A delicious classic recipe for sure! This cake comes out so fluffy and moist, and the homemade cream cheese frosting is perfectly sweet. Even on your video your cake seems to sit taller or higher rather. I have not tried them this way but it sounds fun!! Omg this cake looks delicious Rosie. Be sure not to overbake. Thank you So Much!!!!! But I have a few question – (I am not a great baker!!) Should I use butter milk for the icing or regular milk? This is now in my collection of go-to baking treats. Level the cakes (if needed) so the tops are flat. First red velvet cake for me was received with rave reviews. Had my grandma not told me she wanted one for her birthday, I wouldn’t have made this. You can definitely double the recipe without any issues. The one you included was very good but I life stiffer frosting to do more flowers etc. I’m making this cake because the reviews are great.

The edges were kind of hard. Would like your opinion and feedback from othes who have actually made this cake using the 2 ounce of red coloring and get there feedback on the results. I made it for the fam for christmas we loved it thank you. No, that should work great! I love all your recipes so I said.. let me go on and try this

Thanks Amy, this is a great recipe! Thank you for sharing such a great recipe.

The best Red Velvet Cake is made from scratch with a unique flavor and tender, moist crumb that pairs wonderfully with a tangy, sweet cream cheese frosting. Many Blessings to you, By far, this is the BESTEST red velvet cake recipe ever! Everyone loved it and complimented me on the moistness! The cake looks great, can you freeze the cream cheese frosting? Hi Rosie I am a new follower glad to have found you. I do have one question though for the icing, if I only wanted to make enough just for the two layers what are the measurements? Enjoy! I hope they turn out for you! Also this recipe only uses 2 tsp of cocoa powder. Hi Alex! Hi I made your cake it turned out wonderfully. Save scraps to crumble and use for decorating.

Welcome! XOXO. If the frosting is runny, either reduce the amount of cream cheese or increase the amount of powdered sugar, although this is definitely a much softer frosting that you won’t be able to pipe onto the cake. Slowly combine the wet, ingredients with dry ingredient. You will go crazy for a second slice! Thank you SOOO much! I am so glad that you like the recipe!! If I made the cakes and wrapped them and put them in fridge until the next day, would it dry the cakes out? I am not sure what I did wrong. Ermine frosting a light and soft frosting that is less sweet than most other frostings, and would be fantastic on this red velvet cake. You can make and keep this cake for up to 4 to 5 days in the fridge if it lasts that long;)!! Is there a reason the food coloring has to be liquid? If you feel heat in the centre of the cake with the palm of your hand, the frosting will heat through and run. I would not recommend only having one cake pan.

XOXO. Thanks so much for trying my recipe Jess! I tried cake flour and it still taste awesome, hi Rosie, for the bright red colour , did you use the liquid food colour or the gel, I used liquid food coloring for this cake , mine gave a dark colour, not bright red. Yes, you will want to keep the temperature at 350 degrees. Do you sift your flour first? Hi Rosie, can I use normal white vinegar instead of distilled vinegar?

Good luck! Remove from oven and cool completely. Do I have to cook each cake separately or can I bake both together at 325?

My son wanted a red velvet cake for his birthday this week and I can’t get out to get the liquid food coloring. If so, how long should I bake the cake & which temperature? Nothing came up to my expectation. newbie. If your cake is thick, there could be a few issues. No pieces left on plates which in my book means they liked it. Eek! I often will make my cakes a few days ahead and refrigerate or freeze them, not just because of time constraints on days when I want to serve the cake, but also because it’s easier to frost cold cakes!

Just to confirm is it 350 grams flour ir 300?? In a large bowl combine the butter, and cream cheese. Sorry about that typo in the ingredient list! Or should I have it? That’s for the recipe. Can I use this recipe to make cupcakes? 3. WHAT IS IT! Yummy and delicious Paul, on the other hand, sneers at it as a mockery or bastardization of chocolate cake. Everything about this recipe was so useful – all the explanations and substitute information is something you don’t normally get and really does make a difference. HAHA) This southern red velvet cake is so unbelievably moist! I love how smooth the frosting is on this cake, which is tough when it comes to cream cheese frosting. Can’t wait until the next time I make it! I will be making cupcakes next weekend for our school’s bake sale, I know they’re gonna sell out. I’m from the UK and would like to make this for Valentine’s Day thank you! Awesome! Hi Gloria! Thank you! I will like to make it next time but in larger quantity, can you please help me with a doubled recipe It’s so good!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C). Cream the two ingredients together, then slowly adding in the powdered sugar, but only 1 cup at a time. XO.

Yes you do.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I cut the cream cheese frosting recipe in half, since I was going to frost the cake without doing any decorations. I had made it for a friend’s son’s graduation party. Hi, Hi Rosie. It went down a treat with the ‘gals’. Did you go ahead with the recipe, and if so what did you do in the end? Hi Debbie! I use the same recipe but I add 1/2 cup of hot brewed coffee. Also, the frosting is sooo yummy it make you want to smack someone! I followed your Ingredients to the Tee,,,and let me tell you it came out Da Bomb!! My family and co-workers could not stop talking about it. I wish I could post a picture of the cake so you can see the cheesecake layer in the middle. In a separate bowl, crack open the eggs, and beat them. If you start, you won’t be able to stop.).

Will it still be ok with non-brick cream cheese? Thanks. Okay, I just added measurements in grams as well!

I had a problem with the cakes’s crust. The cake and I had a moment. Will this work? I’m so nervous. Hi Karina, Rosie, if I wanted to make a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, would I leave out the food coloring and add more cocoa? Combine 3/4 cup plain yogurt with 1/4 cup milk. I followed the recipe using plain flour and real buttermilk. Thank you so much for this recipe! Thanks!

However in this cake the quantity of colour used was quite less had still it had a beautiful red colour. Let me know what you think! Does it cook longer in the pan while cooling? I use Swans Downs cake flour instead of all purpose flour and followed your instructions and it came out perfect. It turned out delicious.

Do I add the extra table spoon of vinegar as stated in the recipe directly into the cake batter in addition to the home made buttermilk? I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The entire cake was eaten by family and friends in 1 day!!! That sounds fun and great! Stir and let sit for 5 minutes to curdle, then use just like you would use buttermilk. My cakes are cooling now!

Once everything is manageable, switch from mixing the cake batter to folding it. I learned a new word recently ‘gal’entines’.

Can I make cupcakes from this recipe? I hope it turns out !! The missy jug ingredients offs different than the written instructions.

I am using the recipe to make a bottom tier of my daughters wedding cake in July. That is great to hear! Truthfully, the one we are publishing is the best and received high praise from everyone who tried it. And really, since the red color is really achieved by using red food coloring (affiliate link), you could make a green velvet cake for St. Patrick’s Day just by using green food coloring (affiliate link) or a blue velvet cake for baby showers or gender reveals using blue food coloring (affiliate link). Thank you for making me feel like the best baker in the world! Should I use half the recipe for the icing next time? It’s my oldest daughter Clara’s favorite cake (she’s our 7-year old) and has been for a couple of years now. I’d like to try it!! That sounds great! Hi Fay, you can make as many layers as you’d like. Recipe can be easily halved or doubled—I made a full batch for Christmas cupcakes and wound up with 24 perfect moist, pretty cupcakes. I only have 38ml of red food colouring. Thank you for sharing . Cutting each cake in half? Rosie, love your recipes, do you have a recipe for fried pies?

The tops on mine ended up sort of crunchy/hard.

I just want to know how I can make this into a sheet cake?

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