A reductive appraisal of shooter games is that all problems are solved by shooting them in the face (or something approximating a face). I’m almost disappointed. After his group succeeds in seizing the vault, Jack arrives to claim the treasure, which was information on another vault on Pandora known as "The Vault of The Warrior". Handsome Jack is a hologram, unable to … For most of the story he has two laser guns attached  to each of his wrists. So that may be the ultimate catharsis of the death of Handsome Jack. An unstoppable force and immovable object can both be the champions of their people and causes. He also used this as an opportunity to rise up the corporate ladder by orchestrating bets to his superiors and using Angel and the original vault hunters (whom were unaware of this at the time). It appears to have long sleeves that go past his elbows. He then tries to find other vault hunters in order to lure them into his sphere of influence, showing a need for them. Powers/Skills Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

He also rescinded the bounty place on the vault hunters sent to stop him, so that he could kill them himself. Also I don't believe he should be brought back in anyway to three I'm just putting it out there that it could have been a possibility for him to show up again if the community had made different decisions. Under the jacket he wears a yellow shirt that is partially tucked in with the word "Hyperion" written across the chest.

Helena Pierce: "This train was commandeered legally under the -" Handsome Jack: "Holy nutballs! But before I cleanse this planet for good, I am gonna avenge my daughter! Merely killing Handsome Jack is not enough.
The collared shirt is unbuttoned and goes down to his knees. Irl everyone thinks they’re the hero, but no one wants to believe they’re the villain. This is the other option often available to the player: Activating something—in this case the NPC representing the Lilith character—and watching events unfold. Following the instructions of his then lover at the time, Moxxi, Jack activates the laser weapon; only for it to destroy itself. He held the delusions that he was the hero of the story, as he would be hailed as the savior. The quest itself is either a hilarious parody or a reductive deconstruction, demonstrating how every objective in a first-person shooter must, inevitably, be reduced to shooting something. Handsome Jack's acts range from merely being petty, such as taunting the Vault Hunters and even naming his own stead "Butt Stallion" as an insult for them, into utterly sadistic, such as cold-bloodedly murdering Bloodwing and using his own daughter to charge the vault key. Handsome Jack is thought to have heterochromia, which is a genetic difference in both of the eyes' color. Under his jacket he has a brown vest with a white collared shirt underneath it. He, after his death in Borderlands 2, is kind of revived in Rhys' brain when he jams a bunch of data into his head in the first episode of the series. The true final encounter is what happens immediately afterward when the Vault Hunter encounters a broken Handsome Jack. With Helios back under Hyperion control, Jack then decides to use the Eye of Helios to attack the Lost Legion forces on Elpis. It’s exactly the reaction you’d expect from a narcissist confronted by his mortality and fallibility—abject denial—and it’s here that my catharsis against Handsome Jack occurred. The NPC: Face McShooty. After the events of Pre-Sequel, Jack wears a gray jacket with the sleeves rolled up. But that was incorrect. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

(On discovery of the third audio log) Handsome Jack: "Oh yeah? https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Handsome_Jack?oldid=3992585, Every CL4P-TP unit in the existence (except for Claptrap), Handsome Jack is often considered a "western-game" equivalent of. The handsome jack ai in TFTB isnt the same as the jack in bl2. During this time, Jack also hired six vault hunters to help him with finding a vault on Elpis, Pandora's moon.

Does anybody else want to know what would happen or is it me? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When they collide, the only deciding factor of who’s the hero and who’s the villain is who’s left standing.

While it may all be fictional he was a great villian that we killed off not the creator it wasn't their decision it was the communities and we killed off Jack. That is why I always hand the finishing blow off to Lilith. He also stole the credit for defeating the entity that resided in the Vault from the original vault hunters form the original game.

He is also very vengeful, as he did not hesitate to kill Roland and kidnap Lilith, another siren, to replace his daughter who died from being disconnected from the eridium that helped to keep her alive. A broken, defeated Handsome Jack experiences no sudden vision or moment of clarity. "—Handsome Jack taunting the vault hunters before attempting to blow them up.Handsome Jack is the president of the Hyperion Corporation, self-declared dictator of Pandora and the main antagonist of Borderlands 2.

He trades in boots for brown sneakers with a yellow stripe down each side. I’m feeling a little deflated. Trivia.

Moxxi, Roland and Lilith betrayed Jack in order to prevent him from getting too powerful. So they decided to make that choice cannon.

Manipulate the Vault Hunters into opening the Vault of the Destroyer.Kill Tassiter and take over his position as leader of Hyperion.Open the vault of the Sentinel (all succeeded).Kill the Vault Hunters and "cleanse" Pandora from all bandits and dangerous creatures (failed).Become Immortal.Regain power (both succeeded).Gain Rhys' Trust.Convince Rhys to take over Hyperion with him by his side (both succeeded/failed).Take complete control of Rhys' body.Make an army of jacks by putting endoskeletons inside corpses so he can have even more power.Kill Rhys for betraying him.Prevent Rhys from destroying Helios.Kill Rhys for destroying his legacy (all failed).Kill Bandits while being used as a gun (succeeded). In a surprising aversion of the apparent critique in “Shoot This Guy in the Face,” players are given a choice. The mask does not have a soul patch. So when thinking back on it when many people played through tales from the borderlands a majority decided to kill jack off/ destroy the hard drive he was connected to.

Mass murderHate crimesAbuse Illegal experimentationTheftTerrorism. So that may be the ultimate catharsis of the death of Handsome Jack. He covers this up with a mask nearly identical to his former face, sans scar. I didn’t expect to come out the other end of my examination of Handsome Jack walking through the minefield of ludology and narratology. After the events of the Pre-Sequel, Jack is left with a not-so-handsome scar in the shape of the vault symbol. Handsome Jack's death was our fault .

Hyperion programmer (formerly)President and CEO of Hyperion corporation President and CEO of Atlas (formerly) Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Handsome Jack enhances his ECHO eye and gets to overload the gun, which causes it to explode. Handsome Jack points his finger forward which also happens to Rhys. Jack really did get fucked over by the vault hunters and had we played through BL2 as Jack after TPS, we’d have seen his heroic antics in a brighter light, after all, Jack had worse odds than the vault hunters. He truly believed he was the good guy. Jack then orders the vault hunters he hired to go after the vault on Elpis. Jack is the President of the Hyperion Corporation, which takes control of the planet Pandora; in his mind, he is the hero of the story, the heroic savior of everyone and that the world revolves around him. So they decided to make that choice cannon. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Handsome Jack is despicable. Handsome Jack's favorite method of murder seems to be strangulation. ( Log Out /  During the development of the game, the developers originally gave him the name as a temporary place holder, but everyone liked the name that it was decided to become his actual name.

Would he have been a villian they saved to randomly show up in a later game past borderlands 3 to comeback or would he have came back in borderlands 3? TeleportationHand-to-hand combat proficiencyControl of his own Siren DaughterExperience with firearmsLeadershipCommand over the Hyperion armyAdvanced technologyCan create weaker clones of himselfCarious weaponsWealthControl over the WarriorDurabilityCharismaManipulationIntelligenceMastery of strategyImmortality (Through an AI) He revels in whatever evil he does and is not afraid to rub it in his enemies' face. Too often in videogames, we are removed from events to the point that they are treated as abstractions. He has a green left eye and a blue right eye, as well as soul patch. Handsome Jack's death was our fault. So why don't you turn around and face me, pumpkin?" His sidequest: “Shoot This Guy in the Face.” Its objective: Shoot Face McShooty in the face. Satisfaction comes from catharsis, from the built up tension of emotion developed within the person by interaction with another entity ultimately subsequently released by a conflict.

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