For lack of officers, he could be allowed to command a company (or squadron for Cavalry). For the Legion is still France’s first resort in nasty situations and, as the soldiers themselves say, they are sent because if they die “it’s only foreigners”. The ranks within the French Foreign Legion. Some details about the pay in the French Foreign Legion Since 1875, Sergent-majors were responsible solely for administration tasks of a company. Commandant is officially referred to as Chef de bataillon (or Chef d’escadrons for Cavalry). How much they pay you in the French Foreign Legion depends on many factors such as rank, family situation, qualifications etc. Ranks in the French Foreign Legion For years, all recruits are also volunteers in the French Foreign Legion, a unit which hosted foreign fighters… by Eric Sof Portuguese Military – Special Operations and Elite Units, Ruger Redhawk: A revolver that will last forever. The French Foreign Legion has long been the stuff of adventure and romance. He has to pass an audition/examination successfully or, if he has been serving for a sufficient time, he can submit an application for. Aspirant is able to command a platoon (or peloton for Cavalry). Production: Ricochet and Diamond Bullet Films. Whats being an infantry officer really like. ... More than 100 nationalities form its ranks, once they are accepted their only family is the Legion. He is also given his own new rifle, which according to the lore of the Legion must never be left on a battlefield. A band of hired killers. Promotion is concurrent with the ranks in the French Army. Learn how your comment data is processed. This documentary takes cameras into the modern Legion and while weapons and enemies have changed, the outcome will still be the same. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Those who make it to the rank of CCH will almost never be promoted to Sgt which is the first NCO rank in the FR armed forces. They are worn beneath the rank insignia. Foreign Legion’s ranking system is based on the French Army ranking system. Being proud – French Foreign Legion’s Code of Honor, Shane’s story: The Legion was my homeland, Training in French Foreign Legion (2e REP Paratroopers). This page is updated regularly. It has been called an army of thieves and cutthroats. They are more like senior privates. French Foreign Legion – Enlistment and training. A legionnaire is clothed, fed, accomodated, and medically cared for and his pay will depend upon his rank, qualifications and time of service, on top of which special bonuses could be paid depending on his … Each gold chevron, which are only used by ordinary legionnaires and noncommissioned officers, denotes five years with the French Foreign Legion. In the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (1er REC), Corporal is called Brigadier (a Cavalry tradition). Sous-officiers account for 25% of the current legion's total manpower. An already obsolete French military rank, canceled in 1971. He is able to command a battalion (or a group of squadrons for Cavalry) or a half-brigade. Second Class Legionnaire (equivalent to Private). All members of the…, In recent times, often prompted with the question what is the average salary in the Foreign Legion legionnaires. Lieutenant is able to command a platoon (or peloton for Cavalry). Its mission includes the protection of the Centre Spatial Guyanais , a European Space Agency (ESA) facility. Register a free account today to become a member! In 1928, the rank Sergent-chef was created within the French Army to replace it. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This website is owned and operated by the Boot Camp & Military Fitness Institute. Facts about French Foreign Legion you probably never heard about. Adjudant is able to command a platoon (or peloton for Cavalry). Before receiving his Képi blanc (White Kepi) and the right to called himself as the Legionnaire, an enlisted volunteer/recruit is addressed as a simply Engagé Volontaire (Enlisted Volunteer) and authorized to wear a green beret only. In 1er REC, Staff Sergeant is called Maréchal des logis-chef (a Cavalry tradition). Whitin the Foreign Legion, the Sergent-majors disappeared in the late 1960s. The French Foreign Legion has long been the stuff of adventure and romance. Ordinary soldiers ranks, Non-commissioned officers ranks, Commissioned officers ranks. Traces…, Walther PP Super: A direct blowback pistol. Sous-Lieutenant is able to command a platoon (or peloton for Cavalry). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, there are some distinctions that make the Legion’s ranking system unique. Since 1875, Sergent-majors were responsible solely for administration tasks of a company. VAC (Véhicule Articulé Chenillé – Tracked Articulated Vehicle) is a all-terrain non-armored carrier used by the Foreign Legion and other French Army forces. Caporal/Brigadier (even a Caporal-chef/Brigadier-chef) receives that rank at the end of his successfully finished Stage Sergent (Advanced Leader Course in US Army), a practical ca. * Engage Volontaire - 15 weeks basic training * Soldat 2e Classe (2nd Class Legionnaire) - … It seems that there are 2 career paths for JNCO & SNCO. Légion étrangère Sergent-chef/Maréchal des logis-chef is allowed to obtain that rank after a minimum of 3 years of service as a Sergent-chef/Maréchal des logis-chef. vintage french foreign legion operation epervier (hawk) badge - very rare. Général de Brigade is able to be the commander of the whole French Foreign Legion. $89.99 Distributor(s): National Geographic (2000) and Discovery Channel (2002). Traces of these questions, we decided to investigate, how much one can earn a legionnaire during the first years of his career, and how his salary. It comprises two units and is able to carry 12 personnel (4 + 8). To answer this question we found at the official presentation of the site for the recruitment of the French Foreign Legion. Usually, there are no more than two Majors in a regiment. THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION: PAY AND BONUSES. Selection? Special thanks to Joe van Raamt, a former cavalry legionnaire, for his help. Sergent/Maréchal des logis is allowed to receive that rank after a minimum of 3 years of service as a Sergent/Maréchal des logis. How to become a member of the French Foreign Legion? First Sergeant (US) or Company Sergeant Major (UK). JavaScript is disabled. You have to address him: “Mon Commandant”. T-shirts, hoodies, mugs... Andrew J. Mitchell: Pictorial History of the French Foreign Legion in Indochina, 1927-1945, Lt Colonel Zlatko Sabljic has passed away, Photographs from 1908 – Casablanca Incursion. It’s not a simple question. French Foreign Legion information. What exactly happened in Benghazi and what should I know about it? Support this website by purchasing goods inspired by the French Foreign Legion. The regiment is stationed in French Guiana . Legionnaire de 2e classe receives that rank after a minimum of 10 months of his service. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The CCH are a special category of personel. French Ministry of Defence The 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (French: 3 e Régiment étranger d'infanterie, 3 e REI) is an infantry regiment of the French Foreign Legion. Adjudant is allowed to obtain that rank after a minimum of 4 years of service as an Adjudant. New updates are reported here. make offer - french foreign legion insignia presentation box, made by j balme saumur, france. Thank you for your interest! But from the burning sands of Northern Africa to the jungles of South America, whenever the odds are long and the battle fierce, the French Foreign legion has been called into action. First Sergeant (US) or Company Sergeant Major (UK)An already obsolete French military rank, canceled in 1971. Enter your email address to follow this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. Once signed in, you'll be able to participate on this site by adding your own topics and posts, as well as connect with other members through your own private inbox! What components are in a contract with the French Foreign Legion? I am signing up for the Legion hopefully this year. French Foreign Legion Vehicles VAC. The 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (French: 1 er Régiment Étranger de Cavalerie, 1 er REC) is the only cavalry regiment in the French Foreign Legion.As of 2009 it was the only armoured cavalry regiment of the 6th Light Armoured Brigade. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What dont you understand? french foreign legion insignia presentation box, made by j balme saumur, france. $215.00 +$15.00 shipping. Discipline and training is brutal and from the interviews it seems that old hands will do almost anything under orders. The Sergent-major served as the senior NCO within an infantry company, being a gray eminence alongside the captain. Ive just got to get my I.D sorted out. ( Log Out /  Gents out here we have been receiving on the National Geographic Channel. Major is an uncommon rank within the Legion. The salary is higher while you are on operation in abroad. Change ).

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