many more viewers worldwide will better understand the challenges being faced here in Zambia, and will be inspired to support our work, because every donation can help make the change! After her son leaves for college, she and her husband had planned a second honeymoon in Zambia. In Hoedspruit, there is the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre that not only takes care of elephants but also other species marked down on the red list, especially the cheetahs. You'll Be Surprised, You Can Now Stay at the Castle from The Crown, Though we wouldn't actually classify this as a. ⁣ While it is an illegal activity, it doesn’t stop people from seeking animals out from their habitats and killing them for their hide or tusks or horns. The charge for this unique experience goes 100% towards the project and wildlife conservation in Zambia.”, Mkaliva takes centre stage in the upcoming Netflix film ‘Holiday in the Wild’!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ As this exciting Netflix conservation-themed film follows the story of an orphaned elephant’s rescue, it was essential to focus on one of the orphans at the Lilayi Elephant Nursery as the muse. Holiday in the Wild is a nice, pretty, easy, undemanding film, which is ultimately what people want from their Christmas output. Locations & Photos, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. To be clear, this isn’t a bad film. Its movies have been widely successful in the past, and this year’s will likely be loved again. With Africa! If you too want to make like Kate and visit one of these astonishing (though pricey) places, here's where the movie was made: The scenes with the big elephants were shot at a private game reserve called Camp Jabulani, right near Kruger. The law enforcement Rangers who patrol wild spaces are literally life savers for these vulnerable elephants, and they need your support.

Moved by the situation of the baby animals, she decides to join in. "Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe star in 'Holiday in the Wild,' a touching new film about a divorcée who embarks on a safari in Zambia where she rediscovers herself while working at a local elephant sanctuary," the caption reads. There were three healthy orphans being cared for by GRI at the time of filming, and Mkaliva was selected as the most calm and well settled. Our editors handpick the products that we feature. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Read More: Movies Like Holiday in the Wild. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film … On her first eve away, she meets Rob Lowe, 55 (Derek), the pilot tapped to take her on her safari, but plans are derailed when he literally stops the plane to save a baby elephant whose mother was poached. Donate today at gamerangersinternational.org”, You can visit the Lilayi Elephant Nursery too.

There she meets a man who is not just a pilot for her safari but is also an animal conservationist.

For more stories like these, sign up for our newsletter. One of Rob Lowe’s behind-the-scenes photos from the set is tagged as being at Hoedspruit. Netflix's Holiday in the Wild is the streaming network's latest seasonal original. Holiday in the Wild is a family favourite, combining a fun and feel-good factor in a new and exciting environment, with all the hard-hitting realities of real-life elephant conservation. Jabulani Safari (see the website here) offers guests a private VIP tour of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC.) The post reads: “We are really proud that parts of the new @netflix movie Holiday in the Wild where shot at #zandspruitestate, the game reserve where our villas are located ☺️ During the recordings the entire film crew (@iamkristindavis, @roblowe and many more) stayed in our villas! One African elephant dies every 20 minutes! Davis herself is a wildlife activist who has been involved in elephant conservation efforts since she helped rescue an orphaned elephant during a 2009 trip to Kenya.

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