Perfume for Life: How Long Will Your Fragrance Collection Last? You think? Coromandel will be around. These scenarios always get me into trouble! But the fact remains that Confetto’s core essence of sugared almonds with very sweet vanilla and clean, white musk never really changes. Honestly, I can’t imagine paying $83 for a mere 20 ml of a generally simple soliflore scent. It’s a relative matter, I grant you. Every one of heliotrope’s characteristic nuances appears, particularly the almond-vanilla meringue and the Play-Doh note. …It fits my personality in some way I can’t describe. Oh well, I don’t care even if I am , I’m afraid I haven’t tried Jour de Fête yet.

I know that’s silly when I have a bajillion bottles already, but something about decants I don’t find fulfilling, as materialistic as that sounds.

With Confetto, the focus is purely gourmand in nature, centered around a fluffy, very unisex, pink and white confection infused with vanilla.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _. I seem to be a sucker for Sample Sets that offer the entire range of a company’s oeuvre. For many people, the perfume is a “beast,” while others think it is so soft that it is perfectly suitable for the office. More recently, in 2013, Profumum launched Sorriso, a new fragrance with a composition of bitter chocolate, bitter orange, vanilla, and tropical woods. Not a logical course of action, I know. Profumum’s gourmands are renowned for being quite over-the-top, undoubtedly due to their singular focus and extremely concentrated nature, but I’ve certainly smelled much sweeter, more syrupy fragrances lately than Confetto.

I need to try that one in my next round, then! Both woman and child. )and smells good on me. “stilos” – and not 30 ml. To us, the scent of fun … The sillage dropped to just above the skin after 90 minutes, but Confetto became a skin scent at the 5.5 hour mark. I love it at night. It just smells really good on me, and gives me happy thoughts! Oh dear, my love for that may actually outweigh my issues with Montale and its synthetics. But it was very, very, VERY rich vanilla, and it felt quite heavy. I think the other element is that as much as I love perfume itself, I love the artistry and decadence of the bottles. Another Dulcis in Fundo fan — now I’m very curious! I’m afraid I haven’t tried Alessandro, Vlad. HOWEVER, still, if I’m to satiate my voracious appetite for all the ‘must-have’ ‘fumes I need/want I pretty much have no choice but to endure them, otherwise Id’ve probably bankrupted myself by now, not to mention totally run out of bottle space (I’d need a spare room just to house the damned things). And, if you accidentally spill part of a sample vial on Confetto on your sleeve and desktop like I did, you'll be smelling straight vanilla-musk for days to come.

So, for me, Confetto would initially rank as a 7 on the sweetness scale, before moving up to an 8, while Dulcis in Fundo would be a consistent 9. Perhaps dinner at Commander’s on the company plastic while I’m led down the path of perfume discovery; then a quick drive back to the airport for her private jet trip home with my $200 order. I used to be forced to police the stuff with gimlet eye, because of its tendency to fall apart into little bits and get smushed into the carpet, even if I let the kids have it only in the kitchen… but the last two batches I bought, probably around 2004-6, were curiously neutral-smelling. On myself this is a beautiful perfume of almonds, heliotrope and sugared violets with anise. I had better luck with the wonderfully titled Vanitas, although I don't know whether Profumum really intended that name to suggest the transience of earthly life and physical beauty as much as it does. And it happens here with Confetto, as well. They are lovely gourmands, but quite simple for the very expensive price they charge. You know what heliotrope scent has NO Play-Doh aroma on my skin at all? It’s NOT Pink Sugar, and the almonds feel quite delicious in their fluffy sweetness. That said, Confetto still surprised me a little, especially in the opening hour when there was a tiny touch of freshness, thanks to the anise. The sillage dropped to just above the skin after 90 minutes, but Confetto became a skin scent at the 5.5 hour mark.

It is the story of a woman that loves to rejoice of life fully and light hearted. Then again, as I mentioned earlier, it’s been years since I smelled Hypnotic Poison, so my memory of the finer points may well be off. Profumum Roma Confetto sample The Average, The Banal, The Bad & The Ugly Lists, Profumum Roma Vanitas: Foghorn Vanilla - Kafkaesque. warning! I wonder what you’d think about it, especially as you seem to like roses more than I do. In fact, as a general rule, aerosolisation usually makes a fragrance much stronger, but it should be clear by now that skin chemistry can do some crazy things and there is no one absolute answer when it comes to perfumery. where you kinda like everything and can’t really commit? But Womanity seems to work for me. Kafka, would you be able to compare this against Mazzolari Alessandro? Quick Preview; Add To Wishlist; Try A Sample; Profumum. For the record, every scent (so far) that you have raved about that I have been able to try/smell, I have really liked. I am trying to imagine a scent that is pure cotton candy, with no almonds and not even a whiff of anise. All

I simply am not drawn to it the way I am to a different sort of vanilla. Speaking of Play-Doh… a friend was using oregano oil in her office the other day and the minute I walked in, I said, “Why does it smell like Play-Doh in here?” Oregano oil = Play-Doh? This website uses cookies to work properly, and also for marketing purposes. I love its evergreen-chocolate combo, too.

And it wasn’t powdery on me, even during the brief heliotrope phase. Neither did Hilde Soliani Con Affetto or the Laurence Dumont Tendre Madeleine that some people rhapsodize over. To confess, Guerlain is not my favorite house (though I do have a favorite or two – Apres l’Ondee, Chamade in any and all concentrations, and the lamented Shalimar Light), so I don’t go out of my way for it. I don’t know why I end up getting so much vanilla-musk.

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