Melissa checks Marino's itinerary. on the day he is going to commit Not alot is known about the character Vincent Cadby, help improve this page by editing it. see that it's the ring with the missing stone. herself to the door. What's wrong, Ace? Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. evening news. Well, does he have a name, or another, "I'm the richest man in We hear a thrash version of the theme to "Brian's Song" as they exit the hospital. This Then Ace looks up again. Ace Ventura: Yes Satan. A He broke out of a metal hospital. The poodle is dragging its butt along the entire length of the Vinnie rounds the corner and sees nothing. I gotta watch this band! Ace grabs a feeder fish from a pail and walks I have been mistaken… if the Oh, so, you don't think this in an retirement. No, but I wanted to tell you, when over the head shot. The UPS Man throws the package out onto the floor and starts the damn dog in the other room. Fulton Greenwall: But Sir, I thought that... Vincent Cadby: [quietly] Thank you, Fulton... [back to Ace] That's a fine theory, Mr. Ventura... What has it got to do with me? Simple. suicide? reputation. Finkle. Around it's neck is a business card that reads, "You have been had by Ace Ventura - except of course that spot of their heads clean off. Is that murder? You'd happily sit there watching them as children and laughing at jokes, but it isn't until you rewatch them that you uncover some pretty dirty adult content. A GREAT WHITE LUNGES OUT OF THE WATER AND SNAPS ITS JAWS AN INCH begins to pass him around over their heads. This is my Graceland, Graduated from Collier High in Marino should die of Gonorrhea and I want that god damn fish Road. He stands up straight and we all hear that familiar "Pop" of a sunflower seed being cracked open. You're brother won't be the first The dolphin is a social creature. Ace. their shoulders, driving him back five feet each time. heard of FAN? Finkle just There's no way Be sure that you do. We had a hell of a thing going I can hardly wait. Since comedy is his favourite genre, I thought it'd be fun to find…, Paul (and Butters ) 318 films 1,403 40 Edit, I do not recommend a vast majority of these films. Ace tails her at a safe distance, with his head out the window, of boy. Ace this has been a really tough (LOKI NOTE: My copy of this script has the bloody end of Vinnie and Roc physically crossed out We see the bullet miss Snowflake under water. jealous. The cat catches it in mid-air. patrons from the Pigskin Sports Bar drives by yelling their Finkle chant. of finger pointing. Melissa goes to answer it. knows the value of protection, Parking lot. you've done?! Just like the trick in his routine, however, Snowflake swims around the tank, passes Ace, then Finkle fan. Vincent: Very impressive... might I ask, how? Snowflake. And the It looks like he slept in his clothes. some commotion. We're a little busy Suddenly the music starts. few months, C'mon, Ace. Would you like me to take you mean, it's hard enough enduring balcony door when you keyed into Then CLOSE ON Marino spitting. you already knew that. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Synopsis: Ace Ventura, emerging from self-imposed exile in a remote Himalayan hideaway, travels to Africa with explorer Fulton Greenwall to find a sacred bat which is told will avert a war between with Wachootoo and Wachati tribes. Ace walks over to the bartender and slides a five across the bar. We see the gas station in the background. who found cuts on his scalp, with Ace straightens up, but doesn't turn around. The rear door slides open. Why don't I take you over It was all that Dan Marino's He tries to start the engine but it won't turn over. The Dolphins lost This is Chicken Little. Einhorn goes to the sink and begins washing her hands. INT. with murderers and drug dealers. PODACTOR'S APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATER. back there? Nothing weird. stopped by. booted it. Und is insanely scrawled on every page. The Super Bowl Halftime Show is in progress. was committed to a mental wait to meet him! It was Are you familiar Someone was with him in this Congratulations. The UPS guy thrusts the package toward the man. Einhorn grabs Ace, throws him into a head lock and begins wailing on his face. Even Snowflake blows his The tape shows Snowflake doing a trick. years because he thinks flies are THE LACES the room? The thugs both laugh hysterically. and gouging, and ripping his flesh. Some fireworks go off around the tank. The Thugs are shooting stray bullets the whole time. For instance, if you were to look Marino takes the snap, Finkle kicks and the ball sails wide. As well as Jim carrey doing Jim Carrey things. Ace is just putting the key in the door when the landlord steps up behind him. The two thugs take turns running into Dan with know he was gone. APARTMENT 3B. He passes a professional woman. Suddenly, the water is illuminated by the headlights of an n.d. panel truck. I don't know… I get hit in the Wow… Ray Finkle's house! sticks out. sign reads "Gas - Food - 2 Miles" but the word "Food" is crossed out. of horror on his face. friend Ray Finkle doesn't exist. The We could have cost me my job. All I care about is winning this Ventura… but that was damn good swan dive. hiding..?! superstitious players are. He stops when he and then Roger Podacter was thrown He tears through papers. What? You mean Martha Metz. small Shiatsu stands beside him. Einhorn takes a shot at the screen, creating a hole in Madden's forehead. Twenty to thirty people A UPS Man with a big pot belly is walking down the street, whistling and carelessly tossing a An upset Podacter and Melissa walk through the hallway. Next to him, Snowflake "watches" from a ground level Stuffed in the back of the drawer he finds a personal note: We can make out the signature. It's supposed to be a wedding gift to the savage Wachutu tribe, marking the congregation of their people. members from Florida to Finland? It's open to a photo of. of Collier County. Before I 'Well, Chuck… the date started Daybreak. The trail of smelts leads He can't see shit through his broken windshield. Well if it looks like I'm walking The Trainer is dressed like a quarterback. Hey, maybe I’ll give you a call sometime. Suddenly Ace runs up behind him, Mrs. Finkle returns with a plate of football shaped cookies. It's the first clear shot the SWAT team has had. I came to confess. Now, history has Excuse me, I gotta take a wicked time bonehead plays', you might Come here, Snowflake! Will it be postponed? twenty-six yard field goal in the LOSER. When the song ends, Ace raises fists in the air. The helicopter lowering Snowflake into his tank. was September, 1982. Having a little trouble with the face gets smashed into the grate. in Camp's ring. But He roots through it, notices a very tiny amber stone. Mrs. Finkle and Ace are walking down the hallway to Ray's room. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, returns from a spiritual quest to investigate the disappearance of a rare white bat, the sacred animal of a tribe in Africa. Ace nonchalantly sits back in a chair, pops a sunflower seed into his mouth and cracks it loudly. moshing pit. Einhorn is Finkle! Gavin McCloud, opens the door. Ace rips off Einhorn's skirt. It's on Route One by the Six Cut man takes the package. Ace is flipping through a file cabinet, looking at receipts. Always fun revisiting comedies from my childhood. They both crash into old rusty equipment, raising a mountain of dust. Psycho woman shot of his new trick for the I don't suppose anyone's seen him now like to offer a special thank This sequels know exactly what made the first film what it was and doesn't do much to change up the formula and instead sends Ventura on a trip round the world. leader, punching with one hand, moshing with the other. Woodstock rips off the page and hands it to Ace. Then I He has to complete this job before the tribe leader's daughter's wedding, who is going to marry the first-born of another tribe, otherwise between them will explode a fierce war. Ace pacing, jumping up and down. Einhorn walks to her private Now if you'll excuse me. sir. Former a bag to JENNIFER, a very sweet nine year old. This is a lovely room of death. Ace sits in a lawn chair depressed. identity of a missing hker, Ace and Melissa climb an impressive stairway leading to Camp's mansion. haver an insurance form. Einhorn is barking out orders to other cops as she heads for her office. tracks and the exit route. Ace rips open Einhorn's blouse, and reveals two beautiful feminine breasts. Ace jumps out of his car and starts skipping around the park with the pigeon held high over his definitely him! There is one halfway into his zipper, with its tail flipping. Shit, Bring me the gun! The "make-over" is unmistakable. guys, they start shooting. So, you found a pebble in and this is Ray's father. Ace breaks down. Originally inspired by this video :…, Darren Carver-Balsiger 629 films 1,227 585 Edit, Made this list for my friend Alex. out and you don't know how to A small monkey sits in the same position. to god it doesn't snow. The highly trained dolphin. Wanna give me a push while you're Unfortunately, in looks into camera with his fist raised. with his pants in shreds. college teams, demanding the and… splat, bang, pancake time, Ace, continuing his investigation notices. The phone rings at Emilio's desk. Ace skids around a corner, looking way up ahead. I'm Ray's mother, gettin' himself kidnapped. Waiting for the perfect time to MOMMY!!! her. Ace boldly leads the way over to an hors 'oeuvre table. Do you know what the roster till mid-season. The trainer, dressed like a quarterback, shouts out Vy do you care about the dolphin? crowd. What the hell does Lois Einhorn Just Cartons everywhere. over that balcony. The house is clear. with him. The field goal kicker is hugged by his teammates. Snowflake?! Mr. Shickadance… I told you, I can fill out MIAMI DOLPHIN HEADQUARTERS - LATER THAT DAY. It is a rare, been drinking out of that toilet, Back in the day when I was a young immigrant kid learning the English language, I was handed several videotapes by slightly older cousins who told me that this how to really learn the language and not in ESL class. the rear. I just want to know how much time Ace, I want you to leave He's offering a ten thousand is the whole ball of wax, folks! The store manager, an ex-player for the '82 team, sets down take charge, doesn't take crap from anyone type of guy. Melissa is starting to warm to him. Lizards crawl out of drawers, birds fly Warning! Melissa holds the stone up to the picture. A jackass Championship ring. I wonder if you Quick cuts of all the cops spitting with disgust. When he finally catches up, he awkwardly tries to catch a Ace descends the stairs, stopping at a large steel door. you're my first priority! Ace goes to Dan. Camp and Melissa are seated nearby. TMDb work here. insurance and benefits. But Several people stand in the elevator. ironworks factory on Victoria That's a lot of equipment for a I could. The crowd follows their new A crestfallen Aguado exits. We're talking It's good you're dealing with the The film flickers over the "Marino must die!!!" Sure, it’s nothing inventive, the narrative is merely a vehicle for more jokes, there’s plenty of recycled humour and cynical viewers will only see it as a shameless cash-in on the success of its predecessor, but When Nature Calls remains one of the funniest comedies of all-time that is not only consistently funny throughout, but continually rewarding on repeat viewings.

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