The band is formed formed by JYP Entertainment. ⇒ Real Name: Wang Jia Er / Wang Ka Yee (王嘉爾) ⇒ Date of Birth:… ⇒ Weight: Kilogram: 60 kg, Pounds: 132 lbs

They also have fanbase around the world which named themselves as “I GOT7” and have a meaning that fans are lucky to have GOT7 as their idol. ⇒ Age: 24 Years ⇒ Date of Birth: 22 September 1994 ⇒ Nationality: American J.B or better known as Im Jae Bum is a South Korean singer part of GOT7 who born in Goyang on January 6, 1994. Not much is known about his personal life, he got his stage name changed from JR to Jr and later changed yo Jinyoung. He did have a girlfriend before debuting and ended their relationship just before Wang signed the contract with JYP Entertainment. ⇒ Birth Sign: Taurus ⇒ Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States BamBam is single, but seem like he had a dating experience before debuting, he also got into small dating scandal with Mina from TWICE when a picture of both him and Mina got around, the agency had made a clarification about the said picture which stated that they are only friends. ⇒ Blood Type: O ⇒ Height: Meter: 1.77 m, Centimeter: 177 cm, in feet-inch: 5′ 10″
⇒ Height: Meter: 1.74 m, Centimeter: 174 cm, in feet-inch: 5′ 9″ * Flight Log: Turbulence (2016), ⇒ Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist & Visual ⇒ Weight: Kilogram: 62 kg, Pounds: 136 lbs ⇒ Instagram: @prdsdef, ⇒ Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group Before debuting in GOT7, Park Jin Young and JB had become a duo for JYP Entertainment as JJ Project, he also starred in a movie Dream High 2 on 2011. Nickname: Jaebongi, Daddy, and harabuji. ⇒ Age: 22 Years * Moriagatteyo (2016) Jackson doesn’t have a rumor about relationships and he is still single as of now.

Trivia. Jackson had solo activities in China as a solo artist and a tv host in one of their program which he debuted in 2014. Mark has a close friendship with people from another group such as Peniel from BTOB, V from BTS, Minhyuk from Monsta X and Amber from F(x). ⇒ Birth Sign: Libra ⇒ Blood Type: O But during an interview, he will not hesitate if he found someone with good chemistry with him, while he also stated that he likes Bora member from SISTAR. Mark has the closest relationship with Jinyoung as a member of GOT7  because he is the one who taught Mark, Korean language. Mark is a Taiwanese descent who born in Los Angeles, California, United States on September 4, 1993. ⇒ Education: Kyunggi High School, Howon University What we know is BamBam came from Bangkok, Thailand and of Thai Nationality. GOT7 also signed a contract with Japanese music recording which is Sony Music Entertainment or SME for short and launched their first Japan Tour in October. ⇒ Real Name: Dong Yi Eun (동의은) Chinese Name: Mark Yi En Tuan (段宜恩) ⇒ Height: Meter: 1.78 m, Centimeter: 178 cm, in feet-inch: 5′ 10″ ⇒ Nationality: Chinese

GOT7 Factoids : Average Age. Together they become one of the well known Kpop boyband group in Korea and also internationally. Outside of GOT7 work, BamBam also is a host in M Countdown alongside his teammates Jinyoung. Here are some facts about JB in GOT7 members profile trivia: If you are interested in BLACKPINK please consider reading a full biography of BLACKPINK members profile in here =>. ⇒ Nationality: South-Korean We are not a true fan of GOT7 if we don’t at least read about GOT7 members profile to better understand our idol, don’t you agree? Here are some facts about Yugyeom in GOT7 members profile trivia: Block B Members | This time you’ll meet the most controversial Korean boy group so …, Your email address will not be published. Seven member boy band who released the EP Flight Log: Arrival in March 2017, and sold over 300,000 copies. ⇒ Education: info Unavailable ⇒ Nationality: Thai ⇒ Twitter: @jacksonwang852, ⇒ Position: Lead Vocalist – Dancer, Rapper They released their first Japanese studio album Moriagatteyo in 2016. ⇒ Real Name: Wang Jia Er / Wang Ka Yee (王嘉爾) * Origin: Seoul, South Korea

He has gotten a scar while walking in the icy road and falling.

Sophia Lucia – Profile, Bio, Age, Height, Family & Life Facts, Big Bang – Members Profile, Age, Height & More, Why Don’t We – Members, Profile, Age, 15 Facts (2020), Monsta X – Members Profile, Age, Height & Facts.

⇒ Birthplace: Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Age: 24. Height: 179 cm (5’10” 1/2) Weight: 66 Kg.

He also attended Hamlim Arts High School. ⇒ Height: Meter: 1.78 m, Centimeter: 178 cm, in feet-inch: 5′ 8″ 24.9 years old. ⇒ Siblings: Tammy Chung, Grace Tuan, Joey Tuan In 2015, he got a supporting role in Korean drama titled “This is My Love. Here are some facts about Jinyoung in GOT7 members profile trivia: Not much information about Youngjae background, what we know is his birthday and birthplace which is in Jeollanam-do, South Korea on September 17, 1996. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. TikTok: @got7official. ⇒ Date of Birth: 17 September 1996

He could speak Japanese very well and the most proficient one after Jinyoung among the GOT7 members.

In GOT7 members profile, we will provide us the fans of GOT7 members a peek into their full biography of GOT7 members profile. Block B Members Profile, Age, Birthdays, UPDATED! ⇒ Weight: Kilogram: 64 kg, Pounds: 140 lbs Their first EP titled “Got it?” which got ranked #1 in Billboard World’s album chart. But what is to note is, JB first kiss is stolen already at 13 years old. ⇒ Weight: Kilogram: 65 kg, Pounds: 143 lbs Mark is currently is not on dating relation, probably because of the agency strict rules about dating. ⇒ Real Name: Park Jin Young (박진영), Nickname: Jirongie ⇒ Instagram: @yu_gyeom ⇒ Date of Birth: January 6, 1994 ⇒ Parents: Kochakorn Bhuwakul ⇒ Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group. Yugyeom is the only member in GOT7 who doesn’t have solo activities to date, might be in the future.

Age Order (Oldest to Youngest) Unni / Hyung (Oldest) Mark 27 years, 50 days. Be a man! ⇒ Blood Type: A GOT7 Members | GOT7 is a Kpop boyband group under JYP Entertainment agency which debuted in early 2014. ⇒ Real Name: Choi Young Jae (최영재) Before debuting as GOT 7 members, JB already had a duet group with his fellow teammates in GOT 7’s Jinyoung. Maknae (Youngest) Yugyeom 22 years, 342 days. The group consisted of seven member consists of JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. He is born as an only child in the family, he attends schools in Goyang and later attended Konkuk University with film as his major. Because of her busy schedule as a trainee and less time to see her, they ended the relationship. Mark had his own personal Fanclub named “Alluring Voice”. Jinyoung is still single, as per company rules Jinyoung is forbidden to date, someone. Youngjae doesn’t have dating experience and still single as to date.

Band members Kim Yugyeom and JB joined forces as a duo known as Jus2 and released a track called "Focus on Me." The got their world tour also called the “first fly tour” on 2016 from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, USA and ended in China. ⇒ Education: American International School in Hong ⇒ Instagram: @pepi_jy_, ⇒ Position: Lead Vocalist 루머 법적 대응" [전문], JYP "갓세븐 영재 학폭 주장한 글쓴이, 어떤 근거도 제시 못해" [전문], JYP 측 "갓세븐 영재 '학폭' 주장 글쓴이 미팅...근거 제시 못 해". GOT7 Members Profile Name, Age, Birthaday UPDATED! Not much known about Bambam before joining JYP Entertainment as a trainee. ⇒ Birth Sign: Virgo Yugyeom is still single and doesn’t have a dating rumor around him. Hangul: 임 재범. ⇒ Birth Sign: Virgo

In 2017, JYP Entertainment announced that Jackson will release his own single album in China, also JYP will establish the team management for his activities in the said country. ⇒ Birth Sign: Capricorn ⇒ Birthplace: Mokpo, South Korea ⇒ Age: 20 Years Amber and Jackson from GOT7 members stated that mark could talk a lot once he is comfortable with you. ⇒ Instagram: @333cyj333, ⇒ Position: Lead Rapper – Dancer, Sub-Vocalist In 2018 GOT7were appointed as Korea’s National Fire Agency honorary ambassador. ⇒ Birthplace: Siheung, South Korea JB also have solo activities as an actor in Korean drama titled “When Man Fall in loves” as Seo Mi-Joon and Jang Woo-Jae in “Dream High2” He also become the main cast in virtual music television drama with every GOT7 members as the lead role, which he played as a superhero version of himself. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn. ⇒ Weight: Kilogram: 60 kg, Pounds: 132 lbs

⇒ Date of Birth: fgfgfg Born in Hongkong, China, Wang Jia Er had a family consisting of father, mother, older brother and one adopted sister.
JB GOT7 Members Profile. ⇒ Blood Type: B Mark ideal type of a woman is someone who could make him want to spend time with her. ⇒ Birth Sign: Virgo

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