But did you know some endings can tell you the gender of French nouns? Well there are actually quite a few words you can use. Feminine singular: triste Personally, although the endings method is the one I’ve found the most useful, I’ve always tried to memorize vocabulary with an article, as well. Alcohol, wine, almost all of the fruits in sour taste, the time you can see the sun as morning, noon, evening, and the meals we eat in day time etc. Now, go to this post for French endings which tell masculine words. That is because it is not the object itself that requires the article “an” it is the word we choose. Exceptions include le murmure. Ure, for example la chaussure (the shoe), la blessure (the wound), la nourriture (food). Still, whether there’s logic to them or not, genders are a part of the French language and knowing them is essential when it comes to speaking and writing correctly. Luckily, French law today considers male and female citizens equal, with equal rights. The French love of classifying things and making them concise means that you couldn’t have adjectives/verbs/pronouns that agree with both genders, so one had to be chosen, and the one that was chosen was the gender that had the most power at the time: masculine. Elle m’a prêté sa voiture pour la journée. Associating each noun with such a vivid image helps you remember its gender more easily. Below are some of the most popular nouns in the French language. Not really, for example: une chanson, un fleuve. But it can be a very helpful way to quickly guess the gender of words that do fall into these categories, or if you’re working with these categories (say, talking about the colors of a painting), you’ll know you can keep the gender the same. -on: la maison, la raison. And the ending also depends on the verb group. Also, there are quite a few French nouns with different meanings depending on whether they are masculine or feminine. im having a lot of trouble on my french homework. Here are some categories of French words that are typically masculine: Here are some categories of French words that are typically feminine: For more details about these categories, you can have a look at this list or this one, which includes links to two French podcasts about how to tell what gender a word is. Fancy listening to a bit of French music? They could only agree on the gender of 17 of those! It’s not just slang. because I’m a french teacher living in Nigeria and I discover that while teaching my student and I was stranded to provide answer to their questions. Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. So, one day French words may not have genders at all. Not she or he…), second of all because… there are no precise rules to follow in French. articles), pronouns, and adjectives. And as you start memorizing words this way, you may notice that certain types of words tend to be one gender or another, which will give you more of a chance of guessing, if you ever have to. Now for beginners, you’re set. This is another strategy that has helped me quite a bit. Luckily this is one of many myths about the French language. They go to the cinema every week. Masculine plural: bons We do not however say “an house made of ice” just because igloo starts with a vowel. Generally, the feminine form is simply the masculine form of the adjective, with an -e at the end. Oui, I’m including pronouns in articles, sue me. Now you know how to identify the gender of French nouns. French Together founder and genuinely nice guy Benjamin Houy has created a simplified list that’s easier to remember. For example, traditionally, jobs like teachers and writers were only used with masculine nouns. These differences are only noticeable in written French since the pronunciation remains the same. Which are…. Agreement in French. Rules always come after. Feminine plural: tristes. Here are the most important grammatical elements in French that change based on genders. Alysa Salzberg is an American writer, worrier, teacher, and cookie enthusiast who has lived in Paris, France, for more than a decade. Which article should you use? Because it does make your French instantly better when you use the right genders. Note that for nouns that begin with vowels, or nouns that are plural, the gender is noted in parentheses after the word. Always a long list. Lunettes de soleil ( sun glasses ) Feminine. Chapeau ( fancy hat ) Masculine. Practise how to say 'to the' and 'at the' using au, à la, à l' and aux. This means the adjective is either: Let’s take several adjectives as examples. French isn’t the only language whose nouns have genders, and masculine and feminine aren’t the only possible genders for nouns in certain other languages.

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