All grey with no lights or glow which i thought was strange. One of them is Abaddon , Whose name in Hebrew means destruction. I said, “look isn’t I in my darken bedroom in the upper 1/2 of left and middle half parts of room I saw a vision.

A black Angel , According to Christian tradition, is an angel who has been expelled from paradise. I saw my angel in a dream, also.

It is related to vegetation for both man and beast. I realized that one word explained my whole life’s confusion. Melanie, I had been caring for our 14-year-old parakeet Lucy, who was living her final days. I had such a real experience it’s still in my mind. It was warm. Also, yellow is associated with some sort of illness as in (basing the bible) yellow thin hair, leprosy, or a dry scalp and the priests denounces one’s uncleanliness. I have attended several baptisims and paid close attention to what they have said. It can mean famine in general (Jeremiah 14:1 - 2, Lamentations 5:10), famine because of war (Revelation 6:5), mourning and sorrow (Job 30:28, 30, Jeremiah 8:21, 14:2), or a period of time when no revelation (spiritual light) comes from God (Micah 3:6). I rolled over on my stomach and crawled out of my room. Angels can and do appear to people using a wide array of different colors. In charge of leading souls to paradise after his earthly death, the function of Azrael Is dark and therefore some legends take it like a black angel. I also saw behind it was a vortex of a grayish cloud. Beelzebub , Or according to some translations of his name, the Lord of the Flies, is another black angel that sometimes is represented in images like a fly. But, She was dressed oddly with Black Gown covered with a White Overcoat. I gave him the directions and he waved by to me. I thanked my angels immediately. God is the real guardian. He might look fierced but he is nice, I think the spirits with me wanting me to tell you this.
I will never forget it. I felt safe and watched in awe It’ s been several years now I didn’t hear voices or saw someone again but almost everyday I see a bright white light in the living room. They did not have feet, I remember getting out of the bed and walking over to the doorway. They praise God, fulfill their will, and reveal their truth. It could be an indication of the presence of an evil force that is trying to bring you or your loved one harm. She would have her eyes all bulged out whenever I would tell her that I could feel someone embrace me and protect me as I slept. I once saw a cloud in my room with several faces with golden eyes in them. I know angels and demons are real.

What you need to know is that he is not an angel. For most people, dreams are often forgotten thus perceived as colorless.

How beautiful… Sometimes seeing your angels appearance is the message… Just a beautiful reminder of their continued love, presence and support in your life! But angels are heavenly beings with different tasks than those given to humans. It was white and had beautiful wings with a white gown on. Archangela-like beings are found in a large number of religious traditions, however the specific term is usually related to Abrahamic religions. It was wearing a teal or green robe over a white robe. I managed to lift my head and scream. An angel came to me in human form after the death of my nephew. Again, angels are neither male or female either, though they may appear as such for your benefit, in alignment with what you need help with, what you expect, and depending on the circumstances of your situation. Is there a certain color or characteristic you notice? Dreams are such a great way to get a glimpse of what our angels look like, because we’re able to view them without the constraints of the ego mind! Love, light and joy are immeasurably more powerful than fear… Not to mention more enjoyable! This is because they only remember the portions of the dream that are emotionally interesting and stimulating. At that time it vanished and I felt at peace. Out loud, he calmly said, “I see them.” And at the same time, he spoke to my heart.
Is Genesis 3:4 the first sermon on the mortality of the soul. Still could not figure out how these two angels fit in our home. I am gratefull for your Guidence, as a Form of an ANGEL!!! Dreams are such a wonderful way to see and communicate with the angels… That’s lovely Danielle! Whilst, if you're quite bold and outspoken etc you're likely to have a delicate, loving angel that understands you where as nobody around you might. Thank you in advance. I was in awe. I was alone and he was standing at the end of the street, turned and just stared at me. Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. How do you think about the answers? I think I saw an angel in the clouds the day of my sister in law Anne’s funeral ,there was a huge one and a smaller one I was very glad and she was an angel . Angels exist outside of time and space and so they can easily move up, down and through the many multi-dimensions of existence as they please.

But back to your "black angel". And I called his name. I often pick up a certain fragrance. Angels differ from other spiritual beings like your deceased loved ones in Heaven, your Spirit Guides, and even the Ascended Masters… All who can seem very angelic! These practices are known as black magic. You both need to believe in God. Since angels can of course take on any form… They can of course dress however they like as well and their clothing will vary! Linda B. Last thing I remember that night was the covers being ripped off of me. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mooowww, I think your "black angel" is a good entity. What was it. An angel reflects a wonderful situation in your life that relieves you of … Still have questions? In other words, a warrior angel may have sharper, pointy looking wings, while an angel of love’s wings will perhaps be more soft, rounded, and flowing. Negatively, to dream of the red color could be an indication of your fear of illness or any form of injury. I just found out about this site and I've been extremely curious.

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