Make her laugh or make her cry...something something...remember you” it was a male artists and he had a country twang. "You don't know my name"  "all i ask is to____ my name? I'm trying to find an edm song where it goes like this at the chorus part: something like "toni-i-ight", "grab my hand", and "i just want to fly", and the most part is the other guy that says "let's go!"

i been so far i should be a millionaire and when times get rough im gonna be here im just making that clear, Goes something like this its old 60's or 70's songSo please tell me what to do because Im still in love with you, Name of the final song in the Promo of Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley NXT UK Takeover Blackpool!Please help me, Hey, im looking for a song that I saw, or rather, my toddler saw in an ad on YouTube from one of his learning videos. Lyrics are about a party girl. I’ll keep dancing in your presence... (can’t remember the remainder of the lyrics of the chorus)” does this song exist or am I just insane? It's odd that I type in all of the key phrases on Google and it returns nothing.

You're shitting on my syrup

Holding On To Love… Holding On To Love… Holding On To Love… Holding On To Love.
I could never make you love me too

When I make a move Baby you've nothing to lose.". I need help finding this song it goes like " Damm my wrist just broke, I need surgery, I'm burning up, hot asf just like 3rd degree", Hi ! It was featured on their final Motown album, Moving Violation. Does anyone know this rap kind of song that goes like, “don’t you even miss, miss, miss” or something like that? and the bass kicks on after the word.

Think about you

Female singer, disco or dancepop, like Cascada but more ethereal-lyrics something like "iiiii feel like iiii could mooove to yoooouuu" the music reminded me of the music in Katy Perry's dark horse song... hi i’m trying to find this song i used to listen to like two yes are ago.

It has been linked back to a Degrassi promo around 2010 - 2012, and no one has found a concrete answer as to what the song is.Does anyone have ANY idea?

Kind of like lofi but not really? The only lyrics I remember are " ohh ( some person's name) I' m not angry anymore" or " I don't live you anymore".   Watch the video for All I Do Is Think Of You from Troop's Attitude for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. The song really made him giggle for some reason and I wanna find it again.I remember it was a female/male duet, or collab, they were singing on a beach.

Hey, the i know the song im looking for is made by papithbk and ive looked all over but i cant find the song. Sappy early 2010's slow pop-ish love song.   [meaning the cop either lets him pass or he'll die in shootout. [Verse 1] Even Google's song search doesn't entirely understand it; I think it's because the song segment is too short., Christian song “Love grew where the blood Fell”, I do not know if this is it but this is all i can help

Don't wanna be, baby The scene is chasty ballesteros and a random dude forget his name but there is this girl singing in a very light voice with a sort of pop and clapping music. 'Cause all I do is think about you All I do Oh baby Is think about you Think about you baby All I do m-m-m-m Is think about you Baby just suppose I should happen to cross your mind And by some chance a boy like me you're really been trying to find Well let me tell you girl Think of how exciting it would be If you should discover you feel like me I've tried searching for it with quotes but only "Broken Girl" by Matthew West comes up and that's not it. looking for a song (or album!) Please wake me up from this night mare im in please help me, for a song that starts off like... Dont stop turn off the lights nauseous when I wake up.

Its driving me crazy please help!

All I do is think about you

Ok so I am going to die I found this song that I love so much and I can not find the song it goes like you and I we got our differences yet I thought we were more like then unlike. I'm looking for the name of a Kpop song.
Chill, now those are the only lyrics i know.

It’s a worship song and the chorus is “I will sing to you with my whole heart, for you have brought me into your arms.

Only caught part of the lyrics. I Know You Wanna Save Me From Myself.”Song 2: “Coz you are falling / pulling from me.. from me..”Pleaseeee help!!!!

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