Er liebt Carly, doch Carly Freddie nicht.

Sie schwärmte für den Mädchenschwarm Jake Krandle, was allerdings prompt ein Ende nahm, als Carly sah, wie er und seine Ex-Freundin sich küssten. Carly Shay is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon television series iCarly. iCarly ist eine US-amerikanische Jugendserie, die zum ersten Mal am 8. (For details, see Creddie Friendship), Freddie always had a crush on Carly and they dated for a short time after he saved her life, but broke up because Freddie didn't want a relationship based on what he did for her. This poses the possibility that Carly can drive. Anschließend revanchierte dieser sich bei Carly, indem er auf eine schlechte Kritik über ICarly schreibt, in der er die Webshow sogar iBlödi nennt. Carly ist die kleine Schwester von Spencer Shay und die Tochter von Colonel Shay und Mrs. Shay. Daraufhin erkennen Carly und Sam, dass ihr Streit dumm war und vertragen sich wieder.

Carly's head has nearly been hit twice: in iWanna Stay with Spencer (nearly getting hit with a hammer) and iStart a Fanwar (a fan threw a chair at Carly at Webicon). Once in iDon't Want to Fight, and again in iQuit iCarly. Carly is kind, easy-going, and a very caring person who would do anything for her friends. Carly acts as a moral guardian to Sam, trying to keep her out of trouble and occasionally taking the blame for her pranks. (For details, see Cibby). Sie wird von Miranda Taylor Cosgrove gespielt, bekannt aus der Rolle der Megan Parker aus der Nickelodeon-Comedyserie Drake & Josh. Once in, Carly has a bikini with a floral design, skirt bikini bottom, and a g-string in the back. Februar 2008 startete die Sendung auf dem Sender Nickelodeon, damals Nick. Sie verbreitet auch öfters gute Laune vor sich und ist öfters auch etwas mädchenhaft.Sie hört, auch auf ihren Bruder Spencer immer und hat von ihm gelernt, dass man immer die Wahrheit, von sich sagen sollte. Carly dated Steven in iParty with Victorious, but when she found out he was also dating Tori Vega when spending time in Los Angeles, both of his girlfriends exposed him as a cheater on iCarly and consequently broke up with him. Nevel Papperman (2008-2011; Alternate reality boyfriend in iChristmas only), Nevel kissed Carly on the cheek in iNevel, and has tried to get kisses from her ever since, but Carly constantly refuses. Seattle (formerly)Italy They ended up having Chinese food in the bathroom and kissing before she gets freed. Sie war mit ihm in den Episoden "Böse Verliebt - Teil 1" und Böse Verliebt - Teil 2 zusammen. Lewbert, Nevel Papperman, Tasha, Valerie, Ms. Briggs, Mr. Devlin, Jonah, Amber Tate, Zeebo, Ms. Ackerman, Kyoko and Yuki, Wade Collins, Missy Robinson, Marissa Benson (sometimes), Chuck Chambers, Chip Chambers, Mr. Howard, The Petographers, Nora Dirshlitt, Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit, Steven Carson, Aspartamay, Ashley, Dana Bukowski Background information Television programs In der Serie verwendet sie meist Blow Elektronik, wie ein PearPhone oder einen Pear Laptop, welche beide eine Parodie auf Apple darstellen. In iMake Sam Girlier, Sam tells Carly that she is "soft and girly and weak." Student (formerly)Webshow host of iCarly (formerly) Als Carly dies erfuhr war sie allerdings sehr enttäuscht und verärgert anstatt dankbar und so brachen die beiden in einen Streit aus. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In iChristmas, it was shown that Carly's life would be very different without Sam; iCarly would never have existed and Carly would be dating Nevel Papperman. Carly is the youngest of the iCarly trio (Sam, Freddie and herself), as her birthday is in July and Freddie and Sam's birthdays are in February and April, respectively. (. Er ist in sie verliebt, was Carly nicht wiedergibt, dennoch sind sie Freunde. Freddie Benson (Sixth grade - present) Sie lebt im Apartment 8-C im Bushwell Plaza in Seattle, Washington zusammen mit ihrem großen Bruder Spencer, da ihr Vater bei der Navy in einem U-Boot in Europa stationiert ist; ihre Mutter wurde bisher nie erwähnt. It was shown in iSpace Out and confirmed in iSam's Mom that Carly suffers from claustrophobia and freaks out if she is locked in a small space for a long time; however, in iPsycho, she seems only mildly distressed when Nora locks her, Sam and Freddie in her dad's recording studio. However, on occasion, she will confront someone, even bullies and teachers, for her friends when it is needed, as shown iniHave a Lovesick Teacher andiMake Sam Girlier. Carly kann auch sehr beharrlich und stur sein, sie versucht oft ihre Freunde oder ihren Bruder zu Dingen zu überreden, auch wenn die keine Lust darauf haben.

Carly's only younger counterpart was presented on, Although Carly is the main character in the series, she no longer appears in new, Carly sometimes pokes people when she wants to get them to focus (. She takes really long showers when she is depressed or needs to think, as mentioned in iGive Away a Car. Character information She appears to really like bad boys, like, Despite the fact that Carly's birthday is on July 24, in. Nickelodeon Wiki ist eine FANDOM-TV-Community. Sam sagte Freddie, dass Carly ihn nur mag, weil er ihr das Leben gerettet hat. [10]Carly and Adam video chat.Added by IgnaLovesPancakesHe seemed to be interested in her, too, but in the end, he was attacked by Creddie fans and Carly just left after Sam said “he belongs to them now". In der Episode "Ein liebes Lied" ging sie mit Jake, aber sie haben sich nicht geküsst oder ähnliches, sondern lediglich umarmt und miteinander geredet. She is so used to him letting her have a lot of freedom that she gets irritated when he doesn't give her what she wants, as shown in iLook Alike. Spencer passt gut auf seine kleine Schwester auf und hat ihr beigebracht nicht zu lügen. Relatives In der Folge Carlys Schinkenübersah Carly einen heranfahrenden Taco- Imbisswagen, doch Freddie schubste Carly aus dem Weg und wurde angefahren. She has shown a little attraction to Gibby, and Gibby may be attracted to Carly.


Carly is the youngest of the iCarly trio (Sam, Freddie and herself), as her birthday is in July and Freddie and Sam's birthdays are in February and April, respectively. She was also part of a girl mob (Sam and Shelby Marx) that beat up Nevel in iFight Shelby Marx although Nevel said he wasn't scared of her.

September 2007 in den Vereinigten Staaten und am 26. Paraphernalia Carly and Gibby have known each other for four years. Sie war unter Anderem in der Episode "Länger geht's Nicht!" Carly acts as the voice of reason or as an emotional support when needed. She takes really long showers when she is depressed or needs to think, as mentioned in iGive Away a Car. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Klasse mit Carly ein Date zu bekommen. Carly has had multiple near-death experiences: in iWanna Stay with Spencer (nearly getting hit in the head with a hammer); in iQuit iCarly (almost falling off a window washer platform, along with Sam); and in iSaved Your Life (almost getting hit by a taco truck, but rescued by Freddie, off-screen). [1]This character won third place for Best Character at the iCarly Wiki Awards!Added by Candycoateddoom, [2]Carly loves cupcakes!Added by BartMAN{| class="toc" id="toc"

Nachdem es Shane zu viel wird und er wegen den beiden im Krankenhaus landet, weil er einen Carlys Aufzugschacht hinunter flog, beschließen Carly und Sam, sich nie wieder wegen einem Jungen so aufzuführen. Carls (by everyone; especially Sam)Cupcake (by Sam) Carly Girl (by Sam) Dumbo (by Mrs. Benson) Kiddo (by Spencer) Kid (by Sam) My Kitty (by Freddie) She was also part of a girl mob (Sam and Shelby Marx) that beat upNevel in iFight Shelby Marx although Nevel said he wasn't scared of her. She tried to make the relationship work, but then Griffin overheard Carly and Sam making fun of his PeeWee Babies and then broke up with her.

Da Sam kein Geschenk und Geld hatte tauschte sie dieses T-Shirt gegen 2 Konzertkarten für Cuttlefish (Carlys Lieblingsband) um Carly eine Freude zu machen.

She is easily grossed out by vermin, the gross videos Sam likes (except in iStage an Intervention, when she wanted to see a guy who could pull his lip down over his chin), or even when Spencer says "bowels" (iTake on Dingo). Doch Carly will lediglich mit ihm befreundet sein. Als Carly ihn zuhause besuchte und Mrs. Benson nicht da war, sagte sie Freddie, dass er ein Held für sie sei, worauf sich beide küssen, aber durch.

Carly has been described as "sassy" in a promo for a fight in iFight Shelby Marx, and in iHave a Lovesick Teacher, Lauren Ackerman calls her sassy for commenting on her teaching.

Alignment Nachdem Carly und Freddie in der Episode "Miss Briggs privat" unerlaubt in Ms. Briggs Wohnung eingedrungen sind, erpresste diese die iCarly-Crew damit die drei anzuzeigen, wenn sie Ms. Briggs nicht ein Dudelsack-Solo bei iCarly spielen lassen. Personality Carly had a date with Lance in IToe Fat Cakes. In der Episode "Geschenkt ist geschenkt" haben Carly und Sam einen Streit, der zustande kommt als Carly Sam zum 5-jährigen Freundschafts-Jubiläum ein selbstgemachtes iCarly-Shirt hat.

Carly wird dargestellt von Miranda Cosgrove und von Jadin Gould als 8-jährige in einem Rückblick in der Folge Geschenkt ist geschenkt. She has shown a little attraction to Gibby, and Gibby may be attracted to Carly. Carly kann auch sehr eigensinnig, ergeizig und zielstrebig sein. Allies [7]Added by SwedishTacos223went on a triple date to The Cheesecake Warehouse together with Sam and Reuben, and Freddie and Shannon. After Jake saw Carly kiss Freddie on the nose (for helping to make Jake's singing voice sound good for the web show), he believed falsely that they were a couple. Carly Shay is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon comedy live-action television series iCarly.

She lives with her older brother, Spencer, in Apartment 8-C at Bushwell Plaza in Seattle, Washington, while their father, Colonel Steven Shay is stationed on an Navy submarine; their mother has never been mentioned. Ebenfalls versuchte sie Sam von iCarly abzuwerben. Sie hilft ihrer Freundin Sam, indem sie ihr erklärt, was gut und was schlecht ist. According to Spencer, she has to take vitamins every day and suffers from allergies and asthma. It was insured for $82,000.

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