There were lots of superstitions in the UK that said girls could find out the initials, or even have visions, of the person they would marry on Christmas Eve! “Christmas Eve is all about family for me. Christmas Eve is also the day when people in some countries, like Germany, Sweden and Portugal exchange their presents. Sure, exchanging Christmas gifts is a highlight of the holiday season, but what truly makes it the most wonderful time of year is gathering together and sharing family Christmas traditions. Posted on December 24, 2018 0 0. At our house, it’s a special time of anticipation and togetherness. Your email address will not be published.

If I can be honest…it creeps me out more than a little! And, for us adults…waiting for our kids to finally fall asleep so we can finish setting up to make Christmas morning a magical time for our kids! And guess what, our kids STILL have incredibly active imaginations. From festive films to letters to Santa, there's something for everyone to enjoy doing on the 24th. So, having our main family celebration on Christmas Eve with my husband and kids has always been the norm. I can’t make my kids sit on Santa’s lap just so I can have a commemorative picture. 29 of the best Christmas Eve traditions Make Christmas Eve every bit as magical as the BIG day itself with these gorgeous traditions. My hope is that, as we draw near to our Savior this Christmas it will impress upon our children the wonder and awe of the real Jesus who came to seek and to save what was lost. Many churches and other places serve meals on Christmas Eve and need food, donations and people to serve the meals. ), Without a doubt, we’ll be chowing down on ham and dauphinoise potatoes, ham cooked in orange juice although we did try the infamous ‘Nigella coke recipe’ one year! Anyone else sad their kids go back to school? Pin Christmas Eve Gift Traditions & What to Gift! When I was growing up our Christmas Eve had some pretty great traditions! Thank you so much for posting this! Click on the image above to grab that collection or find more Christmas movies to reminisce about. The most widely practised one that still exists today is going to a Midnight Mass Church Service. The Magi (wise men) start their journey to find the Christ Child on Christmas Eve. Get them an ornament of their favorite character. Our Church does not usually hold a Christmas Eve service but the last few years, we’ve enjoyed visiting other churches the night before Christmas. It’s bloody brilliant.

All toddlers may enjoy these activities on Christmas Eve: For more awesome Christmas traditions to start with your family this year, click here! We have the Fisher Price nativity set, great for little ones since it won’t break! Your email address will not be published., Ahhh, looking back on this feeling nostalgic for pre-Christmas! I hope these Christmas Eve ideas will inspire a Christ-centered celebration in your home that lingers and creates lasting memories for your family. The most widely practised one that still exists today is going to a Midnight Mass Church Service. These Christmas traditions and rituals are quintessentially German. -, St. Nicholas, Santa Claus & Father Christmas. After all, He didn’t stay in the manger – and thankfully, He doesn’t visit just once a year! It’s a wonderful season, isn’t it! You know, so you won’t have to keep coming up with more and more ideas for them to entertain themselves with! . This is a fun and meaningful idea from Marie at Just Plain Living. Tradition also said that any greenery such as Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe should only be taken into the house on Christmas Eve. It can be store-bought, homemade and healthy, or anything in between.

You can see where Santa's got to on The last time I let my kids make a cake themselves, it went down in history as the “crunchy” cake. You can let them decide ahead of time what type of cake to make and how to decorate it. The birth of Jesus, the ressurrection – His ultimate sacrifice?

My hope is that, as we draw near to our Savior this Christmas it will impress upon our children the wonder and awe of the real Jesus who came to seek and to save what was lost. Christmas Eve Traditions and Customs. And, we tell them “Santa must have loved the cookies you put out last night!” (wink, wink- we make some awesome Christmas cookies for a reason here). Typically, a Christmas Eve service in our area consists of a sermon that focuses on the nativity story and many times these are candlelit services.

Read the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke chapter 2 as you re-enact the details in your home.

Merry Christmas. But, if you let them open up even just one present on Christmas Eve, and turn that one present into a tradition for every year; they’ll remember those Christmas Eve’s all through adulthood and remember the good times! Now, Jesus. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy, Going to both sets of Grandparents’ house to open presents, play with cousins, and eat, Opening up one present before bed….the same type of present every year; pj’s, open a Christmas Eve present (look below for ideas!). Her family’s tradition is to stage the Nativity scene at the beginning of Advent and use the figures to act out the events leading up to Jesus’ birth. I pray that the joy we feel at Christmas will remain, and grow, and spread beyond us – beyond a season or a moment in time. These traditions included: It’s not too much to plan for or handle as parents, and not too little that it’s forgotten. It was also traditional to bring the Yule Log into the house and light it on Christmas Eve. For more information, read our privacy policy. Be sure to grab this gift tracker to remember who you’ve bought for and what you’ve bought. This is one meaningful Christmas tradition that is simple AND fun. “A Christmas Eve tradition we have as a family is matching PJs, so the girls venture out and find a really cute pyjama set for the three of us (me, Poppy, and Alfie’s mum Amanda). Required fields are marked *. On the first Sunday of Advent, the Creche is displayed, then the family, then the shepherds so that everyone is ready and waiting the last week of Advent. But besides exchanging gifts, in recent years I’ve been searching for fun things to do on Christmas Eve that really reinforce the joy of Christmas – from a Biblical perspective. This year it’s at my house and we’ll all have nibbles and drinks with a Christmas film on the TV. My ten-year-old has wanted to practice her piping skills on cookies and cakes this year so I’m going to let her lead the decorating team on this project. Merry Christmas everyone After that, it’s time to head to bed ‘uncharacteristically early’ and wake up on the big day to an ice-cold mimosa!”. But, depending on if they’re just coming into toddlerhood or if they’re on the older end, there may be a slight difference.

After we’ve eaten, we make sure to leave a mince pie and a carrot for Santa and his reindeers, while the children hang their stockings. Each Christian family I know has a different way of addressing the Santa / Jesus balancing act, and many do it beautifully. This was often done by cooking a special cake called a 'dumb cake'.

So starting on Christmas Eve, you could begin to hide the wise men around the house each night and have the children “hunt” for them up until Three Kings Night (January 6th), where you can make them arrive at their destination. Sign up to receive our email, delivering the latest stories straight to your inbox. last minute shopping…shhh…don’t tell anyone you forgot til last minute! You have inspired us to remember the reason for the season. But now, as you’re growing a family of your own, you’d like your children to grow up with great memories and traditions for the holidays?! From modern day films like Elf or Frozen to absolute classics like White Christmas and It's A Wonderful Life, there's something for everyone right here. It's also the time that the wonderful book 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens is set and that going out Carol singing was and still is very popular. Lots of questions about my school uniform grant. Kids love cake, right? We’ve more recently started heading to the cinema to see a festive film around late afternoon, last year we watched Mary Poppins and this year it’s Star Wars (not that festive I know! “Christmas Eve for me is the pre-game; it’s all about the food and watching festive films and cooking shows, doing a puzzle and making some really yummy food. How people celebrate Christmas Eve at home will differ depending on many things. (And hopefully getting at least a few hours of sleep before they wake up!). What's the best way to label school clothes? There are many different ways you could do this if you want to get creative. We are incorporating at least a few of these Christmas Eve activities into our time of celebration this year. The Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls This Year! . This site contains affiliate links to products. Every year I spend the evening at my dads with all of his family, having a pre-Christmas feast with lots of good food, especially seafood (which has also become a Christmas Eve tradition)! I know that my kids will LOVE competing to see who can find the Wise Men first! St Nicholas Day (Sankt Nikolaus Tag) St Nicholas Day is a favorite holiday with German children. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Also, it’s not Christmas Eve in my household without reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” altogether, which we all know off by heart! Enjoy your Christmas Eve with your family Zoe! Christmas Eve has many of its own customs and traditions.

So exactly how do we emphasize the One that Christmas is really all about? Now, I stay in, I climb into my new festive PJs, as is tradition, and then await the 11pm phone call from my dad to pick me up for midnight mass. Some Christmas Eve services will also include a live nativity which kids will love as well.

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