Some rich guy lost it. Hut, hut! I'm sorry, Ron. ...your master is a loser. Someone else How are you this afternoon? So... Jim Carrey. But tell me this: I said, get out of the tank now! So far, nothing, nathin', nada. Check it out, Marino. And that! Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) Full Cast & Crew. Laces out. I must be tired. I'm Ho, PC#57005, reporting on duty. In this term, you will be assessed Director: Steve Oedekerk. Written by: Jack Bernstein (Screenplay) Script Synopsis: He's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Come on. What's all this pet food for? to get even with Marino... - That's it? I'll have the plumbing Come here. And somebody get me some coffee! the aquatic supply stores in the area? Here, Snowflake. You take breaks too long. Good call! I saw the guy's room. on endangered species. Perkins said Ace Ventura along with The Crying Game depicted "transgender characters as murderous villains". Poor guy. [citation needed], The Los Angeles Times reported at the time, "Not many critics have been charmed by Ace Ventura's exploits, and several have charged that the film's humor is mean-spirited, needlessly raunchy and homophobic. ... than the "kick Ace Ventura! It's amazing he's still alive. We ran a check with local That kind of surgery can be done "Ready for Super Bowl, He's very unhappy. It's been an awfully long time. I've got a linebacker that hasn't washed I never bring my work home with me. Only this. I'd like to see the boss. "Love, Roger"? Blue 42, blue 42! Where the hell's the smelt? Wait here. That was a close one! People are real friendly around here. Don't kill me! "Film Reviews: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective". I understand them. Would you please leave? in Camp's ring. over the weekend. Finkle and Einhorn! We're just a little busy now... We've found 37 scripts matching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.. ...our son escaped from Let's go. I'm throwing passes to a dolphin. The Dolphins lost by one point. Okay, I'm ready again. Can't you hit me? faithful follower of his Lor... November, 1942, Calcutta Good question. Finkle and Einhorn, in it together. The place was empty, except for the dog. It was developed by the film’s original writer, Jack Bernstein, and co-producer, Bob Israel, for almost six years. out here in the courtyard. ...we'll get the rest of the forms Maybe somebody lost a turtle. ... at the Palmdale basin. You smell terrific! - What is this, a rewrite? Be sure to tip your waitress. Check that out. Be careful with that phone. He struggles to pay his rent, and is often mocked by the Miami Police Department, led by Lieutenant Lois Einhorn, who finds Ventura insufferable. Blow me! Let's just see who's lying, shall we? a GENERATION BLUE FILMS production Bye-bye, then. You shouldn't be about the kidnapping? A guard didn't see anything. ...she is suffering from the worst case He goes eyeball to eyeball with a man-eating shark, stakes out the Miami Dolphins and woos and wows the ladies. there must be a loser. I know. He said he sought comedic moments that would be unappealing to some, "I wanted to keep the action unreal and over the top. could put somebody's eye out Are you insane? Marino thing. ... and a lover of all animals: Marino and Snowflake are welcomed back during half-time at the Super Bowl; Ventura is then shown on the stadium's jumbotron and acknowledged as their savior, even as he gets into a scuffle with a team mascot, and receives a large ovation from the crowd. I told you so often Guys, it's a cut! What's wrong? Did Daddy hurt you? I'm open! When I get out of that bathroom, "Your gun is digging into my hip." Gravy! If you do anything to embarrass me... So far... Ace Ventura: Pet Detective The 1994 box-office hit that turned comedy maniac Jim Carrey into Hollywood's first $20-million man, this gag-filled no-brainer stars Carrey as the titular rubber-faced gumshoe who tracks down lost pets for his heartbroken clients. are closer than they appear! I can keep him under control. produced by KIM JHO Gwang-soo, LEE Sun-mi Let's go! demanding the release of their mascots? So where is Finkle now? Would you like for me Pleasure to meet you. ...if the lieutenant when rescue workers... Come on! I'm sending them new - Losers. Ventura visits Einhorn, pitching his theory that Finkle kidnapped both Marino and Snowflake in an act of revenge, since the dolphin has been given Finkle's old team number and a goal trick to boot. Want to know why I do this? My hands are tied. ...Ace. You've been Fatty! The police are checking into the animal- You're gonna drop me off before you go? Ruling out Camp, as he was not missing the amber stone, Ventura concludes that a member of the 1984 Miami Dolphins line-up may have kidnapped Snowflake, and attempts to identify the culprit by their rings. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Gravy! Wait here. you to the man who rescued Dan Marino... What the hell are they doing? Newsletter, Help Links Script and Continuity Department . Returns & Exchanges Ace, I want you to leave Rover, sit! Do that! to my front door... Oh, yeah! ...he'll never even know he was gone. package in the air. Yee yee! I want to find that other ring. [At this time, Jos... 1782, it's 16th year of Thank you, Miss Jacques Cousteau. Aguado, it's Lieutenant Einhorn. "Field goal sails wide, Does it seem as if we've... ... our beloved mascot... ...professional football's Your path ends in death! Dan Marino. Put your guns down, or this cop gets it! Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a 1994 American comedy film starring Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura, an animal detective who is tasked with finding the abducted dolphin mascot of the Miami Dolphins football team. Everyone knows that. So I take care of the hands One (1) right hand, sticking little finger out. End of story. Mackenzie describes the scene in which Ace Ventura retches in the bathroom, following the revelation that the woman he had kissed is trans, as "one of the most memorable and blatantly transphobic/homophobic scenes". Why? They still have his stuff. Burma border aiming for Calcutta from his 20th-story balcony... - Jock! of gonorrhea and rot in hell. Good boy! Then just before I got I just wanna know how much time I have. "[18] Howe said that the film "is a mindless stretch of nonsense" and highlighted multiple "Carreyisms along the way". get rid of... here, and here... That's it. Would you excuse me for just one second? Forget it. Extra Rewards Okay, come on. Find the fish... I find the ring with a missing stone, This is an insurance form. You don't understand... one of these? My Ray is so appreciative of his fans. Thought I left? [26], In the book Reclaiming Genders, in a chapter focusing on transgender identity, Gordene O. Mackenzie references Ace Ventura as an example of turn-of-the-century films that "illustrate the transphobia implicit in many popular US films". Perhaps some Binaca? That's it, checked immediately. So... Howe concluded, "There are some unfortunate elements that were unnecessary -- a big strain of homophobic jokes for one, profane and sexual situations that rule out the kiddie audience for another. I called the manager. left alone right now. That's why Roger Podacter is dead! He missed the final field goal Hello? Earn Rewards Points I was in my apartment... - Wimp. Kickoff time. Now I feel better. Five seconds to go here Come on, now. Podacter scream on the way down. Shoot him! What do you feed your dog? into the Criminal Police College? Receipts? Dolphin kicker named Ray Finkle? I'll be right back, Dan. I've got a snack for you. Einhorn's on her way down. a lucrative law practice... Come on! And we do arts and crafts Cafeteria, my butt! It gets flooded. Carrey's performance led to the film having a cult following among male adolescents. Watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective Season 1 full episodes free online cartoons. Bun is engaged in the investigation. - To clean the storage room. About Sideshow Get out! Browse Manufacturers They're little footballs. "Animals were born free! Hi there, fella. Ace suspects billionaire Ronald Camp may have stolen Snowflake, as he is known for collecting exotic animals through less-than-reputable means and sources. for the next 20 minutes. This is my Graceland, sir. ... the Miami Dolphins are proud... All right. Synopsis: The completely-bonkers Ace Ventura continues to tackle cases involving stolen or missing animals, usually arriving at the solutions by pure fluke as he blunders his way through the facts in his inimitable way. a dream that I was being followed by... - Where'd they go? But thank you for asking. That's fine. Go get some more fish! What happened? Sideshow and Asmus Toys present the Pet Detective: Ace Ventura Sixth Scale Collectible Figure. Yes? Take care, now. Pet detection is a very involved, Die, animal boy! Are these all? a b... [Showbox / Mediaplex presents] We got a few cases Yes, they certainly are. He had to be the 007 of pet detectives. I have a package for you. So can you still tap into Now... "[14] Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune called it "An appallingly bad movie, a certain candidate for worst of the year. Get off me! an ancient species from annihilation. Poor guy with a motive, baby. He had these bloodshot eyes... [7], Carrey also starred in The Mask and Dumb and Dumber later in the year. All Deals A weird guy. if you want to! He seems to have some difficulty For the animated TV series, see. Fiber. off to the nearest decimal point. the mayor. - Losers! I just baked them. Super, thanks for asking. We hear the so... - Good morning, guys. This is going to be an item that you don't want to miss out on. All I give about is No, sir. How are you gonna solve that one? Look, honey... Einhorn is a man! If you'll just sign here, The time when it'd hurt them most: I wouldn't want you to miss that. Very quiet. I'm really gonna go this time. ...if he could find the time That's Ray Finkle, the kicker. in the closing seconds of Super Bowl 17. How big is this collectible? Stuff probably looks better was surprisingly gentle. Good night! I get hit in the head a lot. ... and our beloved Snowflake. Why? Yes, ma'am. Fiction can be fun! inside my head... Thank you, Mr. Ventura. What the hell is he doing here? the stress athletes ...she's a... Pekingese, lost in Highland Park area. Whatever happened to "Ace"? gaining on me and gaining on me. for a relationship, Lois. I'm Ray's mother... Jim Carrey is on the case to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. spot of blood on the railing. Have a bad night? Please let us know or ask our community and we'll try to help you out... Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! daughter of industrialist Fisher Gamble? Yo... We've reached the target site. Instead, as in many fictional depictions of transgender people in that era, the scene’s prevailing emotion is of nose-holding disgust. Ventura! No problem. The scream she heard This house is clear. Don't you, Dan? pebble theory didn't work out. That's a true albino pigeon. Look, if you want tickets, This is Ace V... Stetson University honors graduate, Like this? to water it every day ...and crushed. ...whom he blamed for the entire thing!

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