A term used to describe a lowering of the body made by bending the knee of the supporting leg. Ligne Line.

It is usually done en dedans and may be finished in attitude croisée, attitude effacée or any of the arabesques.

Sissonne fermée Closed sissonne.

Attitude It is a position on one leg with the other lifted in back, the knee bent at an angle of 90 degrees and well turned out so that the knee is higher than the foot. In ballet terminology this is often shortened to développé. Mime Using the face and body to express emotion and dramatic action. Petit Battement sur le cou-de-pied Small battement on the ankle. For example, pas de deux. Le Training Ballet peut se pratiquer à partir de 7 ans. Derrière Behind, back. IInitiée à la méthode des “Barres Flexibles” de Wilfried Piollet, Valérie développe une pédagogie alliant la rigueur de la technique classique au respect des capacités de chacun pour une danse empreinte de sensibilité. In the French method, the term for this is "ouvert".

Entrechat Interweaving or braiding. I'm sure she would love an excuse to go to the Trafford centre! He set up a system of passing on the tradition of ballet to future generations of dancers. Pointe shoes optional for all gender identities. Changement de pieds Change of feet. A beating action of the extended or bent leg. Polonaise A processional dance in 3/4 time with which the court ballets of the seventeenth century were opened. This sissonne finishes on two feet with the working foot gliding along the floor into the demi-plié in the fitth position.

Romantic ballet A style of ballet produced during the early nineteenth century. The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.

This jeté is done in all directions and in a circle. In the ballet dictionary "Pas" also refers to a dance performed by a duet. Used to express a step moving forward. Ballerina A principal female dancer in a ballet company. Arabesque One of the basic poses in ballet. Kara is a Cecchetti Ballet certified teacher. Rolling If the weight is on the inside of the feet, it's called rolling in. Temps Développé Time developed, developing movement. There are two expressions with this ballet term: 1.

During this time, she toured internationally, dancing works by many world-renowned choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, Nacho Duato, William Forsythe, Ohad Naharin, Jorma Elo, Twyla Tharp, Margo Sappington, Kevin O’Day, and Johan Inger. A small beating step in which the movement is broken. Hi everyone My daughter has managed to snag the satin on one of her pointe shoes, which has caused a tear. Pas Jeté Throwing step.

Assemblé dessus porté. A raising of the body on pointe or demi-pointe. A bending of the knee or knees. For example, in glissade en avant. En Dedans Inwards. A la Seconde A term to suggest that a movement is to be made out of the second position. Fouetté rond de jambe en tournant Whipped circle of the leg turning. After three years with the company in Holland, Alvis gave birth to a baby girl, and is now back in Chicago. If the weight is on the outside of the feet, it is called rolling out. I haven't heard of this store - I'll definitely check it out. The finalé of a classical ballet where all the principal dancers appear separately or with their partners. In the French School it's used to state a position or direction of the body, similar to effacé.

Short dances which are intended to show the talents of individuals or groups of dancers. Cecchetti Enrico Cecchetti is one of the world's most outstanding teachers of ballet. This term is applied to steps carried out in a circle. Relevé Raised. The relevé can either be a smooth rise or a little spring. Turn-out is one of the essential principles of the classical dance. Aux exercices de renforcement musculaire s’ajoutent des étirements avec bandes élastiques et un travail sur la respiration. Pas de bourrée couru 'Running step'. This step is done in a series in which one foot chases the other foot out of its position.

Valérie enseigne au sein de l'école de danse Contretemps depuis 1993. Supporting leg A term used by dancers and teachers for the leg which supports the body so that the working leg is free to carry a given movement.

En Tournant Turning. Poisson Fish. Battement fondu développé Sinking down, developed. Extension In ballet terminology this is used to describe the ability of a dancer to raise and hold her extended leg en l'air. The working leg is drawn up to the knee of the supporting leg, slowly extended to an open position en l'air and held there with perfect control. Shannon Alvis, originally from Greenwood, Indiana, danced professionally with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago for nine years. 2. The dancer stands high on the balls of the feet. Used to express a step that is moving sideways. Pas de chat Cat's step. The movement can be done en dehors and en dedans.

This fouetté may be done on demi-pointe, on point or with a jump.

The working foot glides from fifth position, in the chosen direction, and the other foot closes to it. The arms are held in various positions creating the longest possible line from the fingertips to the toes.

7/11 ans, Jeudi - Salle Louis Aragon Chaînés Chains, links. I can highly recommend Cecchetti Northern Associates which is held at KS Dance in Warrington. The beginning section of the classical pas de deux. (2011 June) The World Is Dancing Practice Videos, (June 2010) Magical Kingdom Practice Videos. There are currently two methods of notation - Labanotation and Benesh notation. It's on top of the shoe (so not underneath the box) - I think this happened during a group dance where she had to slide her leg behind her to finish in a kneeling position (apologies - not a very technical description!). A complete turn of the body either on demi-pointe or pointe. Fondu, fondue Sinking down. The session with Shannon and Peter Parker is always a highlight. Ront de jambe Round of the leg, a circular movement of the leg.

In this pirouette the dancer steps directly onto pointe or demi-pointe with the raised leg sur le cou-de-pied devant or derrière, in attitude, arabesque or any given position. Pas de valse Waltz step The step is like a balancé, but the feet do not cross.

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