Hi guys! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); But then as i keep on watching i can see that he's a really adorable guy and i started to stan him. I love the lead and all actor/actress but i just dont like storyline. so....the reason why park minyoung these days busy praticing dance is this. Mark Jun 12 2020 11:31 am so it was a rly nice story. I know the actors will have chemistry but I hope their respective characters have really good development. Flawless drama so far! ? They have amazing chemistry too. No need to ask, they are so great!!! If I could I would give this drama 30,000/100 - I love it THAT much. My hearteu cant take it cause i need to wait next week for another episide T_T love this show!! Her Private Life would have become my favourite rom-com drama... if it ended on episode 14. No more SLS, he finally got the girl. Somehow I belive that is satirical, ironical treatment of the subject. Jung Jaewon (One) is the reason why I'm watching this series <3 <3 <3. I usually have a second lead syndrome but i will pass this time lol. They both are utterly butterly looking so cute together. i'm also happy that instead of dragging out the romance, they got together early which gave us a lot of really cute scenes of them together and more room for them to work on the plot. If you want something light but not that interesting or captivating look no further. The director is executing the scenes very well. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser http://www.enable-javascript.com.Antispam by CleanTalk. not everyone will agree with my opinion but i just love their chemistry. He really plays well with the placement of the scene cuts. Yoonjae May 22 2019 3:12 am Usually don't leave reviews on kdramas, but I just had to for this one because its so. kokos12 Apr 11 2019 5:54 pm Rinimou Ghosh May 03 2019 10:59 pm Irap May 26 2019 3:06 am It became so boring lol. This is what i called a bad drama. Looking forward for the next episodes!!! But the love story come too fast. Ji chang wook, lee seung gi. Her Private Life 2019 (South Korea), also known as Her Personal Life, Geunyeoui Sasaenghwal is South Korea drama premiere on Apr 3, 2019 on tvN DramaWiki ★ Countries Ryan Gold was adopted at a young age and grew up in the United States. Omg I had no idea there was a film like this...... wow. alise Apr 23 2019 8:54 am jown Dec 28 2019 10:47 am Im happy just looking at them. I immerse with the portrayals of the character, they are all great, i am so fascinated and excited with goose bump on the character of kim jae wook and Park Min Young, perfect! Love how One's acting improved in this drama ❤ I also enjoyed IN2IT cameo as White Ocean! Park Min-young's character on "Her Private Life", Deok-mi, is broadly shown as having two lives - the public life of a normal respectable person, and the private life of an otaku. Vei--> i think just one of you disappointed with pmy on why secretary kim, almost people give love for her role on why secretary it's proven when she got the apan awards. There are no such things. Anyways, I think you get my point. Alvina Nov 30 2019 9:59 am Oh My Hearteu! That artists work you're exhibiting was made by your favorite celebrity's mom! i do think that minyoung's character is pretty similar to her secretary one but she does it well and it meshes with the male lead amazingly. Saranghaeyo!! Like especially in Korea. Fall in love with this... bbbahn Apr 18 2019 5:40 pm Because who don't know about the conflict? Really love this drama ... No wonder there were low ratings. I don't have high expectation over this drama when I watch the first episode. is it just me or the lead really looks a little like michael jackson? Follow both leads always.... park min young kim jae wook May 26 2019 9:09 pm But what if writernim played us again and there's a twists. Thanks? Rating increase significantly.. good job. kimjaewook's future wife May 01 2019 5:09 am Cindy is the toned-down version of the real sasaeng fan. That Nam Eun-Ki guy is so childish. I'm so excited for this!??? A perfect 10 for me!!! I didn't expect to like this drama so much. For those who want a drama that will make you smiley all the time, this drama is perfect for you. For me, they are the best pair in Kdramaland to date. Overall, I loved it. !cant wait to see how this drama turned out..park min young always have a good chemistry with any actor,so I’msure this drama will be hit..plus,we will see more charms of jaewook ? Here are my reasons: 1.Deok-Mi is a total pushover she just let her Boss slap her face & get her away with it I mean seriously she can beat Eun-Ki but she can't defend her self properly. Sorry Park Min Young, but you don't seem to find anything interesting to be starring in lately. I like this drama a lot more than What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. I replay the scene so many times with smile on my face. Slow paced drama, but I really like it! If you can get over the cliche writing and just focus on the romance and chemistry of the actors then I think this drama could be bearable for you, but it wasn't at all for me. Maninder Kaur Apr 13 2019 11:29 pm Nina May 09 2019 3:46 am I love this drama, park min young so cute. I like Kim Jae Wook in Temperature of Love, but idk why i really don't like him in this drama.. just didn't fits with PMY (imo). Ryan takes an interest in Sung Deok-Mi. This series might seem to have lots of positive comments which is one of the reasons I decided to watch it but to be honest, it was really annoying. PMY and KJW chemistry are the besttt!!! --exactly!! Minyon Sep 20 2020 12:14 am pinkyboo Jun 06 2019 1:43 pm bad. Really really love this drama.. Love the chemistry between Kim Jae-Wook and Park Min-Young ? The casts are delivering the emotions, either deep or light depending on the situation, sad or fun. And oh, Kim Jae Wook, you played such a villain in Voice and here. Can I just say I love this drama! Although I still dont understand why Park Min Young would star in it. One year later, I would like to take back any criticism I made. Thank God he finally become LM, a handsome and charismatic man. Yuri Mar 27 2019 11:26 pm This drama bring me so much happiness. My thirsty self is happy! There are so many scenes that show how Ryan Gold finds out that Shi An is My Life is Deok Mi. To me, an American, all these actors are very endearing and their body of work is great. But at least they get so much love from international fans. Kim jae wook lead her more mature, more natural in her acting too..btw...why i still have goosbumps in here everytime ryan smile. Find the answer to this subtle question in "Her Private Life". What choice will Deok Mi make? How?? hahah love it. CV Apr 08 2020 11:02 am Nothing is forced everything evolves. At first i didnt notice that he dont share family name with deok mi despite they are family until i open this page, but i noticed his glare at deok mi from the first ep, it’s not like brother-sister look, more likely man-woman. The current rating is only 87... WHAT... Are you kidding me ? Boy, was I right! this drama show how fangirls living their life. Ep 1 is so boring. First of all, I don't think Park Min-Young needs our approval. Ff May 25 2019 10:20 am But the drama really surprises me every episodes. [Spoilers Ahead] W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Why I feel like the two mains are gonna end up being siblings at the end (IDK why but I'm scared lol). Haneen May 28 2019 9:09 am lolwat Jan 02 2020 7:47 am but it turns out that i could give it only 7 or 8 out of 10. i like it, no, i even love it, but the plot is not my type of dramas. Sunshine May 12 2019 5:38 pm im loving this drama!! She’s pretty but not the ‘other girl’ type of girl, if u know what i mean. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm officially become Kim Jae Wook fan girl ^_^ His face is so unique buuuuut so charming and seeeeexxxxxxyyy especially his gaze kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I melted. I literally want to be kiss by Kim Jae Wook the same way in that scene. Although I truly enjoyed (almost) every moment of it, it kind of lost its spark at the end and it became boring. Ryan Gold's past story is also emphatizable. Sung Deok-Mi now focuses only her job and doing activities as Shi-An's fan in her private life. But sometimes in a drama he played, I like his character more than the main leads, for example in Temperature of Love. I give it 2/10. hi, just finished watching ep. The series aired on tvN from April 10 to May 30, 2019. Not a filler. The lion Ryan Gold ? Going to miss it. the vice chairman Lee Young Joon ? Woooooahh kim jae wook! Her Private Life Episode 15. It's so cute and refreshing ^^ My heart was fluttering during every episode! Really entertaining !!! Ryan Gold is gold..KJW becomes my ultimate bias because of this drama. It was sweet, fun, had a good soundtrack, and the main characters were attractive and lovely. This drama is so good and funny LOL! kim jae wook is an excellent actor, as usual, really versatile. * Private Lives (JTBC) * SF8: Empty Body (MBC) * So I Will Make It (TV Tokyo) * Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN) "October 8-14" * 24 Japan (TV Asahi) * 30sai made Dotei (TV Tokyo) * Aibou 19 (TV Asahi) * Dangerous Venus (TBS) * A Girl of 35 (NTV) * No Matter What (KBS1) * RemoteLove (NTV) * Shorui wo Otoko ni Shitadakede (TBS) * Just Watch It! Could not ask for anything more. She is the perfect girlfriend. It was on 20:00 mins episode 8. Park min young very lucky. Do you guys know what was the song being played in the background when Deok-Mi and Sun-Joo were talking at the coffee shop? Based on novel "Noona Paen Datkom” by Kim Sung-Yeon (published April 10, 2007 by Yeowoobi). I'm Kim Jae Wook fan. Hope this drama will good and better till the end. She’s a pro in both aspects of her life, and because of her fangirl dedication, Duk Mi has had to break up with several boyfriends, deciding instead to go all in for her fangirl activities instead of dating. I also hope it is not all fluff, as it can get boring. Dosheyan Apr 12 2019 6:56 am Jenny Ann May 03 2019 12:00 am hihi sorry for bad english. Hahahahha can’t wait for future episode!! I so love this drama! They were able to successfully pull off a great plot diagram that wasn't emotionally dragging and quirky enough to give the right emotions to their audience. 5, 9), Park Seul-gi as MC of Cha Shi-an's autograph session (Ep. Liked her in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”. Loved!! I like the acting, I like the characters and actors here but, the story ugh doesn't have to be dragging, too many filler scenes. Ro Dec 06 2019 7:09 am Sunjoo’s husband makes me anxious, wth did he do. When a new director of the art gallery, named Ryan (Kim Jae Wook), discovers her secret, he is intrigued. They are mature adults who handle the conflicts maturely so we can relate to them and admire them. I think the best chemistry is in this drama. I and many watch this drama even more than once each episode. pinkonmonsta Jun 24 2020 11:58 am Watch all her drama, huge fan of her. But when he uncovers Deok Mi’s secret, everything changes. I really feel their feeling between them. Dive May 02 2019 5:27 am Lusy Woo Apr 23 2019 2:12 am the first few episodes had me thinking that this drama was going to be a disappointment but im glad i was proven wrong. anyone know the song that plays in episode 6 coffeeshop 00:05:59.... cant seem to find it. Chemistry is a meh in the drama itselft, however it is a bit confusing watching their BTS, their acting seems pretty natural than in the drama itself. J Jing Dec 16 2019 3:29 am story line is common, but i love seeing them together.. hope they work together again in another drama, Cath123 Oct 02 2020 9:26 am However there were moments where it felt a bit like i was watching "Whats wrong with Secretary Kim" again, the flashbacks and all.

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