Just a bit concerned if it will hold its shape on a cupcake. Just wondering if you use cream cheese in tubs instead of bricks? I’d try to pop in it the fridge for a bit and see if that helps. 2. Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. You could even try adding a smidge of gelatin to it. I used all 4 cups of icing sugar, that’s all I have in the house. Yes I would definitely recommend the gel color. It might change the texture a little bit and it might be a little thinner because of the reduced fat, but it should be okay.

It works perfectly in this cream cheese frosting to give it volume and enough thickness that it holds it’s shape when piped, but doesn’t go overboard on sweetness. Thank you. Hopefully it will work. Beat the softened butter to a soft and even consistency.

I do notice that with mascarpone cheese. That’s the standard amount of powdered sugar I use in most of my buttercream frostings to have enough frosting for about 12 cupcakes or so. Cream cheese frosting is definitely tricky. https://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/how-to-frost-a-smooth-cake-with-buttercream/, This is the best cc icing ever.

Cream cheese frosting really can be tricky. I have also noticed beating the cream cheese too long makes it runny because the cream cheese loses it’s integrity. Perhaps the cream cheese and butter were too soft. If you’re going for a cream cheese frosting, I say really go for it. I live in NZ so the weather in November shouldn’t be too hot.

Add the vanilla extract and mix until well combined. That said, there’s really no reason to over mix the cream cheese.

If you’re going to leave it out longer than that though, I’d refrigerate it. I would suggest refrigerating this frosting. So, I make my cream cheese frosting for cakes and cupcakes just a little bit differently. Keywords: cream cheese frosting, cream cheese frosting recipe, how to make frosting, how to make cream cheese frosting, best frosting for cupcakes, best frosting for cakes, best frosting for piping, easy frosting recipe, Tag @lifeloveandsugar on Instagram and hashtag it #lifeloveandsugar. I decorated professionally for 36 years. Add more or less powdered sugar, as desired for consistency purposes. I have never tried low-fat cream cheese in the frosting.

By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with Life Love Sugar. Generally speaking it should hold it shape, but with the cream cheese I would also keep it cool. When it comes to cakes, I up the powdered sugar by just a bit. I have not, but my recipes for Lemon Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue Cheesecake may be what you are looking for. It’s enough frosting to generously frost a three layer 8-inch cake and have frosting between the layers and on the outside of the cake. I love your recipes.

Once you’ve combined your cream cheese and butter so that it’s nice and smooth (if you have lumps, they are probably too cool and you’ll want to let them come closer to room temperature), it’s time to add the powdered sugar. I know it’s tempting to reduce the amount of powdered sugar and might seem harmless, but this is what adds volume and structure to the frosting. I have a question, how many cups of salted caramel and icing sugar I need to add to this recipe. Also want to make sure it is smooth. Used this for a red velvet cake and it was delicious!!! I haven’t personally noticed an issue with mixing cream cheese making it runny before.

I have 2 6 inch cake I want to frost using your cream cheese recipe.

Add the orange juice, if using, then the icing sugar. Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Hi, first time baker here. Your email address will not be published. It simply would not hold shape. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!❤️❤️❤️. For the cake version, I’d double it – so reduce sugar by 1 cup and add 1 cup cocoa. Such a quick and easy great tasting frosting!

Add about 1/8 teaspoon or so of salt, depending on your preference. I have tried whisking it and beating it but its now really lumpy what should I do?? Add the cream cheese and work it in – don’t beat it in, just slowly … Add the remaining powdered sugar and mix until well combined and smooth. Lindsay, just want to thank-you for the recipe, it is GREAT , MY HUSBAND LOVES IT ! This Cream Cheese Frosting recipe is quick, easy & perfect for frosting cupcakes since it holds its shape for piping!

Any tips on how to save a runny frosting? I thought I’d give it a try since I had it. That said, there’s really no reason to over mix the cream cheese. My question is will the cream cheese icing hold up as well when stacking the cakes? Although you’ll find that they way the recipe is written below, I double the frosting for a cake. Yes, you will want to use the bricks not the tubs. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. You’ll probably want to work with it when it’s still a little cool so that you can pipe it and then get it back in the fridge quickly. Thank you so much ! Hope you can help me.

Hello. A cup to be exact. Add the cream cheese and butter to a large mixer bowl and beat until well combined and smooth. There’s no doubt the cream cheese frosting is one of that cream cheese frosting is one of the trickiest, but if you make it when your cream cheese is still a touch cool and not too warm, it’s usually easier to work with. To make cream cheese frosting, you’ll need your butter and cream cheese, which should basically be at room temperature. 4. 3. Swapping butter for Crisco is an even swap. Frosting is one of the most important parts of a cake and tends to be the best part, in my opinion. I wonder how much icing sugar you have stocked hehe! I have used it for several cakes. If you do refrigerate it prior to adding it to your cake or cupcakes, you’ll want to let it sit out and soften up again before using it. Depending on how soft the mixture is, you may want to put it in the fridge for 10 mins at this point. To make chocolate, would I reduce the powdered sugar by 1/2 cup to add 1/2 of cocoa? You have to try this cream cheese frosting!

Cold butter is going to give you lumps. Never miss a post - subscribe to receive emails! I’m in the southern united states so frosting can be very temperamental with both heat and humidity working against me. I’m in the south too (Atlanta). Also need frosting for 62 cup cakes how can I adjust? Quick note however, you need to have a good mixer for this recipe.

I was making a wedding cake and accidentally bought low fat cream cheese. I’m looking forward to trying your cheesecake recipes next. I’ve never had that happen.
Add the cream cheese and work it in – don’t beat it in, just slowly mix with a wooden spoon. There’s no need to try any others; it’s my go to recipe from now on. Add the orange juice, if using, then the icing sugar. Omg ! This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. Combine butter and cream cheese in the bowl of a stand mixer (or you may use an electric mixer) and beat until creamy, well-combined, and lump-free. Our recipe should make enough Best Cream Cheese Frosting to cover a 9″ x 13″ sheet cake or a two-layer 8″ cake. Made this today and absolutely delicious, what I failed to read was to put it in the fridge before icing, I now know why my cakes didn’t stack as well will remember for next time, thank you! If you’re looking for a pipe-able frosting, be sure to use the full amount. This Cream Cheese Frosting recipe is quick, easy and perfect for frosting cupcakes since it holds its shape for piping! Hi there! You could add additional powdered sugar, but then you’re going to start losing the flavor of the cream cheese and you’re right – it could be too sweet. It’s the best cream cheese frosting and can be used on either cupcakes or layer cakes. Add about half of the powdered sugar and mix until well combined and smooth.

You get away with a thinner frosting because it sits nicely on top of the cupcake and doesn’t need to cling to the sides of something, like with cake. Although it safest to store it in the fridge and that’s what I do, if you’re home is kept at about 70 degrees or cooler, the frosting should be fine to sit on the counter for a day or so.

Im only on the first step but now it is really bumpy because the butter was already cold from the fridge! This should hold up well on cupcakes, as long as you don’t have them out in heat for a long period. Things only need to be mixed until they are welcome bind and smooth. If not, the only thing I can think to try to save it is more powdered sugar. I have never wanted to wipe my finger across frosting so much before in my life, and eat it mmm! Feel free to adjust the amount of powdered sugar if you’d like, but keep in mind that less will give you a thinner frosting and more will make it thicker. I don’t usually need to sift my powdered sugar because I go through it very quickly and it doesn’t usually clump.

Note: I like to use salted butter, but feel free to use unsalted.

Or you can add more powdered sugar to thicken it further. I’m a bit scared that it won’t hold on cupcakes for a picnic…. I have read multiple suggestions in different places about using less sugar and more cream cheese to make a thicker frosting as the sugar liquifies and thins out the frosting.

I’m really afraid that it will get to sweet. I tried this frosting recipe and it was basically liquid. Every one needs great frosting recipes that they can work with and cream cheese frosting is a classic and must-have. Would like to substitute the butter for Crisco sticks? I’m going to be making my daughter’s wedding cake and have used butter cream icing over the years for my children’s birthday cakes. Note: Store unused cream cheese frosting in the fridge for 4-5 days or freeze in an airtight container for 2-3 months. If i make the icing a little firmer would that be better? It’s also quick easy to make and work with, if you have a great recipe and know how to make minor adjustments as needed. For the cupcakes version, I’d do just that. This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks!

Good Food DealEnjoy a family photography shoot for just £25! There’s not a big decrease in butter, but just enough to make sure it doesn’t steal the show. Add vanilla extract and salt and stir well to … If it’s runny, it will firm up again. 3. Cupcakes are a little more forgiving when it comes to frosting consistency and having a little thinner frosting. Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Pies, Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, https://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/how-to-frost-a-smooth-cake-with-buttercream/. Things only need to be mixed until they are welcome bind and smooth. Cream until you have a smooth, soft buttercream consistency. Both versions of the cream cheese frosting will pipe well, just be sure the frosting doesn’t get too warm. Also, I gave some cake to a few friends, they loved it as well , I did give them your web address, but that didn’t do any good, they still want ME to make another cake!…SO … here I am again…, Your email address will not be published. Mixing them longer than that isn’t going to help anything. Hi can you help me please i have made this topping before using other recipes but saw that you mentioned about a warmer climate, i saw that because of this you used less butter so i tried your Whip up this foolproof cream cheese frosting for icing classic bakes like carrot cake, cinnamon buns, chocolate cake or cupcakes. Cream Cheese Frosting II 3813 This is a wonderfully creamy frosting that goes well with pumpkin bread, carrot cake, chocolate cake, on cookies, or between cookies. So as you consider the right consistency for the butter and cream cheese, it should be a little cool to the touch, but soft enough that if poked, it makes an indention without your finger going straight through it. Add the cream cheese and butter to a large mixer bowl and beat until well combined and smooth. *. I actually burned out my mom’s old mixer and had to buy her another .

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