S1, Ep3 19 Oct. 2007 Is the planet that Operation Raptor Talon takes place over the eventual. Given that only Admiral Adama appears to know about the Cylon experimentation (, Adama himself, however, seems to realize the connection quickly when he encounters. The man urges Adama to leave them and save himself to tell others of what has happened. The Cylon seems to have crashed nearby and Adama wails on the Centurion with a pipe, severing the Centurion's head from its body. DVD Movies and Features: Razor | The Plan, Webisodes: Razor Flashbacks | The Face of the Enemy, < Previous Season Episode | He That Believeth In Me | Six of One | The Ties That Bind | Escape Velocity | The Road Less Traveled | Faith | Guess What's Coming to Dinner? Adama then spots two Raiders entering the planet's atmosphere. As he reflects, Aaron Doral approaches to inform him that his son has been confirmed as the lead pilot in the flyby planned for the ship's decommissioning ceremony. The Battlestar Galactica: Razor Flashbacks are an online series that provides the story of a young William Adama's (Nico Cortez) discovery of a Cylon experiment during his time in the first Cylon War. Wanneer de Galactica vooral moet proberen om de Cylons af te weren, heeft Adama zijn eigen problemen. According to Ronald D. Moore, the Razor Flashbacks, in contrast to both The Resistance and The Face of the Enemy webseries, should technically be considered as featurettes. The webisode series was written by Michael Taylor, and directed by Wayne Rose and Felix Alcala. Afterwards, a banging sound is heard from a locked chamber. On board Galactica, Jaycie McGavin and William Adama are having sex in the duty locker, during which McGavin asks if Adama left his boots out. Adama tries to reassure her that she will live, but she tells him that he was always a bad liar. However, he is not alone: a lone Cylon Centurion survives as well. Adama lands safely on the ground, crashing through what appears to be a warehouse sky-window. The episode then flashes forward to Commander Adama standing amongst the relics of the war in Galactica's museum, two days before the renewed Cylon attack. Adama's final fight with the Cylon in Episode 4 is reminiscent of the fight he has with, It is the first time in the Re-imagined Series that the audience is allowed to view the world through the eyes of an. The Centurion fires at the free-falling Adama, while Adama attempts to return the welcome. After medics carry McGavin to sickbay, Adama is filled with anger against the Cylons and cleared to launch in his Viper. The webisodes are also available as free downloads on the Xbox Live Marketplace, some of which are featured in high-definition 720p resolution. When Jaycie McGavin comes back to Battlestar Galactica severely injured after fighting the Cylons, Adama needs to take revenge on them. This character is not identified on screen, however he is the officer who informs, https://www.battlestarwiki.org/index.php?title=Razor_Flashbacks&oldid=232583, Episodes directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá, [[frakr:{{{frakr}}}|Satirical view of this episode on WikiFrakr]]. 'The distinction between the two is that webisodes were new material created specifically for the internet, while the featurettes are really little more than deleted scenes from Razor. De serie werd later samengevoegd tot een film, genaamd Razor. Zijn vriendin is namelijk zwaar gekwetst nadat haar Raptor werd aangevallen door de Cylons. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. It is day 4,571 of the First Cylon War. The webisode series was written by Michael Taylor, and directed by Wayne Rose and Felix Alcala. In what may be construed as a bit of irony, The reference to an ice planet with a superweapon based on it seems reminiscent of, Episode 3 uses CG models based on designs for the Original Series' Cylon craft, mainly the, Some of the music in Episode 3 contains a melodic line that is a very slowed-down version of a portion of the melody from the Original Series' theme song. Why are there no signs of security or Cylons in the laboratory? Het gaat over een jonge William Adama. De serie werd geschreven door Seamus Kevin Fahey en Michael Taylor. Adama is erop gebrand om de Cylons te vernietigen, maar al snel is hij genoodzaakt een noodlanding te maken op een planeet, waar hij de onverwachte waarheid ontdekt van waar de Cylons aan hebben gewerkt. | Sine Qua Non | The Hub | Revelations | Sometimes a Great Notion | A Disquiet Follows My Soul | The Oath | Blood on the Scales | No Exit | Deadlock | Someone to Watch Over Me | Islanded in a Stream of Stars | Daybreak, Part I | Daybreak, Part II, From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide. Bennett, Tara DiLullo (26 November 2007). The webisode series starts on the 4,571st day of the war (about 40 years before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol). Quickly, they become entangled with one another, hand-to-hand fighting as they free-fall. Inside a cloud, he suddenly collides with the other and falls to the ground in his disintegrating craft. He shoots down one in the high altitudes. Adama recognises a familiar face amongst some wounded in the midst of “Operation Raptor Talon”. As he enters what appears to be a laboratory, he finds evidence of human experimentation and human mutilations. Het verhaal speelt zich af tijdens het einde van de eerste Cylonoorlog. As the Centurion's blade slides out of its arm, Adama pulls the rip cord and escapes, deploying the parachute. As Adama approaches the portal window, an unidentified person presses his face against the window and begs for him to release him and the other captives. Classic editor History Comments Share. Another rumor they talk about is that peace negotiations are in progress and that the Cylons may unexpectedly surrender, which McGavin scoffs as unlikely. Out for revenge, Adama engages the two. In Episode 1, Adama and McGavin act as if there is no end to the war in sight. The room begins to tremble and then the audience is shown that the warehouse is actually next to a grounded basestar that is preparing to take off. As Adama freefalls through the planet’s atmosphere, he finds himself in an awkward position as he encounters a. Adama begins to investigate the mysterious building on the planet’s surface only to inadvertently discover the remnants of Cylon’s violent experiments with humans. Adama wipes off the Centurion's oil and, now armed with the Cylon's weapon, leaves. Plot The series is set during the final stages of the First Cylon War. It becomes clear that he displays some characteristics that are traditionally known to be part of Starbuck's flying style. De serie werd geschreven door Seamus Kevin Fahey en Michael Taylor. Why is the basestar in Episode 4 grounded on a planet and not in space? The audience is given the opportunity to see for the first time what type of Viper pilot Adama was in the first Cylon War. Adama soon finds himself swung into action shooting down Cylon raiders, but after a head-on collision with a raider, ejects and lands on the nearby planet, only to be confronted by the unexpected reality of what the Cylons have been working on.

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